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More preachy vegan ramblings you’re free to ignore

On those vociferous ex-vegans…face-307565_640

Ginny Messina, MPH (Master of Public Health), RD (Registered Dietician), says in her website article,

“So, while I’m certainly sympathetic to anyone who is struggling to regain their health, I’m still skeptical about whether this ever translates to a need for animal foods. There are always too many other things going on with the ex-vegan stories.”

Truer words were never spoken.

Questions of morality…

Do you really believe human beings should be eating the slaughtered corpses of abused animals, and their eggs and mothers’ milk created for their own babies?

Let’s leave behind any emotionalist devices promoting business as usual.

No Guilt Meat. Artwork by Louie Gedo
No Guilt Meat. Artwork by Louie Gedo

One exception may be some eggs, not bought, but from hens you keep as rescued companions, if you’re able to. That’s not objectionable to me, in contrast to many vegans.

Even though I don’t do it, I see no harm in using unfertilized eggs you may find, but this? …

…NO. And that’s considered a “humane” egg farm; and they’re all slaughtered at end, and their “useless” male chicks suffocated or ground up alive for pet food or fertilizer (another reason to knowledgeably feed dogs vegan, like my healthy girls). So no egg buying please, if you love and respect life.

Human beings have a higher calling, and so far have severely debased ourselves for thousands of years.

The “vegans kill too, you hypocrites!” standby…

Great mathematician/philosopher Pythagoras (Greece c.570—c.495 BCE) said: “…For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”

And as with murder, there are degrees of causing harm/death to others merely by our living. Accidental or unavoidable/unwanted is a very far cry from factually heinous, deliberate/avoidable/desired killing.

Hawaiian blood sacrifice early 1800s
Hawaiian blood sacrifice early 1800s

For example, most people must drive cars to get around, meaning we may possibly kill a human being someday, as in accidentally, in horror, running over a man who stumbles in front of your car. Then there’s chasing someone down with a murderous glee, mowing her down and backing over her again as she screams in pain.

Those are two entirely different, polar opposites morally. And no one should ever have to explain that to any disingenuous person. Yet we do exercise the patience to do that time and again, without exploding in a fit of rage and becoming vulgar and/or violent.

“Kudos” (annoying word) to us! 🙂

3 thoughts on “More preachy vegan ramblings you’re free to ignore

  1. The “vegans/vegetarians kill too” argument is frustrating when it comes up because it reveals that the person who said it doesn’t really understand why it’s immoral to eat meat. It’s because it causes unnecessary suffering/death — the vegan doesn’t object to death that is not unnecessary, which is what the vegan would have to think if the hypocrite argument is to hurt.

    Thanks for sharing this. Always nice to see the dispersal of literature and writings that encourage humane eating and living habits.

    1. Thanks Austin. It’s an attempt to alleviate guilt when people imply that crop farmers harming/killing small animals with farming equipment etc. is the same as setting up houses of slaughter and growing innocent animals in Death Row inmate conditions before marching them (if they can even walk), terrified, through those “houses” to have their throats slit… same type of thing for eggs and dairy for the masses. We do the best we know how to persuade people to stop supporting the industries; that’s the only way to get them curtailed, and stopped eventually.

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