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Gary Numan…yay…I can’t help it!


Yep, I’m a “fan” of Gary Numan and much of his music since 1979. His wife Gemma is vegetarian or vegan; I don’t know what he eats now but he’s said to still eat/wear some animal products although he loves animals and is active against other forms of animal abuse, promotes PETA actions, etc. So his heart is there but his mind isn’t, or vice versa (that old, infamous disconnect). There’s hope with people like him though, he’s certainly not evil and sadistic like those we’re fighting against. He once said that tiny dogs aren’t real dogs, and I certainly don’t agree with him there…tiny dogs have everything huge dogs possess (and more?) but in mini packages, that’s all…they’re awesome too! It’s dog breeders who aren’t real people and should be banished to the cages they keep those dogs in. Anyhow, here’s a very recent interview with Gary; just click on the link after going here:

And here’s a recent video, great performance of an old song:

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