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Life in Oceania, 2020, and Beyond?

Alteration of scene from George Orwell’s “1984” – Source: Activistpost.com

Oh hell no!

This was written in reaction to this article by fellow blogger Love Breeds Accountability. In it he wrote, “…the Democrat party has always derived all of its power off pain and division.” Truer words have never been said.

Our President Trump has worked hard for four years to improve prosperity for all, despite ongoing vicious opposition by the usual suspects; tactics that would have crippled most anyone other than Trump. His aim appears to have been for every law abiding person of every color, race or whatever to experience great improvements in their lives and to realize at least some of the prosperity and comfortable lifestyle that he’s enjoyed. Comfortable, relatively happy, self-sustaining, FREE people make for a far improved world and life experience for all.

The democrats obviously want the polar opposite of all that nonsense desired by Bad Orange Man; meaning government dependent, stifled people who do whatever ridiculous thing they’re “recommended” to do, and are “happy to be doing their part.” Democrats seem obsessed with the idea of forcing us all to live the lowlife, to equalize all of us peasants to the lowest common denominator—while the Soros-Gates types and their world “elite” cronies enjoy ridiculously, obscenely lavish lifestyles while shitting on all the rest of us, forcing people to live like totally obedient, compulsorily contented automatons, under the guise of their taking care of “the people.”

The folks below don’t look pleased, however. Sure, there’s a time to exhibit the fear and virtue signaling, but they’d better turn those frowns upside-down and exhibit those happy eyes in equal measure! And I’m certain they’re not standing on their 6-feet apart X’s!

Note that the Mona Lisa is also doing her part to stop the spread (of the truth).

Source: cottonbro/Pexels

What stake would the entire legacy (aka mainstream) media, from the top on down, have in all of this? The only motivation I can come up with is that they’re being very well paid off by people like George Soros and cronies worldwide…all those hate-filled billionaires that appointed themselves world leaders and who despise America and cannot tolerate the idea of “commoners” enjoying personal freedoms and living well, i.e. more comfortably than other commoners.

We all must be equalized to some miserable, lowly status, with no desire for improvement, to make the world “sustainable” given the colossally wasteful extravagance of the lives they want to continue to indulge in. With the added benefit, in their fevered minds anyways, of all of us “riffraff” being docile and humbly contented due to our “equality,” and grateful to our power elite who “tend to our basic needs” while we can enrich our lives by doing more arts and crafts.

We are to “own nothing, have no privacy, and be happy” by 2030, in their own words…just google the phrase. They’ll provide you with your clothing and every other legitimate need, that legitimacy determined by them. And don’t you worry your little head about any of the pesky details. Just relax and enjoy all that “care.”

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Still from “1984”

The Davos crowd (Marxist capitalists) have licked their chops over the Great Reset for far too long…it’s time they realized their dreams!

Communism (these days also labeled Corporatism) has always led to more misery and poverty among everyday people, and more strife and warfare in the world. While free-market conservatism has always improved life and prosperity for the people, and led to improved peace and harmony the world over. What more does anyone need to know?

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Reminder To Media & Dems Preaching ‘Unity’: Go To Hell

Deranged Delusional Democrats Double Down
From USA-memes.com


I swear I start most days totally fine amid the reality that the three most powerful forces in our lives hate with the fire of a thousand suns our most sacred 1st and 2nd Amendments, and that we literally just watched an election get stolen after four years of failed coup attempts by the media and this new dirtbag to the party that sounds like a bogeyman but is in fact very real and apparently has been for some time: the deep state.

