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Admirable Hunter Cultures vs. “Self-Righteous Deluded Hated Vegans”

1 man-with-dead-beluga-whale
Inuit man with dead beluga whale

Certain people continually condemn vegan diets as unbalanced, lacking, dangerous…at the same time marveling at the “robust health” of the Inuit of the past, implying we should all eat like those who made up a tiny percentage of the world’s population and were extremely unusual in their living conditions.

As opposed to those less healthy hunting cultures of today…


Today’s Inuit have numerous health problems. But Inuit health problems 2 Coronary Artery Plaqueand short life spans are not a new occurrence. Research published in an article in the June 1987 National Geographic, titled “Sealed in Time: Ice Entombs an Eskimo Family for Five Centuries” showed autopsy results of two Eskimo women, one in her 20s and one in her 40s that were frozen five centuries ago. These Eskimo women “…suffered from atherosclerosis, or narrowing of the arteries caused by deposits of cholesterol and fat, probably the result of a heavy diet of whale and seal blubber …and they showed signs of severe osteoporosis, bone-mass 3 Osteoporosisdeterioration.”

All that animal protein, and that lack of fiber, folate, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, D, E, and K, leading to their high rate of osteoporosis and very short life-spans.

But today’s meat proponents (i.e. paleos) like to blame modern Inuit health problems on flour, sugar, and processed foods & oils, because of world trade products being available to them. That implies that those products can be gotten to them by The White Man, but healthy whole foods cannot? Further, most fresh whole foods do quite well in freezing temperatures.

In his book, “Health Conditions and Disease Incidence Among The Eskimos of Labrador,” Dr. Samel Hutton reported on the Inuit before the addition of western foods. He studied them personally from 1902 to 1913, and had access to the detailed birth and death records kept by missionaries from the previous century.

4 Eskimo FamilyHutton said: “Old age sets in at fifty and its signs are strongly marked at sixty. In the years beyond sixty the Eskimo is aged and feeble. Comparatively few live beyond sixty and only a very few reach seventy. Those who live to such an age have spent a life of great activity, feeding on Eskimo foods and engaging in characteristically Eskimo pursuits.”

Curious thing that is. Since Inuits’ bad bone health is said…by certain meat activists whom I’ve witnessed…to be due to lack of exercise, not the high protein/fat diet.


One has to wonder why meat activists have to go back to cave men or bring up today’s obscure cultures (Inuit, Masai) to defend the meat/fat diet, when we have ample proof with about 490 million vegans (and growing) in the developed world that we humans can indeed thrive on vegan diets. And that the iron alone from red meat causes heart disease:

To digress a bit more:

Another favorite tactic to discount vegan diets is to go back 20 years or so to say vegans are still 1% of the population, while we’re more like 7% now according to Public Policy Polling’s 2012 survey. It seems like much more than that nearing 2015, but perhaps that’s because vegans are so enthusiastic and speaking up. But the increase has escalated in the last 5 years or so.

5 fat-lady-on-computer1Also, notice how these hunting cultures are romantically waxed about by certain meat lovers who indulge in their fandom from cushy homes using computers while eating KFC and preaching about grass-fed meat, while condemning vegans for preaching. They imply that sugar, flour and processed foods are what vegans must eat, because “without meat/eggs/dairy, what else is there?” But unhealthy stuff like flour is only an occasional thing for me as a long-term vegan who’s quite healthy, even if a bit on the plump side. (But I used to be very obese as an omnivore, so my current size is a vast improvement.)

What on Earth do we eat? The wide array of awesome fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. Now I’ll stop digressing…

The Masai’s Problems Today

7 Masai woman homeZealous meat-lovers attribute today’s Inuit & Masai health problems to sugar, flour, etc., and imply those things are forced onto them by “westerners” or The White Man. But a study titled “Atherosclerosis in the Masai” that was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 1972, and was carried out largely before sugar and flour played a part in the Masai diet, concluded that the Masai tribes who consume diets of meat and milk have a similar amount of atherosclerosis vascular disease as old American men, but at a much younger age.

