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Mother Teasing BabyA lead vaccine researcher with the CDC has come out admitting the MMR vaccine-autism link is real, in black male infants at least, and was covered up. Keep up with “Vaccinegate” at Jon Rappoport’s page linked above, and here:

Rappoport’s page is best for ongoing updated coverage…best to start reading at bottom there.

This black male baby situation is very likely only the tip of the iceberg. It appears that the heretics and “whackos” may have been correct all along, once again.

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Vegan scourge, how dare you judge! (Revised from original)

19300001390965132143073590054Ever wonder about the probable lives of privilege led by those who seem to be online constantly, seeking out vegan material, to harass, butt in, insert fear speech, to ridicule, accuse of wrongdoing, nag, stalk? (And ironically, to accuse vegans of preaching and shoving things into them!) Admittedly, their nice leisurely lives are likely permeated by the distinctively foul odor of animal manure, urine and blood, down deep in the groundwater too…perhaps explaining their foul attitudes somewhat.

Day after day, month after month…

They continue to whine and self-righteously gripe about “vegan attitudes” they don’t allow in their smiley fantasy world of animal loving animal killers. And about all those vital nutrients vegans are depriving ourselves of, things found only in meat, animal milk, eggs. Outrageously healthy and athletic vegans they explain away as temporary flukes who will be sorry someday, when the inevitable “vegan crash” happens. Yikes, scary stuff!

fathersteakThese meat lovers are all for “organic, free-range, grass-fed” this & that…those small ma & pa slaughter farms of legend. You see, these meat lovers are special people with special digestive and other concerns that don’t allow them to forego animal meat/milk/eggs. But for their kindly little throat slitting farms to be possible, they need a majority of humans to be vegan, as that’s the only way to really decrease demand for the long-term. Yet day after day, year after year, they work tirelessly to scare everyone else away from being vegan too.

Starving Livilla by André Castagne

The message in a “nut” shell…

“Look what happened to me when I tried it! I was devastated, and the instant I ate some meat again, salvation was at hand! Glory hallelujah! So let’s hate on those damn self-righteous vegans for having the nerve to judge us and to promote that deficient diet!” …Torch mob mentality. Against murderers, child molesters? Nope, against animal lovers who do our best to live by our convictions and be healthier, and who want animal abuse facilities and slaughterhouses shut down.

Grandpa & Grandma Walton

“Ol’ ma & pa can kill our meat for us instead,” they chant…

“But only if you damn vegans stop pushing your diet and join up with us!”

Think of kindly ol’ Lillian Zacky, presented as a doting granny, but in reality a turkey slaughter farmer grown huge due to demand. Chronic meat activists online often excoriate vegans for not joining with them to sing Kumbaya and fight against bad FACTORY farms and shut them down. So we’re to presume that the only thing keeping factory farms alive is the tiny minority of “weakling” vegans who won’t join up with the huge majority of hardy omnivores to get it done? Hmmm. Goes to show that nothing is too outrageously low for these people to try in their foul campaigns.old-304605_640

Same old same old…

…flows from these people’s keyboards for years, as they’ve found their niche, they believe…where they can lie in anonymity to the gullible, to demonize the enemies of their businesses run by the sweetest of grandmas.

But the fact remains that for a morally aware species such as ours, sentient life should not be for sale, especially not for killing, for taste treats, when we have plenty else to eat. Farmers can change course and grow plant foods for people instead. And restaurants, etc., can profit just as much off of plant foods, and with FAR less food poisoning and other carcass-related problems as well.

A case in point:

The 57% increase in heart disease shown due to iron in red meat:

And again, there are the animals:

You bet I’m angry and sad over all of this. And you can also bet that only foul, malicious people will harangue vegans and fight against our lifestyles. Such people should be ignored when they attempt to drag you into their “discussions.” They should no longer be allowed to waste our time in ridiculous, circular, never-ending “debates” where the only things they’re after are apologies, admissions of huge self-sacrifices that do not exist, and an endorsement of their slaughter-based lives from those in grief constantly over that slaughter. They never change in that. Never. Recite those lies for them and they will then approve of you as a tolerable vegan. Because you help their cause, i.e., ease their conscience.

“No anger or judgment allowed!” they say… None of this:521992313_a9e9f243a5_z

It’s one thing for them to honestly say, “I just don’t care to give up eating animals, but good for you being vegan, it helps matters and you seem quite healthy,” and another thing entirely for them to say, “I anonymously claim that your diet made me severely ill, and I’m doing all I can to stop other people from trying it.”

