“If not for animals, how would we test our medicines?!” parrot the people.

primateexperiment…No offense to parrots meant there.

Well, here are all those animal-tested, “safe” prescription drugs for you, in the USA alone, in the testers’ and pushers’ own admission, and they evidently don’t care if you know that they know:


A report by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices calculated that, “In 2011, prescription drugs were associated with two to four million people in the US experiencing ‘serious, disabling, or fatal injuries, including 128,000 deaths.'” Remember, all these drugs are thoroughly tested in several animal species before their use in people.

All those injuries and deaths in just one year! Talk about killers in action…your own government in cahoots with pharmaceutical companies. And they are who keep telling you how animal testing assures you of their products’ safety, and that vaccines are safe and effective too, even for newborns. And that if they didn’t test things in animals, they’d have to use … PEOPLE! God forbid!

And most people keep right on believing them, smugly and self-righteously… “It’s those stupid animal-rights people we hate!” While anyone with a functioning mind knows you don’t look to other species for valid information about health, medicine, nutrition, etc. …you look at human beings.

Here’s a site that keeps track of all adverse drug reactions and lawsuits, showing what happens when people test drugs invalidly and go on to test and/or use them in people using unscientific data, not to mention the moral bankruptcy required to ruin animal and human lives in doing so:


It all started here…Galen_129-217AD vivisectorClaude Galen, Greek animal torturer called a “scientist,” born 129 AD, died in 217, said to be the father of medical (animal) research. His cruel yet highly self-perpetuating and profitable mistakes live on to this day.

So, countless animals still languish in terror and unimaginable pain and misery in lab cages, each with their own real horror story to tell, decade after decade, an ever-profitable holdover from that Dark-Ages blundering called “medical science” or “biomedical research.” Sensitive lives used as experimental trash, making criminals rich, letting them feel powerful, feared and admired as “cure searchers” who “sacrifice” those animals to Scientism (as in the other religions), proclaiming that they hold the power of life or death over others.

350px-Angry_man.svgSo quake in your boots, commoners! But while also feeling arrogant to be allowed to associate with your heroes. And do not question anything they do or say!…or they’ll call you emotional and stupid, saying you want to save animals while killing people! Their hypocrisy is so lowdown that there is no measure for it.

Thanks a bunch, mainstream, you’re so wise in your majority rule. Say goodbye to another vast number of people this year due to adverse drug reactions…plenty more people where they came from, right? And you call yourselves humanitarians while loathing animal advocates as people-haters?

Get those thinking caps on people, please, and get your consciences back…vivisectors and other cruel opportunists, including dominionist religious leaders, have expertly programmed people over the millennia. We have got to put an end to this programming and allow our true humanity to shine.

We all have the right to defend ourselves from harm; however, outside of that, we human beings should never abuse, enslave, murder, exploit, or otherwise deliberately harm others, especially the helpless and innocent. This is painfully obvious once you remove those blinders supplied to you by centuries of public programming.

Our compassionate truth is every nail in the coldhearted opportunist’s coffin, especially that last nail.

[Note: Images are free to use “public domain.”]


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