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Vivisection and The Brown Dog: Valuable Lives Ruined and Taken

The_Brown_Dog_in_Trafalgar_Square,_March_1910_(with_bloodhounds)The Brown Dog Affair and Statue say a whole lot about animal research and the human race. The memorial was constructed in 1906 by a group of antivivisectionists to protest the use of animals in experiments.

The brown dog was a particularly heartbreaking case of animal torture under the guise of “scientific investigation” showing the cowardly ruthlessness of the subhumans among us who’ve managed to gain status and respect as “medical pioneers.”

Brown_Dog_statue,_Battersea,_London(2)What that little dog endured at the hands of “humans,” no living being should ever endure…no exceptions, no excuses. Yet millions to this day exist in torture labs run by power-hungry, emotionally sick people. It will stop when people stop believing the lies that uphold the system.

Back to the brown dog’s time in history, as would be expected, vivisectionists destroyed the statue in 1910, as they hated that reminder of their lowness. But decades later it was reconstructed, in 1985, with a more submissive, less “defiant” posture than the original, apparently to appease vivisectionists.

771px-Brown_Dog_-_Battersea_Park_-_2008-04-09In 1992 the statue was moved into storage by Battersea Park’s owners, the Conservative Borough of Wandsworth, as part of a “park renovation scheme.” Anti-vivisectionists campaigned for its return, knowing the real reason for its removal. So it was put in the park’s Woodland Walk in 1994, near the Old English Garden…a secluded location.

Please click here for extensive (if not complete) account of the fatal error of using animals as experimental fodder:

Full Brown Dog story here:

(Notes: Images are free to use, and I’m not endorsing in linking to their article, don’t know enough about them.)

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