Life expectancy for Masai people is 45 for women and 42 for men, with 59 considered very old. Their necessary physical fitness plays a large role in the prevention of heart attacks, as their arteries expand to make up for the blockages. This suggests that the Masai would have higher rates of heart attacks if they lived to older ages. Combat wounds, infections, and cardiovascular-renal failure (heart failure combined with kidney failure likely due to all that animal protein & low fiber) are their leading causes of young death. Showing that with violent, protein-heavy lives come violent and/or disease-caused early deaths.

Masai ExceptionsMaasai Elder

Now there are Masai tribes who eat much less meat and far more fruit and vegetables (not donuts and chips) than their more traditional counterparts, and thereby benefit from less violence, better health and longer life-spans. I won’t get into that further except to share this video from someone I’m friendly with, a Swedish woman (vegetarian veterinarian) living among a Masai tribe, married to a Masai man. The partial preparation of an animal-free meal (any eggs possibly used at times are from truly free-range birds):

Gabriele has told me that meat is a rare indulgence among her people, and she is a very healthy vegetarian woman in her 60’s who’s amazingly fit and highly skilled at her profession.

The Verdict

8 Ringed sealEvidence from both those “robustly healthy” hunter cultures shows that even back when traditional diets heavy in animal foods were consumed, they had gross evidence of atherosclerosis at a young age, very short life-spans, and that the Inuit suffered from bone loss at a young age. The Inuit also have a similar prevalence of coronary artery disease as other populations (omnivores) but they have higher death rates due to cerebrovascular strokes, which are caused by plaque in the arteries leading to blood clots that block blood flow to the brain. (But of course that plaque must be caused by anything other than fat in their diet, so say the meat-lovers…Hah, I say.)

Pumpkin Seed-Crusted Lentil Patties with Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Salad from rusvaplauke on Flickr
Pumpkin Seed-Crusted Lentil Patties with Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Salad from rusvaplauke on Flickr

So regardless of any concerns, be they about animal suffering, ruthless human behavior, heart health or bone health, etc., paleo style dieters continually advocate for heavy meat/fat diets and point to the Inuit and Masai, while warning of the grave risks they attribute to “The Vegan Diet.” As if we all barely survive on a strict, short list of questionable foods and as if that sad list is set in stone like the Ten Commandments. When reality strongly contradicts all of these meat-lovers’ claims.

So in summary…

Some people are to be listened to at your own risk. Get your information from objective and credible sources, disregard hype from those evidently with financial interests, and you likely can’t go wrong.

The main implication in praising these hunting cultures is that they’re far better at surviving in the “wild” than other cultures are, which is true, but is that the sort of life you want for yourself? If so, go live with the meat-based Masai or Inuit, don’t just champion them from afar, in comfortable security. But don’t think living that way would make you physically healthier or that that sort of “in the wild” living is possible for over 7 billion people on Earth.

9 seal pupNor should we want to choose that sort of life, heavily dependent on exploiting and killing others. As evolving human beings with such a great capacity for cherishing the lives of others, we need to move away from choosing to ruthlessly use and kill the disadvantaged. Unless we want to continue stagnating morally and ethically, continually creating among us the likes of John Wayne Gacy (et al) along the way. And what sane person wants that?

Following is an entirely objective and scientific article that outlines the benefits and possible risks of vegan diets, explaining how they are easily made optimal. I do most everything suggested here (except for the DHA supplement – I use flax) and it’s not difficult:

6 thoughts on “Admirable Hunter Cultures vs. “Self-Righteous Deluded Hated Vegans”