Another of their favorite old standbys:

The “life takes life” routine. By merely living we’re causing harm or death to others. For example, but they don’t like this one: All those thousands of field mice and others killed in hay balers every day, for feedlot cows. They prefer droning on about vegan hypocrisy due to the ant or snail one might step on accidentally, the weevils killed in grain products, the bug smashed on your car’s windshield, the pesticides farmers use irresponsibly when we could utilize far less harmful ways to stick2protect crops…you get the drift. “All the same as the confinement barn and the slaughterhouse!” say the meaty champs. Thus, since people are killed in wars regularly anyhow, it’s perfectly okay for us all to go out and massacre people on the streets. As long as we feel the need, and our needs are subjective…who’s to judge? It’s all the same. No one’s perfect, life’s rough, so go for it!

That insanity runs deep, and foul. Don’t let it infect you.

On a much more pleasant note:enhanced-buzz-13029-1352220174-4

Here are some beautiful and delicious vegan dishes: …Yet in the comments you can see how the “anti-carb” meat pushers rudely inserted themselves, as per usual, like the proverbial fly in the ointment. (I’ve noticed how these carb-hating people often happily approve of Julia Child and her sort of foodie chef, noted for their extremely rich, white flour & sugar-loaded, addictive pastries, etc. Ah, but perhaps all that meat and animal fat they serve up offsets those sorts of normal, fun carbs, as opposed to those bad carbs, like fruits, grains and the occasional noodles enjoyed by us veggie “weirdoes.”) …Don’t let the nasty people spoil that great food page for you, nor anything else. Keep strong in doing right.

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Unrequired Love

SONY DSCYes, that’s unrequired, not unrequited love.

What real love entails, in my estimation, as defining it is too trite:

Ask yourself this:

Would you be fully willing to welcome whichever individual into your soul or your most private thoughts, even your dreams, without shame, with confidence they’ll not see any harmful wishes regarding them there? That they’ll see themselves thought of fondly and that you wish all good things for them, even if you know their faults, and you wish to be connected with them forever if that’s possible? That you’ll miss them terribly if there’s an afterlife and you don’t find them again? Do you dread the thought of never having met them or had them in your life?

And you’re not overly concerned about their judgment of your most personal inner workings, because you’re confident they love you in return, that they would welcome you into their private “hearts” as well.

If you can say a truthful “yes” to all of that, then you do indeed love that individual….be it human or animal. I wonder how many of us can say that about people in our lives.

Selfish, or Real?maxresdefault

I’m not necessarily referring to the “required,” biologically advantageous love between family members nor the sexual love of couples, which can be real, but often fall short and fall apart in dysfunction, and even lead to hatred. I’m talking totally unselfish love here. When you’ve reached that level with family members, etc., you truly do love them. But how many do not have this with even their own parents or blood relations?

Feeding Hate

It all stems from the ego-battering (which includes emotional, mental and physical abuse) we inflict on each other as soon as we’re able. Think back to the cruelty of young children towards each other, and realize it goes on throughout life in one aspect or another. And that it stems from things like jealousy, fear, insecurity, etc.

Meanness and cruelty destroy love, or can make it sick. Kindness nurtures and grows healthy love. Healthy love makes cruelty impossible. Simple concepts that seem impossible for us human beings to really incorporate into our way of being.

Stier_geveld5That failing would be the result of a collective but unspoken self-loathing borne of the extreme cruelty our civilizations are based in… i.e., the slaughterhouse, vivisection lab, fur farm, animal circus…the shameful list goes on. These things need to go before we can proudly call ourselves human beings and truly love each other without that derangement continually seeping in to foul things.

This shame goes deep, the roots are old and strong. But our highest goal is to beat this thing, often referred to as evil. So why should we let such a vile and repugnant, low thing lead us around by the nose?

Deserved love is the solution…

And we don’t get there by supporting slaughterhouses, etc.Glanrind_1

We as humans should strive to have this “unrequired” love for all of life, and it begins with well-earned self-respect and love. Then we can love each of those cows in the slaughterhouses, as well as all of our animal victims existing in hells of our making. If we did see them as the individuals they are, if we could indeed cherish LIFE…there would not be one slaughterhouse or other place of institutionalized suffering, abuse and killing in our world.

We’d at last be worthy of the terms human and Homo sapiens (humane, wise men). That is the goal we work for as vegans and advocates.

So keep on keeping on. For love.