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“Pet” Lovers Would Be Vegan if Honestly Facing Reality

Trillium_Poncho_cat_dogI’ve often heard dog lovers who eat other animals state that other cultures’ eating of dogs is acceptable because, Who are we to judge others’ customs? This applies to cats as well, of course. I cannot think of anything much more coldhearted than that attitude; it’s brutally hateful if you think about it. But why do so many dog lovers want to turn a blind eye of “acceptance” to the dog meat trade?

Hypocrisy No. 1 – “I love dogs”


In effect people are saying the dogs they acquired are the lucky ones, they love dogs, they say, but think nothing of throwing millions of dogs under the bus for their crime of not being protected “pets.” If only it was as quick for the dogs as being crushed under a bus, but as we’ve seen, the dog meat trade is unspeakably far worse than that. That’s love for dogs?

Hypocrisy No. 2 – “You shouldn’t judge”

In these pet lovers’ eyes, the old adage, “Do not judge lest you be judged” only applies to animal usage and customs and other selected issues, yet those same justice-9017_640people are free to judge loudly and condemn anyone who speaks up against the forms of animal exploitation/slaughter they condone or happen to indulge in.

Hypocrisy No. 3 – “They should slaughter with kindness”

Pet lovers who condone other cultures eating those animals will often state that it’s the growing and slaughtering methods used that must be dealt with and the abuses stopped, as if that’s feasible and as if they’re doing something about it. Therein they’re judging other cultures’ practices, and feigning action about it as well.

Hypocrisy No. 4 – “I don’t kill them, my friends do it”

Pet lovers who eat other animals feel an uneasy kinship with slaughter workers because they’re “brave” enough to do the needed dirty work, and we gotta eat, right? But when it comes to dog slaughter, those with real love for dogs are caught in a Catch 22 of a most severe sort. So they concede to “respecting others’ cultures,” but with a strong inkling they’re consorting with evil. The way out from that rock and that hard place?…Stop partaking in animal exploitation, and speak up.

Italian fresco 1560CE Odysseus's boat, Scylia 6-headed monster & whirlpool Charybdis
Italian fresco 1560 CE – Odysseus’s boat, Scylia the 6-headed monster, whirlpool Charybdis (between a rock and a hard place)

Hypocrisy No. 5 – “Humane” (more judgment from the nonjudgmental)

“Our meat is grown and killed humanely compared to those savages over there; we love our animals!” I’ve often seen them say. Yet they know it would be indescribably dreadful for that “humane” life and death to be dealt to themselves or loved ones, including their pets. So, what does “love” mean to such people? You have to turn off ice heartyour heart at times, they will say, including something about necessary evils. But a “heart” that turns on & off as a light switch is…what…exactly?

Hypocrisy No. 6 – “Some animals are meant to be used” (yet more judgment)

Pet lovers often support the use of animals in research, as food for our pets, as workers such as carriage horses, entertainment in circuses, rodeos, etc. They’re here for whatever we want or need them for, but we need to be kind to them, while using them as products and slaves, confining them, killing them, ignoring the fact that those actions alone are abuse, certainly would be if done to us.

In conclusion…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis whole pet-lover hypocrisy dilemma boils down to speciesism, a word I don’t like to use, as it smacks of political correctness and such, a philosophical buzzword of sorts. It just means the assumption of human superiority leading to the exploitation of animals. So it’s a fact, an ugly one, a sorry statement on our species, and we need to fix this thing. For if we were actually superior, we would honor others’ lives with empathy and great care, not take them for everything they’ve got, and torture and mock them besides. Those of us who love our “pets” need to learn something from them for once, as they’ve a huge amount to teach us about respecting life. Especially our own.

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