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Food? Rather, life much as your own.

Great documentary on the fascinating lives of “dumb birds”…

…who are prison “grown” and slaughtered by the millions for this weird tradition called Thanksgiving. The program is marred as usual by one scene, obviously set up, of a snake eating a chick, but as usual people sadly disappoint. And the man unbelievably, ignorantly states that we shouldn’t mistake wild turkeys for domesticated turkeys that people eat. Therein he very well deserves the treatment he gets from Turkey Boy at the end, and then some, as he’s a betrayer, and the bird knew that. The birds in the film don’t disappoint though, so try to ignore the usual human delusional nonsense. Just click on link to watch:

US President Harry Truman presents un-pardoned turkey.
US President Harry Truman presents un-pardoned turkey around 1950.

4 thoughts on “Food? Rather, life much as your own.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Laura. I had a nice one. I baked a vegan beef wellington, stuffed vegan turkey roast, made green been casserole, party potato salad, pumpkin Pie, Vegan Whipped Topping, and Banana Pudding. I am exhausted and stuffed. Best of all, no animal got murdered for my feast.

    1. Thanks for that 🙂 You’re a few hours later than us, I believe, so I’m not stuffed yet, but we’re gonna have lentil soup, sweet potatoes, veggies, fruit, nuts, good bread, and nice company of goofy dogs and a cat…who could ask for more? Sound like you, great vegan chef, whipped up quite the pig-out feast, lol. I so wish for happiness and peace and security for all of life, except for those who ruin it for others, I just wish them GONE.

  2. We had my special vegan pumpkin pie and for the main course some vegan meatless and mashed potatoes and dressing with dried fruit and nuts and it was ever so good.

    1. Simple, carcass-free foods are the best, so much more appreciated when no longer under the influence of animal products.
      Just a side-note about the guy in the documentary being savagely attacked 🙂 by the turkey at the end…it was after he’d abandoned them for awhile to be with people and probably had eaten turkey, if so the smell was on him, and he had a horrible attitude about “domestic food-grade turkeys,” as if they’re to blame for what people have done to them. Animals are smarter than we think, senses much more acute, even when they appear “birdbrained” to people.

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