Take celebrity vegans with a grain of salt?

Okay, here’s why we I think we shouldn’t rely on celebrity vegans…

Another star who went back to eggs and animal milk during pregnancy:olivia-wilde-workout1



Hope I don’t sound like a hateful B here…but I just learned today about Wilde’s “ditching” her vegan diet while prego and I felt sick since I like her…so please pardon what could be seen as a judgmental and gossipy tone…it’s certainly not meant that way.

Olivia Wilde…

…was vegetarian since age 12, loves animals, yet after being vegan a long time went back to milk and eggs due to cravings while pregnant with her son, yet she smokes cigarettes regularly (as quoted in the 2nd link up there). And I’m not insinuating she blows smoke at her baby or that she smoked while pregnant. I just point that out to show the futility of listening to some others regarding what’s healthy and what’s not.

Wilde still ate no meat or fish while expecting, yet apparently found being vegan too difficult during that time, which is silly. But also very sad. As we know all too well about those egg and dairy farms. Unless she has her own loved and pampered (preferably rescued) cows and hens, to nurse from and for eggs, she is consuming and funding serious animal abuse. I don’t know whether her promise to resume the vegan diet after the birth of her child came true or how she is raising her son. Anyone who knows more is of course welcome to comment below.

Jennifer_Lopez_GLAAD_2014Still want to happily celebrate vegans J-Lo and Beyoncé and others?

It’s your choice of course; I truly hope they don’t (or haven’t already) disappointed, and I’m not sure if Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé still wear animal fur, which is extremely saddening. But they (and Beyoncé’s Jay-Z) certainly look great on vegan diets, so here’s hoping.Beyoncé-Knowles-and-Jay-Z

This post is just to show how being proud and elated to hear how some celebrity has gone vegan isn’t really in 
our best interests, nor the animals’. Since these cases are happily picked up on by animal ag flacks as proof of more “failed vegans” who were compelled to go back to animal products for their health. When in fact it was only due to character weakness in the face of an aggressive, animal-consuming society. I suffered from the same weakness years ago, so know it well and do not hate Olivia Wilde. One can regain that strength, and of course should, to become a dreaded (by animal ag flacks) ex-ex-vegan. So let’s hope Wilde does. But again, I won’t be thrilled or feel secure in her rejoining the vegan way of life. (Again, perhaps she already has.) But we cannot fathom nor control the motives and actions of others, so to try is rather self-defeating, causing unneeded stress.

urlA word on babies:

While I’m opposed to reproducing, vegans who stick with it and raise their kids vegan are at least likely to be a positive influence in the world, so following is linked some good advice for anyone compelled to bring more innocent life to this planet to die. Sorry to say that, but everything born on Earth must die, and I believe in eternal life outside of the physicality of Earth…believe the Earth experience may keep us from getting back to our source unless we can overcome the deceptions…another subject for another time. Anyhow, on vegan pregnancy, etc.:

Article: http://www.vrg.org/nutrition/veganpregnancy.php


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3 thoughts on “Take celebrity vegans with a grain of salt?

  1. My weakness was bakery cake. I swear I did a hideous battle with Italian creme cake and german chocolate but I won in the end. I don’t like to cook but I finally found vegan cake recipes that worked. And even though I look longingly at the bakery section when I go shopping I can refuse. I have been a vegan for a long time-was a vegetarian at first way back when as in the hippie days. Back then we didn’t know about the egregious practices in the dairy egg ag. Dairy and egg is all over our food supply. It is like the devil has got hold of us. One has to wage a sordid battle with our habits. But by golly it is worth it. I never had children and subscribe to VHMET the voluntary human extinction movement-live long and gently die out. Live in the spirit world and never have fear to return to a womb. I do wish it would catch on.

  2. Oh yea-I don’t take celebrities seriously. Madonna said she was vegan awhile back and then she is sporting a gorilla skin coat or so has been reported. Celebrity lives are just too vain and they can do a lot of damage against the vegan movement.

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