Perez Hilton says vegan babies need cows’ milk to stave off dehydration!

Young Florida woman arrested for child neglect for refusing cow’s milk formula for her dehydrated baby, so vegan diet gets blamed for the situation. Yikes! The shady bogus arguments used against vegan diets…

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Gossip blogger Perez Hilton (pictured right) picked up on this story and ran with it, evidently hoping this was some sort of knock-out punch against veganism, proving us stupid, crazy, irresponsible.
Wow, vegans will even damage their own babies to uphold those no-animal-products principles!

Here’s Perez’s coverage of this story:

Several other online knee-jerk vegan-bashers ran with the story as well with titles like: Vegan Mom Arrested, Has Sick Baby Taken Away; Is Veganism Child Abuse?…Vegan Mom Arrested for Infant Neglect, and here’s a great one: Vegan Idiot Goes To Jail For Being A Idiot (sic) – Wonkette.

So much fire-breathing outrage, insisting veganism is a Death Sentence for babies, despite thousands of perfectly healthy vegan children out there, some examples here:

What was going on here?

Sarah Markham’s baby was suffering from dehydration, not from a vegan diet. Babies can get dehydrated much quicker than adults so it’s important they get enough fluids. The common solution to dehydration in babies is electrolyte liquids such as CVS’s Pediatric Electrolyte Liquid Strawberry containing: Water, Dextrose, Citric Acid, Potassium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Acesulfame Potassium, Natural Strawberry Flavor, Zinc Gluconate, Sucralose, FD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1. Essentially a vegan formula, although I’m sure people can get them without the food coloring. So there’d have been no problem had the doctor just prescribed one of those.

Now, that doctor probably dislikes any patient on a vegan diet who feeds their baby vegan, so is determined to get cow’s milk into the child come hell or high water, under threat of what happened in this very case: Sarah was arrested for child neglect. Further, vegan diets are once again painted falsely as dangerous with the implication that cow’s milk is a natural food for human beings. Water, juice of many sorts, non-animal milks, foods with high water content, are all abundantly available to vegans, including vegan babies. Her mother’s milk would have been the best source of fluids if she was still nursing. While the gossip bloggers seem to hold the bizarre belief that cow’s milk is the only cure for dehydration in babies and that doctors are infallible in their wisdom and no one had better disobey their orders. Some other doctor, I’m sure, could have said the soymilk formula was fine and given the baby some electrolyte formula as above, and instructed Sarah to give the baby more. See all about baby dehydration here:

The vegan “scourge” is once again not so guilty…

This mother was obviously ignorant of how much fluids her baby needed and needed education from a proper pediatrician, not this tyrannical anti-
vegan crusader she seems to have been going to, who evidently scared her away from getting further treatment from those she thought would force cow’s milk into her baby.

The American Dietetic Association approves of well-planned vegan diets for all stages of life including pregnancy and for infants: And many parents have dealt with dehydration in their babies… so it’s not a vegan misdeed when this happens.

The sorts of stories people latch onto to “debunk” vegan diets are always sorely lacking in substance and truth, as would be expected, but the masses, so eager to justify their extremely cruel diets, are all too willing to believe absolute nonsense such as the Sarah Markham case. You have to wonder what makes people suddenly so prone to swallowing such rubbish in volumes that would otherwise repel them, whenever it comes to the issue of vegan diets. Well, I say we wonder, but we know why.

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2 thoughts on “Perez Hilton says vegan babies need cows’ milk to stave off dehydration!

  1. I saw this story and I knew it was nonsense. The lady just did not know about proper hydration. I am a long standing vegan. I know babies do well on non-animal formulas. Best thing is breast feeding. We really are stupid thinking that our babies have to suckle from cows. Doctors generally do not have the best education in nutrition. Kudos for the ones who see the benefits of the vegan diet for babies and for all people.

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