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Real immunity is natural immunity. By having a “viral” disease at the normal time and getting through it with proper care, our immune systems develop and gain strength, then we’re immune to that disease for life. We usually become more resistant to all diseases with such immune system development, thereby much less dependent on medical intervention except in emergencies and for fighting possible bacterial infections with antibiotics.

[Read about the threat to lifesaving antibiotics here:]


Remember when measles was a normal part of growing up, when we were immune for life following it?

ImageNot so anymore with the generations of immunized people of today, where their “immunity” wears off and the disease has become much more serious. It’s what happens when people tamper far too much with nature.

Nature is to be corrected, dominated, and squashed by almighty Mankind, who knows best! …

… Except in the case of healthcare workers though, it seems, since in 2009 with the great swine flu panic, only 11.3% of healthcare workers got the H1N1 flu shot themselves when it was neither demanded nor recommended by their employers, even though they’re exposed to sick people daily. One has to wonder why they avoided it, as shown in the table here:


With fake “herd immunity” from vaccines, we are said to need more vaccines throughout life, with possible severe damages from vaccine ingredients like aluminum ( ), and with supposed immunity wearing off periodically and diseases becoming more serious. Then authority types say we’re a danger to others for not continually revaccinating, for not being nice, docile members of the “immune herd.” Boosters or yearly re-inoculation (i.e. “seasonal flu”) are said to be needed at prescribed “schedules.”

But those who say NO to vaccines all along have strong immune systems that are unmolested and functioning properly. Perhaps that’s what’s known by the large majority of healthcare workers mentioned above.


Damages such as autism, vaccine advocates write off as coincidental nonsense, even though since 1991 there has been at least a 600% increase in autism. (That increase is said by some to be conservative, quite an understatement.)


In 1982 (when autism was 1 in 10,000) children got 8 vaccines. Now they normally get 48 doses of 14 vaccines before age 6, and autism afflicts 1 in 91.

Vaccine advocates may well use the old, “Autism was underreported in the past, the rate’s the same now,” or other such PR fluff. But as far back as the1960s, medical science was studying autism in children.

From the 1960s through the 70s, research into treatments for autism focused on medications such as LSD, electric shock, and pain and punishment to elicit behavior changes. During the 1980s and 90s, the role of behavior therapy and the use of highly controlled learning environments emerged as the primary treatments for many forms of autism. Currently the cornerstone of dealing with autism is behavior therapy.

So autism in children was very well-known long before the 1980s, thus there was NO underreporting of autism before then, before that 600%+ increase that came about along with the increase in vaccines.



My advice to those open to it: Quit relying on pharmaceutical companies for your well-being… they’re out for their own well-being, and that means you need more and more of their products, always. And those products are largely damaging to your natural health.

Even your more possible early demise doesn’t matter because medicine will have facilitated your reproduction through surrogates, cryonics, or fertility drugs and unnatural birthing/nursing/etc., and then injected your newborn with Hepatitis B vaccine, and your toddler on up with many, many more…and the list will continue to grow.

On they go to the next generation of medical subjects, i.e. cash “cows.” After all, there are a whole lot of diseases we have to tremble in fear at…and there’s to be a handy-dandy vaccine schedule for it ALL! Step right up, folks…


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  1. What great summaries of some of the most important problems caused by vaccines! You’re right, giving vaccines to prevent the formerly universal childhood diseases prevents the immune system from the on-the-job training provided by exposure to these no longer very lethal diseases, which strengthens it and teaches it how to do its job. Having had measles prevents several cancers and degenerative diseases in later life, and also permits women to give their babies immunity in their first, most vulnerable year, through placental immunity and conferral of the mother’s antibodies through breastfeeding. Having had the vaccine does not permit as efficient and strong a protection to the newborn.
    Vaccines always make the immune system react with inflammation, that’s what makes it produce antibodies. This inflammation is often excessive, often involves the brain, encephalitis, and the resulting damage from the swollen brain included autism, ADHD, learning and behavioral disabilities, and seizure disorders.
    Vaccines skew immune response from appropriate development toward a Th-1 kill-the-invader response to an inappropriate preference for a Th-2 autoimmune response, causing asthma, allergies, diabetes, GI disease, MS, etc.
    Mercury is still in multidose vials of injected flu vaccine in full force, and many people store it in the brain for life, where it causes many conditions associated with mercury toxicity, including autism. Even the trace amounts still in many vaccines are dangerous, and still ten times over the hazardous waste limit. Formaldehyde, propylene glycol (antifreeze), neomycin, plant, animal, and human proteins, all cause toxicity or autoimmune reactions of their own.
    My daughter has autism from a reaction to the hep-B vaccine at birth, given without permission: she reacted with encephalitis, four days and nights of endless screaming. I let her get the DTaP at 2, 4, and 6 months, not realizing how that increased her chance of asthma at seven. She caught pertussis anyway at 8 months, and gave it to me, because the vaccine is very ineffective. Of the 48,200 Americans diagnosed with it in 2012 (many more undiagnosed) most had been appropriately vaxed, but got it anyway. 18 deaths, all of newborns. Parents must be aware that infants are in danger from pertussis up to four or five months old, and keep them at home. Even vaccinated people can give them the disease. High-dose intravenous vitamin-C will treat it.
    I have MS from a reaction to a tetanus vaccine which paralyzed both my arms the same day, and I then developed MS. My father was paralyzed for the last three years of his life by a reaction to the flu vaccine.
    It would be better for people to learn how to treat the formerly universal childhood diseases when they occur (Aviva Jill Romm Vaccinations and Wendy Lydall’s Raising a Vaccine-Free Child), learn about naturopathic, homeopathic, and vitamin therapies, and forgo damaging their immune systems with vaccines.
    Thanks for great articles on two issues close to my heart, vaccine damage awareness and animal rights!

    1. Thank you Cia; your and your family’s stories sound like a tragic nightmare. I’m glad you seem to be thriving despite it ALL, and fighting against this tyrannical Vaccinism.
      I read elsewhere that when researchers looked at diphtheria, measles and all of the infectious diseases that were killing so many people, they found a 75%, 90%, 50% drop in the number of people dying BEFORE the vaccine programs were ever begun. In other words, the drop had nothing to do with the vaccines.
      I have to wonder, how can the 2 “extreme” sides have such opposite information; who’s lying, who has more incentive to lie? The logical conclusion seems to be that those profiting from vaccines and illness have far more incentive to lie.
      I just don’t want vaccines forced upon me or my loved ones, simple as that. I have nothing to gain in lying about the issue, but much to gain by listening to those who tell the objective truth about it. And to those whose stories, like yours, reveal actual vaccine damages, not just a huge slew of “coincidences,” as history rewriters would have us all believe.
      I do not believe that truth comes from medical “authorities” who stand to profit in some way or another from vaccines and illness.
      ~ Laura

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