Lab Animal Research and the Status Quo



Why does animal research continue? It’s unwittingly funded by the public who are frightened via the industry and media into believing in it, ostracized for expressing disapproval of it. Let’s change!

I recently got an email request for donations from a well-known antivivisection (AV) organization that’s been around for decades, asking for “hope” for animals in laboratories. I assume many animal lovers got the same email.

But the animals need far more than hope after all these decades of AVs asking for “alternatives” for scientific fraud and (often severe) animal abuse. From that alternative seeking stance, the average person could logically deduce that human medicine absolutely requires someone to be commodified, cut up and experimented on, so it should be animals rather than people.


When antivivisection organizations become too comfortable…

If all animal liberation supporters were to send AV organizations all of our money and live on the streets, animal experimentation would still go on. The animals urgently need traditional anti-vivisection activism to be REPLACED; then the “retired” animals in sanctuaries wouldn’t be replaced in labs to continue the abuses on new victims.

The American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) has been cited by antivivisection organizations regarding improving the Animal Welfare Act among other issues. AALAS “supports educational outreach on the essential role of responsible laboratory animal care and use in science to advance human and animal health.” So it seems we are to accept that “lab animals” are essential to medical science?

The Animal Welfare Act wouldn’t be needed at all for animal-free research facilities. It could then possibly be called the CSPPA (Clinical Study Participant Protection Act). Such guidelines would in all probability have saved those many thousands of victims of the VIOXX disaster (et al), as those in charge wouldn’t have dared to ignore the human VIGOR study in giving preference to animal results, because there would have been NO misleading animal test results. See link below regarding Vioxx lawsuits and the VIGOR study.

Even the rat, frog, etc. simulations touted by AV organizations as “alternative” dissection tools cement the idea in people’s minds that “lab animals” are essential to science. But the simulations should be HUMAN if teaching human anatomy. After all, why should kids be learning rat or frog anatomy? (See example in link below.) For possible veterinary careers, dog, cat and horse simulations would be practical.

A near future free of suffering animals in lab cages…

Start making sense, that’s what we should ask of our fellow humans. I wish for great changes in AV this year, same as every year before this. All the standard excuses for traditional AV should be rejected and we should get to the root of the problems. There’s no time for more of the same old same old.

Our collective health and the animals depend on our rethinking this whole “lab animal” concept. After all, animal testing is literally a Dark Ages practice, begun when people did not know any better. The history of animal testing dates back to Greek writings from the 4th and 3rd centuries BCE. We’ve learned a huge amount about the human body since then, from actually looking at and treating… the human body.


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