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I’m no feminist nor liberal, but…

…This woman has nailed this “ex-vegan” thing. Just click on link below and enjoy:

jpegNow, more about this ex-vegan fad of late…

Anyone who makes the effort online to inspire others to go vegan, to reduce the “need” for animal farms and slaughterhouses, etc., often runs into seemingly heart-wrenching stories of health devastation from “ex-vegans” claiming to be on the road to recovery, or perhaps fully healed by eating animal products once again. One such claim I encountered lately is someone pointing to congestive heart failure (CHF) as some side-result of having been vegan. I have real experience with CHF and it’s nothing to joke about; both my parents suffered and died from it; could well have lived much longer, happier, much less suffering without it, and they were great cheese, ice-cream (etc.) lovers, and my dad was quite the meat eater. When I see CHF attributed to THE vegan diet, it infuriates me. Really.

Yet more devastation from The Vegan Diet…

This same person claimed she had an electrolyte imbalance because of Fruit_Stall_in_Barcelona_Market“the vegan diet” which led to an autoimmune disease and the CHF. She writes as if we’re all on exactly the same food regimen, like there’s some strictly dictated vegan meal plan that we all follow to a T, set in stone somewhere.

Well, to set the electrolyte thing straight: and other legitimate sources recommend all vegan foods to replenish electrolytes: tomatoes, bananas, watermelons, apples, pineapples, sweet potatoes, avocados, spinach, and oranges ( When confronted with those facts, the supposed ex-vegan suddenly changes the subject and gets to whining about “personal attacks” once again, while05_Flatbed_WEB - SEPTEMBER they just want to enjoy their slaughter fare and have us pat them on the back and give them kudos.

So there you go, just a bit of ex-vegan misinformation exposed here as a preamble to an article or two I may do soon fully delving in to this “meaty” issue (lol, hilarious pun there). Since the mean-spirited nonsense regularly spread around online and eagerly believed in by so many has got to have the spotlight of truth cast upon it much more often than it is.

Speaking of which…

Here is some really great info from a Registered Dietitian on the common anti-vegan talking points:

[images labeled free for re-use]



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