Stray Dogs of Romania (and everywhere else) Need Help


Bucharest street dogs

For many years now, the extreme homeless dog situation in Romania has led to the hiring of brute thugs to go out and kill and/or round up dogs in the worst ways possible…innocent dogs meeting the very worst of deaths, in terror, at the hands of sadistic “humans.” The huge international petition efforts have made a dent in the problem lately, but far more needs to be done to get a real handle on this problem and actually solve it, with the dogs’ safety high on the list of priorities.

Here is the latest on the situation:

Like the below linked petition says, “mass killing is not the answer,” as these are sensitive, innocent lives, not pieces of trash.

First, preventing all future births is the answer…

And since spaying females is much more invasive, the neutering of all male dogs could effectively curb the breeding with only a fraction of the expense and concerns of sterilizing all of the street dogs there, allowing people to deal far better with the population problem, and to be better able to provide homes for the dogs.

Second: Why not make sense and be humane for once?

Here’s another idea: The most hopeful experimental canine contraceptives could be used on Romania’s street dogs instead of testing them in caged “lab animals.” Using them in homeless dogs would be far less cruel on many fronts, as it’s a real effort to stop their being born…if not born they cannot be considered “pests,” to suffer and be abused, culled, etc. And the manufacturers should provide the products freely in order to have researchers go out and observe the results while leaving the dogs unabused, hands off. Any observable life-threatening health problems caused by the drugs could be dealt with by humane euthanasia of very ill/suffering animals only, and post-mortem studies to determine causes. If these contraceptives have already shown positive results in past studies, there would likely be few or no problems.

Third: We need to outlaw the breeding of dogs/cats for profit…

And that one speaks for itself. But I will say that all those defending the “right” to bring more dogs/cats into this world for profit have got to be stopped, treated as the scourges they are, and again…STOPPED…permanently. There is no excuse for such outrageously irresponsible and cruel behavior among us. No exceptions. Just look into the eyes of one fearful, hungry, homeless dog or cat…realize there are millions more meeting unspeakable ends…and see the answer to, “Why do you say that?” Accept no fabricated breeder excuses…they are self-interested lies.

Perhaps anyone reading here can suggest those three solutions whenever writing to any officials in Romania or elsewhere. I will when writing to the two linked in the above petition update.

Here’s the current four-paws petition:

Thank you for reading and helping.



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