  1. The Truest point of all Laura is the fact those meat activists we are reading about are vegan hating trash who have no valuable or usable information to share. They regurgitate the same ignorant, out of date, incomplete, and mindlessly trite drivel like it is the vegan hater’s holy grail with which they will terrify non veggie oriented people to remain slaves to the false proclamation that we need the dairy and meat to survive as healthy human beings. They have only been regurgitating that false information since as far back as 2001 or longer. What makes their brain dead claims even more laughable is the fact the omnivore diet they try to force down our throats is responsible for more of the human race’s ills, and responsible for the highest amount of animal deaths in today’s world, yet they pretend our vegan diets are dangerous to us, and that we magically kill more animals by refusing to eat them then they do by eating them and veggies both. Is it any wonder they are sick in the head? How could they be anything else but sick, their bodies are poisoned, and their intelligence is questionable at best in comparison to some one who isn’t obsessed with murdering animals than pretending it’s right or necessary even though it clearly isn’t either of the two. They are fake people and so are their ignorantly deceitful claims. They are trash, purely and simply ignorant trash. The one thing they hate most of all is a vegan who will refuse to buckle to their lies and their hateful and laughable demeanor that they display when ever anyone speaks the actual truth around them and exposes their lies for what they really are, rather than be equally deceitful or dumb and agree with them. They are a mockery of the human race as well as of the world they live in.

  2. One after thought before hopping down off of my soap box. I also notice those people are only pulling their vindictive attacks on vegans on care2. They don’t attack that way on Facebook. They seem to avoid that, and I am certain I know why. They know more people would stand up to their lies and tell them about it, and they wouldn’t be able to manipulate Facebook as easily and get by with their cyberbullying attack methods while flagging vegans and whining because the mean ole’ vegan stood up to them. They are cowards and know better than act that way anywhere besides care2. They know they would never get by with it anywhere else.

    1. You tell ’em Chazz, Care2 certainly seems to have let their forums be taken over by industry shills. But those type are elsewhere too, with their “PETA People Eating Tasty Animals” and other such often repeated brilliance which they NEVER tire of, like proclaiming their religious rapture over bacon, all in caps, how much they hate vegans…
      Defense Mechanism: The unconscious mind denies or distorts the truth to defend against anxiety & guilt, to maintain one’s obediently held beliefs/values against all odds.
      Either that or they’re industry shills like I mentioned, and those too operate under defense mechanisms. Those are the only 2 explanations for these obsessed anti-vegans. They’ll claim instead that they’re only worried over the dangers of The Vegan Diet (lol), but those people are mostly shills or those who’ve been hoodwinked by them. The rare person who “loves animals” but couldn’t survive without animal products would welcome others being vegan, not work against them. But these people do serve one good purpose: We learn a lot while researching their claims to expose them, it sparks creativity.

      Other than that they’re a toxic usage of time, thought, and energy, to be avoided by all who strive only for personal bliss, and that’s NOT me. Seeing animals rescued from abuse and now happy, that’s my only bliss anymore, aside from loved family & friends (that includes animals!). Bliss-heads are only out for their personal happiness in a fluffy cloud of denial. Those are the “non-militant, cool” vegans, held up as how we all should be to be tolerated, to assist people in their continued denial of what “meat” etc. actually means.

      Thanks for your thoughts, passionate you 🙂

      1. That is very true all the way around Laura. Of course the cowardous side of them always shows through. They claim to want open and honest debate, they accuse vegans of avoiding their inane, repeated questions in order to avoid discussion even though we answered with more intelligent honesty than they ever use in their postings, and the whole while they play the cowards game by whining to moderators and continue flagging the vegans until they are suspended, than as only a true sleazy coward would do, they proclaim, “See we were right and you weren’t. You got suspended for it too, so that proves it.” Sleazy cowards to the end, as always. The depth of their dishonesty and hate knows no bounds, and they can’t handle that some of us aren’t idiotic enough to buy into it. They pretendingly claim to love animals and to fight for the welfare of the animals while still proclaiming in the very next breath that they do the animals a favor by eating them. If it wasn’t so sickening that I cringe in disgust when I see their posted lies I would laugh. To blazes with it, I will laugh at them anyway! LMAO!!! I think they all need mental help. Only someone with a loose screw would behave the way these pitiful imbeciles do.

  3. People who eat animals always point to indians or tribal cultures as if for some reason they “know more than anyone else,” when they clearly flat out don’t. They mean to say that if indians did it, it must be ok, but then we all know how much ignorance there is in the world.

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