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Twenty Stunning Glass Art Pieces (with an out-of-place covid rant)

UPDATE 5/26/20: Video of David Patchen’s art glass creation process added at bottom.
First, unrelated rant…

To hell with this tired old “COVID-19 crisis” being “lovingly” browbeaten into everyone, for months now. We should all get our lives back to normal and never again allow any self-proclaimed power elites to mess so horribly with our lives, as they’ve enjoyed for far too long now…one day would have been too long. To hell with these public “health” social engineers! My life is mine, not theirs to do with as they please.

I’ve strongly suspected this Virus calamity was politically motivated psychological warfare from the beginning. I’ve never listened to their incessant propaganda; only listen to aware people who refuse this “new normal” and would never kneel before Gates-Fauci and company in abject obedience. Up off your knees, the rest of you!

Protect and quarantine the ill and immune compromised, like always. No more of this “everyone shelter in place until we have a vaccine” and “let all the ‘non-essential’ businesses and the economy die” insanity. Vaccines are risky, deadly to some, so lets have a harmless, placebo vaccine to go along with the virtual disease, eh? But only for those who want the jab. And all businesses are essential to those who’ve worked hard to build them and succeed and live well and independently (except for any who abuse animals, that is).

That brings me back to things I love…

Since childhood I’ve had a thing about art glass, although back then I thought of the pieces simply as pretty, smooth, soothing little objects. Something about glass is magical to me. It’s made from sand, but look at its gleaming transparency. So simply beautiful! My favorites were the tiny, brightly colored blown glass animal figures. Go figure. I was born an animal lover, although it took decades of learning to finally live according to those principles.

Anyhow, those richly colored, clear or translucent tiny animals set me up for a lifelong love for all things artistic made of glass. Well, not everything in art glass, of course, but only those I find extra pretty. Below in random order are twenty of those from the web…Murano features heavily here; probably some prejudice on my part due to being half Italian. But the Muranos are just so stunning. Enjoy!

(Click on image for full size viewing.)

1) Blown Glass Lizard – sold on Ebay

2) Bull Terrier –

3) Butterfly –

4) Cranberry 24k Gold on Glass Murano Vase – sold on Ebay

5) David Patchen Handblown Art Glass

6) Floral Bouquet – Oregon

7) Murano Bull – sold on Ebay

8) Murano Cats –

9) Murano Dachshunds – sold on Ebay

10) Murano Dragonfly – sold on Ebay

11) Murano Elephants – sold on Ebay

12) Murano Horse – sold on Ebay

13) Murano Latticino Paperweight – sold on Ebay

14) Murano Millefiori Pitcher – (sorry about the tag)

15) Tulips in Murano Millefiori Vase –

16) Murano Venetian Bowl – Ebay UK

17) Murano Venetian Bowl –

18) Lovely Paperweight

19) “Glass Art, Tacoma Washington, 2016” (I think it’s Dale Chihuly) – pixabay

20) Tutti Frutti Murano Bowl 1960s –

Regarding No. 5 above, here’s how David Patchen makes those magnificent pieces:
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HR6666 The US Democrat Resolution to Strip You of Your Constitutional Rights, Must Die

The Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE Act) is HR6666.

UPDATED 5/18/20 – Sharing two important, related articles GO HERE and HERE on the real situation we’re in; the connection between the Rockefeller, Johns Hopkins and Gates foundations and the testing and tracing programs – must-reads if you’re to break free of the mind control. STOP COMPLYING.

UPDATED 5/14/20 – For full list of HR6666 co-sponsors (vile people to vote OUT): GO HERE. To write to the Republican leader of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce which is where HR6666 is up for vote since May 1 and as of today May 14, GO HERE …and of course urge him to vote NO on HR6666 and urge all of his fellow Republicans to do same, just in case by some odd chance some might vote yes. Republicans are outnumbered by Democrats on that committee, so it’s very important that Republicans all vote NO. Full committee membership HERE. This awful thing is very unlikely to get far, and surely President Trump would veto it if it got to his desk, hopefully without having that veto overridden by the Democrats, but it’s best that it’s killed where it’s at now, to get the message through to Bobby Rush and his cosponsors that the American people will not stand for this trashing of our constitutional rights.

UPDATED 5/13/20 – New petition added below.

Sharing two very important actions for all United States residents to consider joining in on. They regard this nightmarish proposed national resolution, appropriately titled HR6666 (can’t make this stuff up) which needs to be killed, burned and buried to never enter anyone’s thought processes ever again: Read about it here.

And/or watch:
Here are the actions (also see UPDATE 5/14 above for further action)…

The first is growing in signature numbers quickly, but the second (We The People) needs a lot of help as of now. Be aware that with PETITION 1 HERE your position on this matter and your contact information in the hands of enemy politicians in power (i.e. likely 100% of democrats and even a few “republicans” like HR6666 co-sponsor Jefferson Van Drew of New Jersey) may not be a good thing, so you may want to copy the letter and only send it to your representatives that you trust and have corresponded with. With PETITION 2 HERE, all you need to confirm to register your signature is your email.

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Not So Fast Bill Gates (videos)

UPDATE 4/26/20 – See MORE EVIDENCE at bottom.
UPDATE 4/18/20 – New video added down below. After you watch the videos you may want to sign this: It’s already doubled its goal at over 200,000 signatures in a week, but the more the better, please share.
Here’s the guy who IS the root of the whole “Covid 19” insanity which will bankrupt our country (USA in my instance) and destroy everyone’s freedom if allowed to fester for much longer. When will he be stopped? Not as long as most everybody is playing right into his hands…
…THAT THE COVID TERRORIZED HAVE BEEN SEVERELY DUPED like no huge number of people have ever been duped before. Looks like Michigan’s liberal governor Whitmer (probably the worst lockdown tyrant) and cronies throughout the US knew about the coming “coronavirus crisis” back in June 2019.

Look here: and note that the bill was introduced June 13, 2019. Click on Official Text in the header there, then scroll down to download the “House Introduced Bill” for the brief (extremely vague) text on Bill 4729 which is at the very bottom of the list. THEN go to “Bill Analysis” and download & read that for more details on the coming “coronavirus emergency,” and remind yourself again that this bill was introduced LAST JUNE. Six months before the “surprise breakout of The Virus” that is ruining the US and world economy. Four months prior to Bill Gates’ Event 201. All of it leading us toward a Globalist Medical Dictatorship. People do no want to live like that.
But I know, it’s all a conspiracy theory, right. Tinfoil hats, all that. Sure.

This freakish charade needs ending, with full justice for all the perpetrators. What say you? Anyone?