Vivisection Kills the Human Spirit

“UNSCIENTIFIC SCIENCE – Moral Aspects of Vivisection” by Dr. Anna Kingsford:

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Veggie diet will make a girly-man of you…no offspring for you!

Yet another crude tool added to the dubious arsenal to bash vegan lifestyles

angry-man-274175_640You’ve probably seen the headlines, “Concern as sperm count fails,” “Nutritional Disasters,” “Bad news for vegetarian men, lower sperm count than meat-eaters,” yadda yadda, all in a gloating, fevered, meat-lovers’ response to a study out of Loma Linda University which is outlined in linked article below…

The Care2 site actually published something well-written, credible, intelligent, and objective, dispelling the senselessness and mean-spirited gloating seen elsewhere regarding this study:

Please also consider these points when reading Steve Williams’ article:


Long-time vegan Marcus Patrick (age 40) and his baby boy

1) 474 men were studied; 443 meat eaters, 26 vegetarians (dairy & eggs), and only 5 vegans…with roughly 100 million vegan men in the world. (Most vegan men become fathers and have very healthy children, unless ethically opposed to bringing more lives into all this.) To be even remotely meaningful, the study would have been much larger and more exacting.

2) Vegan men have the same testosterone levels as other men (actually starting out much higher but balancing out to normal; see here in this far more scientific study: As well, vegan men usually have better vascular health from lower fat, higher fiber, etc., which means only good things sexually. And those higher-to-equal testosterone levels equate to same quality/quantity of sperm.

Feedlot-Cattle3) The soy scare: People on animal-based diets ingest untold amounts of GMO soy daily from animal products, as the majority of soy grown goes to feed “live stock.” So when the study suggests soy may be at fault for vegetarian men’s lower sperm count, it’s wrong on several levels; much is being overlooked and misrepresented…

4) And of course, vegetarians eat loads of dairy and eggs…vastly different from vegans. And yes I did see that those two groups had similar…low but normal…sperm stats. Yet again, there were only FIVE vegan men in the study. That’s significant.

5) Nowhere have I seen stated what these people actually ate, especially those five vegans, and if the vegetarian men even ate soy foods, or just loads of dairy which contains animal estrogens.

6) Now, this all assumes that reproductive ability is the be-all and end-all of our worth and health as human beings, and that the programmed urge to procreate is somehow a good thing. That’s subject to doubt and debate. But the good health of vegans has been called into question by this non-study of FIVE of them, so must be examined.

7) I presume that several of the meat eaters in the study had very low sperm counts, since the numbers were averaged out, some low, some high. (Again leaving those FIVE vegan men’s results utterly meaningless.) Consider that about 15% of couples are affected by infertility and among those about a third are due to the man’s infertility, while most everyone eats animal products.

All in all, something is indeed quite fishy about the Loma Linda study…

Vegetarian SDA’s infallible?1412956998089_wps_3_EXCLUSIVE_KRUGER_NATIONAL

Seventh Day Adventists (as a whole) aren’t necessarily admirably ethical towards animals, nor regarding anything else, including science. Remember vivisector Leonard Bailey and the baboon heart experiment failure in the mid-1980’s, where Baby Fae died, while another proven method was available to help her survive her heart defect?

Loma Linda University is a Seventh Day Adventist school…SDA’s are a somewhat vegetarian, creationist Christian church. So it’s quite ironic that atheistic Darwin fans have latched onto this flimsy “study” to crow about meat making them manly. Such grasping at straws. Blatant desperation.

There’s so much more to all this

MIN_Rungis_viandes_de_boucherie_veauAnimal ag interests, including the public’s addiction to slaughterhouse fare, are bound to keep this shoddy sperm-count study “discussion” lowdown, misleading, and simplistic. What else is new?

I implore readers to put all the nasty hype in the trash bin where it belongs. If in doubt of anything, including what I or Steve Williams have to say, then delve into the actual study itself, see who funded it, etc. If you do, or have anything else to add, please provide your findings…or even your own sperm test results as a vegan male…by commenting below. It would be much appreciated.

Finally, here’s a sincere thank-you to Steve Williams…

…for the only credible article I’ve seen on this so far.

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