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The Kindness of the One-Shot-Drop Hunter

IFirearms_practice,_1936magine someone going out and shooting a random man on the street, in the head, just the right spot to kill him quickly. Killer feels proud and macho and approved of by society and its pretty girls because he took the guy down quickly, he barely even knew what happened. His life is over…his life which Killer deemed for the taking, as the guy was out minding his own business. Killer did it “humanely”!

Never mind the dead man’s right to his life, or his family or other loved ones, his dependents. Never mind that he has a home that will be without him now, all his life’s accumulations, his work, his dreams and aspirations, his goodness…his mere right to not have his life ended by Killer on a whim. Never mind those who may be devastated at losing him and now have to get through life without him.

Bang bang, I shot him down!

Almighty Killer had an urge and determined that the victim was to die with that bullet in his brain. It was Killer’s “choice.” And besides, Killer needed to do it, because it’s always been said that a man isn’t a man until he takes another Dissection_of_a_Cadaverman’s life. Besides, the body will now be used to advance scientific knowledge, as there’s always plenty of cadaver dissecting needing doing in anatomy classes all over the place.

So Killer has succeeded with flying colors at this great Rite of Passage. Meaning he’s a random target on the streets as well, but he considers himself lucky, and good at sensing danger, running, shielding, hiding. One of the elite in that survival game called life.

Here’s one for the Great Human Gene Pool, our brave hero: Killer.

Well boy howdy!…Lookie what I bagged!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnimal killers like to say animals have it worse in nature with other animals because they get torn apart, die of starvation, many other real hardships. But it’s usually the old, weak, sick, etc., who are able to be caught…those not so depended upon by their packs/families anymore. It’s the way of nature…although not something to celebrate or make even worse, as in those hobbyists out there playing macho games with their firearms and other blatantly unfair artifices. And they commonly take the biggest and strongest, for bragging rights and photo ops, which leaves the animals’ dependents bewildered and suffering, and their biological evolution set back.

All in all, “hunting” by humans is an outrageous and thorough, sadistic disregard for everything and everyone, except for Killer’s wants. Sure, the one-shot-dead idealist is not as heinous as the gut shooter excited by animals’ drawn-out suffering and dying, but the “kind” killing is still unneeded and wrong.

The ginormous brain gives us the right!McAdoo_by_Carlo_de_Fornaro_1914

People will then boast of their Big Brains as justification for the right to exploit and take lives as they do. As if the “big brain” grew to become a ruthless domineering and killing organ rather than for thoughtfulness and compassion, to respect life with, and to realize deserved self-respect. To have real strength as opposed to bullying.

We’re human beings, after all, capable of inventing just about anything and making it work…so we should always strive to do good rather than its opposite.

Animal abusers/killers have no real self-respect, it’s impossible. To honor their own lives they first must honor life in general, care about the experiences of others, help alleviate suffering whenever able. Protect life, love it, then you cannot gleefully (or sanctimoniously) snuff it out and think you’ve done something exciting or good. You may be excited at your ability to end the life of another, unfairly and needlessly. But what is that excitement over, really? At your ruthless cleverness? But that’s not human, or shouldn’t be. 

But we’re omnivores, look at our teeth!

Even horses have “canine” teeth, it means nothing in regard to diet.

Hunters will say people need the meat, that we’ve been eating animals for thousands of years, and that what hunters do is better than animal farming and slaughterhouses. This is usually said to imply that the kindhearted Killer doesn’t eat KFC or McDonald’s. But I’d bet that in most if not all cases, any time commercially produced meat/eggs/dairy (say a bucket of KFC) is in front of a “hunter,” he/she is scarfing it. And the rest of what he/she eats animal-wise has caused great suffering and hardship to those animals’ packs/herds/family. And even without a family, that animal’s life was just as worthwhile and deserving of respect by humans solely for being sentient and alive as we are. Having reproduced or being surrounded by lots of company does not make a life more worthwhile, whether animal or human.

This is the way things are, accept it!

So, accept rape and murder of people too since it’s the way things are? No.

The fact that animals are not us is no excuse for coldly disregarding them, as people have been conditioned and programmed to do for millennia. It may have been a matter of survival long ago, to either kill and eat, or starve to death. But that is certainly not the case now.

7860392756_c52fd20394_bWe’ve tons of wonderful, nutritious non-animal foods that go to waste everyday, that should be eaten instead…instead of eating animals and their products.

Same goes for all of our uses and killing of animals habitually done just because it’s always been that way. “It’s always been that way” can be used as an excuse for all sorts of terrible things to continue forever. None of us want that. It is time to change our ways as a species. Each one of us, together, in strength.

Put the tired excuses out of everyone’s misery…

long-25529_640Once they’ve come over to the “other side,” those now rejecting animal foods will often hear, “plants feel pain,” “you kill field mice!” and other such toxic nonsense used in defense of deliberately abusing and killing animals. I say, try not to let your time be wasted like that. If responding at all, consider asking such people how they justify meat/egg/dairy-veal factories, slaughterhouses, or hunters using war weaponry on animals, when we do not need animals in our diets. Nor do we need to exploit and kill them for any other excuse. Again, our great capabilities override any “need” to deliberately ruin existence for and take the lives of others.

Can anyone really see a good purpose for deluded bullies?

Let’s get going at last, and move on to a far better sort of world… 

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More preachy vegan ramblings you’re free to ignore

On those vociferous ex-vegans…face-307565_640

Ginny Messina, MPH (Master of Public Health), RD (Registered Dietician), says in her website article,

“So, while I’m certainly sympathetic to anyone who is struggling to regain their health, I’m still skeptical about whether this ever translates to a need for animal foods. There are always too many other things going on with the ex-vegan stories.”

Truer words were never spoken.

Questions of morality…

Do you really believe human beings should be eating the slaughtered corpses of abused animals, and their eggs and mothers’ milk created for their own babies?

Let’s leave behind any emotionalist devices promoting business as usual.

No Guilt Meat. Artwork by Louie Gedo
No Guilt Meat. Artwork by Louie Gedo

One exception may be some eggs, not bought, but from hens you keep as rescued companions, if you’re able to. That’s not objectionable to me, in contrast to many vegans.

Even though I don’t do it, I see no harm in using unfertilized eggs you may find, but this? …

…NO. And that’s considered a “humane” egg farm; and they’re all slaughtered at end, and their “useless” male chicks suffocated or ground up alive for pet food or fertilizer (another reason to knowledgeably feed dogs vegan, like my healthy girls). So no egg buying please, if you love and respect life.

Human beings have a higher calling, and so far have severely debased ourselves for thousands of years.

The “vegans kill too, you hypocrites!” standby…

Great mathematician/philosopher Pythagoras (Greece c.570—c.495 BCE) said: “…For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”

And as with murder, there are degrees of causing harm/death to others merely by our living. Accidental or unavoidable/unwanted is a very far cry from factually heinous, deliberate/avoidable/desired killing.

Hawaiian blood sacrifice early 1800s
Hawaiian blood sacrifice early 1800s

For example, most people must drive cars to get around, meaning we may possibly kill a human being someday, as in accidentally, in horror, running over a man who stumbles in front of your car. Then there’s chasing someone down with a murderous glee, mowing her down and backing over her again as she screams in pain.

Those are two entirely different, polar opposites morally. And no one should ever have to explain that to any disingenuous person. Yet we do exercise the patience to do that time and again, without exploding in a fit of rage and becoming vulgar and/or violent.

“Kudos” (annoying word) to us! 🙂