“Reality star” doesn’t vaccinate her kids: the world ends

Jon Rappoport's Blog

“Reality star” doesn’t vaccinate her kids: the world ends

by Jon Rappoport

March 17, 2014


Need to up your blood pressure? Watch talking TV heads wax eloquent on medical subjects.

Someone somewhere says she isn’t vaccinating her kids? Boom. The talking heads go to work.

Oh my God! That’s terrible! This mother obviously doesn’t care about her children and the safety of other children!”

The thing is, the talking TV heads know as much about vaccines as a dead duck on Jupiter knows. Nothing. They seem to occupy a position of authority owing to the fact that they’re on television. And that’s it.

As for the venal doctors the talking heads bring on to back them up, there is a different bottom line: these doctors won’t engage in a real protracted public debate about vaccines. They’ll just pontificate like aristocrat-nobles talking down to their serfs.

It’s all a…

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