FBI gets serious about SELECTED animal cruelty

Extreme stupidity of animal cruelty, an old ongoing problem. Beating a dying horse.


The FBI has finally decided that animal abuse/torture are serious crimes in their own right…see article, petition link, and video below.

Yet, what about what occurs legally and with societal approval everyday in slaughterhouses, vivisection labs, puppy mills, fur farms, etc.? And which the FBI defends by labeling animal liberation activists, who go into those legalized animal torture institutions to expose and liberate, as terrorists, dangers to society.handcuffs73-620x412

This recent change in FBI policy is a small step, all we have for now. We’ve long known animal abuse is a heinous offense…all of it, no double standards…no “necessary evils” when it comes to our treatment of animals, except for when we must put them to death, as in mercy killing, which many would want for ourselves when endlessly suffering at the end our our lives.

War is one real “necessary evil” in a violence-based civilization, and slaughterhouses, etc., are sadistically VIOLENT…

be normal by eisvogelfeder.deviantart.com

Be Normal by eisvogelfeder.deviantart.com

Article: http://www.cnycentral.com/news/story.aspx?id=1103939#.VC8EtrItDy8

Petition: http://animalpetitions.org/18875/praise-agency-for-tracking-animal-cruelty-cases/#gf_1

Video, the Animal Killer–Murder Connection:


2 thoughts on “FBI gets serious about SELECTED animal cruelty

    • Hi Chazz; you have to wonder how the FBI psychologists will deal with the legalized animal cruelty in our various institutions…it’s quite the quandary, for the sake of profitable habits. And the new policy doesn’t really take effect for over a year, I guess they need plenty of time to marginalize these crimes for awhile longer?! But at least they’re looking at these things a bit more realistically now, realizing the only sorts of people that can do these things, and their danger to society.

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