Eat Like an Egyptian, Says a Recent Study

First, another new study showing the dangers of high protein, specifically all that fatty animal protein “paleo” dieters are continually touting. PLEASE NOTE that  I strongly oppose the animal (mouse) study mentioned in the Science Daily article. Only the human results have relevance for humans, except that the mouse study shows the continuing ethical and intellectual failings of humans:

Now onto the latest study telling us to eat more like ancient Egyptians for health and longevity. Paleo activists hate this study because it’s in praise of grains which they fear and loathe at the instruction of animal-agriculture-loving diet book authors. So they’re sure to “laughingly” and with bitter sarcasm “debunk” all mentions of said study by vegans if we use it as proof that people do better abstaining from animal products. Here I hope to provide some evidence to debunk those “paleos” right back into the Old Stone Age.

Linked below is the Egyptian study:

Some related history, with my opinions thrown in, to perhaps help anyone needing information on this whole thing:

The ancient Egyptians studied existed from 5500 to 1500 years B.P. at the end of the Neolithic period, after the Paleolithic period so pompously boasted about and longed for (lol) by low-carb diet guru devotees and disciples who enjoy largely sedentary lifestyles while fantasizing about being nomadic spear hunters out in the wild, naked(!)

For a hmmm moment, here’s one of their yoyo dieting low-carb gurus, Jimmy Moore currently:

Paleos ate meat and wild fruits and lived much like wild animals. Today’s “paleos” blanch at anything with sugar and strive to only eat fatty meats and veggies, perhaps explaining their mentality, since our brains run solely on glucose (sugar). It takes much more energy to convert protein and fat to needed glucose, somewhat explaining the weight loss, but also explaining their intense longing for carbs, resulting in wild carb/sugar binges, yoyo dieting and huge weight gains, etc., none of it desirable. But on they go, fervently promoting animal slaughter as the way for people to live, spreading unwarranted fear regarding vegan diets.

On a related note, diabetes is largely genetic, not caused by eating whole unprocessed carbs like fruits and grains; if anything it’s partially caused by continual overeating, especially of rich foods including animal fat and protein, all of which burden our systems, notably the pancreas.

Anyhow, ancient Egyptians existed when humans discovered agriculture (growing food), which allowed them to leave the never-ending traveling behind. They were able to settle in fertile areas with predictable climate, usually near river basins. Rice and wheat were the first plants they cultivated.
Image There were many factors that led to very short lifespans for people worldwide at the time. Water-borne diseases, tuberculosis, etc., were endemic. Periodically, plagues broke out, often following wars. The sick, the very young and the elderly were especially vulnerable. Malnutrition rather than hunger struck many Egyptians, even the wealthier ones, and caused scurvy (lack of vitamin C/fruit!), anemia, etc.. Famines occurred every few years, as their food production & storage could not keep up with population growth.

Then there were snakes, crocodiles and hippos killing the incautious. Accidents, physical violence and a lifetime of hard work also explain the short lifespans of the time. About a third of newborns died and half the children did not survive their fifth year, due to bacterial infections among other conditions brought about by the newly settled lifestyle as opposed to continually traveling and leaving their “sewage” etc. behind. Women died frequently giving birth or from childbed fever.

Still, there were many Egyptians who lived over 100 years…

…and they were said to be the healthiest people of the time, on their mostly vegetarian diet consisting largely of grains. But like I said before, fruit and vitamin C would have benefitted them some more.

The Neolithic era was when people built true houses for the first time and gained the mental abilities and resulting brain development needed to plant and harvest foods. Unfortunately, with that also came animal agriculture, contributing to the shrinkage of our brains (and our ethics) over the following ages. The brain shrinkage (ours are smaller than Neanderthals’) is said to be due to specialization and resulting compactness of our brains.

Whatever the case, we’re trying to reverse that decline and have a truly loving civilization. Meat activists want to continue sliding down that violent, bloody slope of treating innocent animals as animated produce, while thinking ludicrously…à la glucose-hungry brains and/or CJD?…that they can enjoy a peaceful, truly advanced civilization, which is never quite achieved, not with continual violent crime, murder, strife, wars, abuse of the helpless/elderly, and even rape/murder of children.

Violence begets violence, as they say…

Whose side are you on?


[Images are free to use “public domain.”]

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