So I think about all this before I even get out of bed in the morning and given the gravity it’s surprisingly easy to get my head around and move past. But this, mind you, is nothing new for nearly every conservative, libertarian and/or conservatarian in the country. The clearly fraudulent election that we’re forced to just accept is new, but we wake up every day acutely…

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

Image from DesignBolts.com

Thanksgiving has always been a very special day to me. Once upon a time when I was very young, our still intact family would often host family gatherings at our house with my mom and dad and other relatives cooking up a great feast for everyone. It always included the obligatory dead turkey, of course, which I thought was fantastic back in the day, knowing nothing of animal farming and slaughter. All the trimmings were equally delicious and filling: the stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, green beans, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie. All amazingly delicious and providing a walloping, huge number of calories for the day and a weight gain of several pounds over the week or so to follow, with the leftovers being gorged on almost as gluttonously as when they were fresh on the T-Day table.

Later on, when our dad left the family home to let his extramarital love life off its marital leash, my younger brother Tom and I would go along with our dad to his family’s T-Day gatherings, without our mom, which always was a great sadness to me and to her. I preferred, of course, to stay with her and help her out with the meal and eat her great cooking with just our little family, but minus dad, which was a sad point of its own. Still, the Autumn and its golds and brown and orange tones and the great aromas and food associated with it all are fond and nostalgic memories for me. But always associated with heartache and guilt, too.

There’s something about an obligatory day of feasting with loved ones that is bittersweet in its effects on people. Sometimes, in the infamous stereotypical scenarios, family members who only see each other on such holidays or at funerals get into bitter fights over being sort of forced into each others’ company. People who probably love, but do not like each other, and hold grudges or simply cannot tolerate watching the other party eating, how they dress, whatever, can explode with usually ignored emotions when feeling obligated to “be merry and enjoy required fun with loved ones.” And there’s boisterous cousin Floyd dressed like a peacock and double dipping his drooled-on chips, or whatever, and the bickering begins.

I don’t remember any such hate-filled brawls from T-Day or other holiday gatherings with my families, just the occasional small spat over the last turkey leg or last piece of pie or complaints of way too much of this or that ruining some dish or other. Perhaps a political argument on occasion. Nothing major. We loved eating too much to engage in any family brawls while downing tasty foods. Punching, kicking and wrestling, after screaming matches leave no other recourse…well, that interrupts eating time, and who needs that? We saved our fighting for more appropriate times, like when one unfortunate one got stuck washing a towering pile of dishes on regular nights. Nothing like a hoarse-voiced screaming rage fest while doing a sink ridiculously full of crusty, greasy dishes by hand. Ah, I remember those well. But I won’t say who the “guilty party” was, except to say it wasn’t me. (I didn’t wash dishes all that often, which probably explains some of the anger in those unmentioned.)

Anyhow, these days it’s just me and my brother who get together on Thanksgiving, since the rest of our close family has passed on to whatever comes after this life. I could go to vegan T-Day gatherings or other “showy” get-togethers, but I truly prefer to spend the day at my brother’s house with our dogs, to eat whatever we feel like, always delicious. No dead bird, of course, and no stuffing our guts to bursting and having to wear stretch clothes for weeks to come. Just enjoying tasty, mostly healthy foods, but more than usual, and going our for a long walk with the dogs later on. That’s my idea of a perfect Thanksgiving. Might seem sad or pathetic to “normal” people who cannot imagine being bereft of the big gatherings on these days, but it’s just right to me.

Someday if I have NO family left, I too will likely be attending vegan holiday gatherings…but only when it’s truly necessary. It’s possible I won’t feel bad at all about simply ignoring holidays and spending them without any human company, but time will tell.

This is probably boring reading for some, if read at all, but I just wrote this off the cuff because it needed writing, for my reasons alone. I hope it helps someone out there who feels pressured on holidays to get with the program, even if they have no way to do so. That is all.

Have a happy Thanksgiving in whatever way you choose to observe it…or not. Just be grateful for every good thing in your life, as those good things may not be yours for much longer, with the possible changeover in the running of our great nation in January. Now, with the “covid restrictions” being spouted by states’ democratic governors, we’re getting a taste of what they want our lives to be like. It’s not good. And that needs to be firmly rejected. Gather all you want, with whomever you want, and don’t ruin your nice times by obeying wanna-be tyrants with their bizarre lists of what you are to do and not to do. Jeez.