UPDATE 8/17/2015: In this new link, another case to add to the damning evidence against omnivorous parents. Light up those torches again! Surely the following parents are meat eaters; if they were vegans you can be 100% certain the media would have brought that up and hammered it into the ground, more than implying that’s what veganism is all about. The story would surely have been far more widespread and better known if these people even so much as had a package of tofu in the house:

Original article below…

Get out your torches, let’s storm those hellish omnivore-paleo homes!

Here’s the sort of story that would be used enthusiastically by media and their mass of puppets to condemn vegan diets:

However, this was a meat-loving home, the Rader family. Thus a 7-year old boy weighing 25 pounds, nearly starved to death and beaten by his parents and grandparents, proves the harmfulness of kids eating fish and eggs, right?

The other of the two boys wasn’t nearly as emaciated, but getting there. The boys tried to nourish themselves by stealing (vegan!) peanut butter and bread, but were caught and beaten by the meat-lovers running the household. These people fed their female children and themselves plenty, but the two boys were deliberately starved by feeding them only small portions of tuna and egg. This also proves that omnivore-paleos hate their male children.

Media warns against animal protein diet?

So far I’ve missed out on all the rage-filled outcries against the Rader family’s animal protein diet in light of this case. Surely they’re out there, I’ve just not seen them yet? Since exactly that is eagerly done to the rare vegan parent whose child does not thrive, no matter what the real reason. Such freak occurrences are used as a battering ram against veganism, especially vegan parenting. The authoritarian rage expressed against all vegan parents in those rare cases is shockingly bizarre.

A favorite standby people love to dredge up is the 2005 case of the anorexic-like vegan parents in Arizona… …who nearly starved their three children, unintentionally, apparently due to their obsessions with food and obesity. They love their kids, raised them with great care, never beat or abused them in any way other than severely limiting their food due to some co-parental mental disorder. They were also very religious. So considering the latest case of omnivore-paleo abuse in Pennsylvania, if you’re a religious omnivore or paleo parent…double plus ungood!

Grandville_Cent_Proverbes_page69Context, please…

The boys in the Rader family in Pennsylvania were severely abused, starved, beaten, their young lives made hellish, maliciously. “Same difference,” say zealous anti-vegans…they’d express the same rage in both cases, against the parents only in the meaty household, while against the parents but especially the diet in the vegan one, even though that diet was severely misconstrued.

Makes one go hmmmm…

To clarify the message even further, it was not fish and eggs that starved the Pennsylvania boys, it was starvation borne of malicious, hateful abuse. And it was not a vegan diet starving the Parker children in 2005, it was a severe lack of food, enemas used, etc., done by nutty but loving parents. The Parker kids remained vegan when in custody of others and gained weight and thrived. Yet still, anti-vegan crusaders continue to use that case, and very rare others like it, to prove vegan diets malnourish and potentially kill children. Never mind these here: …only a small sampling of the growing number of thriving vegan kids out there, from conception too. Those are all flukes! Meat/fish/eggs/animal milk absolutely must be consumed! (say animal agriculture and their fellow profiteers)Believing_in_a_Liar_by_kelzygrl

Such lies rule our civilization. This insanity and willful cruelty have got to end.

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  1. In searching for articles on infamous pastor Benny Hinn and his supposed charities to help starving children, I ran across the article linked at top of this article as “UPDATE.” Hopefully at least a few people will read it, as it’s yet another sad, educational commentary on the abject sociopathy that has gained a foothold among humanity, for a variety of reasons but primarily because we are based in slaughter of innocents, while pretending to be quite the opposite, at least when convenient.

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