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Ah, the unparalleled joys of vegan “supremacy”

A young man (Brad) calmly walks a dog down a tree-lined street, is stopped by a woman carrying a bag of food, following dialogue ensues:


Woman: Nice dog, what kind is it?

Brad: She’s a mixed breed, rescued from the dog meat trade in Vietnam.

W: Oh, but don’t we have plenty of dogs in our country that need homes?

B: I specifically wanted to save one from the dog meat trade.

W: But why? You think people should go hungry or lose their business because you love dogs?

B: Oh, so you don’t love dogs? Why all the pretense when you walked up then?

W: Of course I love dogs, but some are pets and some aren’t.

B: Your sort of thinking is absolutely disgusting.

W: Well, that was cruel, where’s your compassion?

B: It’s reserved for where it’s deserved, not for heartless sadistic people.

W: Oh, you think you’re better than me! How dare you call me heartless and sadistic?

B: But everything out of your mouth says you think you’re better than me. And how dare I?…By observing your behavior and words.

W: This is why people hate you type, so self-righteous and preachy!

B: Look, you came up to me and started this, I was minding my own business.


W: Well, if you eat cows and pigs, how can you say it’s wrong for other cultures to eat dogs?

B: I’m vegan, I don’t eat anyone’s carcass or their milk or eggs.

W: Oh, a VEEGUN, hah! But we’re omnivores, meat’s part of a healthy diet.

B: Omnivores can all be vegan, and have healthier diets.

W: Says you; I tried it once, for a week, and almost died, what a terrible diet!

B: Oh did you now? What did you eat?

W: I ate all the vegan crap, the fake hot dogs, the granola bars, you know, what you all eat; ended up in the hospital on life support, doc told me to stop that crazy diet. So I did…saved my life!

B: Hmm, death by fake hot dogs and granola bars, which I rarely eat. But hey, maybe they can use those in warfare to kill off enemies? Hahaha.

W: You laugh at my almost dying, that shows why everyone hates vegans!

B: You’re the only person I’ve run into in a long time who’s expressed hate for me. And sorry but I don’t believe your story.

W: Now you’re calling me a LIAR!?!

B: Turnabout’s fair play, after all you’ve called me by implication: irresponsible, cruel, arrogant, self-righteous, preachy, stupid, despicable.

W: You damn vegans…what about the plants you kill?! And all the field animals killed by crop farmers?

B: And you kill as many or more of all of those, in addition to all the animals brutally killed in slaughter houses who’ve had unspeakably terrible lives.

W: I only eat grass-fed organic meats from humane butchers! Fall-Trees-2

B: “Humane butchers?” And is that why you’re carrying a McD’s bag?

W: Damn you, this is for my husband, and it’s none of your business!

B: Listen, why don’t you step away from me, get out of my face, and go eat your lunch.

W: Fuck you mister! I’m gonna get another burger now all because of you, and with bacon and cheese on it!

B: Knock yourself out, lady.

Brad continues on his way with happy dog strutting beside him, tail up and slightly wagging, while fuming woman storms back to Mickey-D’s for another burger, which she will eat miserably in feigned triumph, but it will feel for a long while like a lead mass in her stomach.

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Interesting Facts About 10 Awesome Foods

banana slices
White liquid in glass? Coconut milk 🙂

1) Bananas…

…are actually berries of an herb. They contain the amino acid tryptophan which produces serotonin, which alleviates mental depression. Bananas regulate blood sugar, strengthen immunity. They contain vitamin B6 and a bit of iron. Their high potassium content lowers blood pressure, protects heart/arterial health. The commercial Cavendish banana is a cloned crop, susceptible to being wiped out.

banana trees


2) Cherries…

…belong to the rose family and are mainly grown in Turkey and the USA. Red cherries contain melatonin which fights against toxins and regulates the rhythmic patterns of the body. They also have high levels of antioxidants which benefits our bodies. Tart cherries relieve pain, are anti-inflammatory, effective in treating gout.

cherry-treecherry tree closeup

broccoli roasted

3) Broccoli…

…(a cabbage) isn’t only good because of its greenness and its vitamin K, but also for lots of vitamins A and C, and for its containing both soluble and insoluble fiber. California grows 90% of the broccoli consumed in the USA, but China produces much more, as it’s a main staple of the diet in China.

broccoli picked broccoli extreme close

carrots from ground

4) Carrots…

…contain lots of beta-carotene and fiber; our bodies turn beta-carotene into vitamin A. Beta carotene is important for eyesight, skin, bones, teeth, and normal growth. Carrots also have vitamins C and B6, potassium, folate, calcium and magnesium. Carrots are primarily grown in the USA state of Washington.

Carrots grilled

eggplant basket

5) Eggplant…

…is in the nightshade family with the tomato and potato, not to be confused with deadly nightshade or belladonna. It’s 93% water, but has lots of fiber and traces of many vitamins & minerals, and benefits heart health. The phenolic content in its dark skin makes it a top 10 anti-oxidant (anti-cancer) vegetable.

eggplant grilledeggplant on tree closeup

tomatoes cluster

6) Tomatoes…

…are a fruit, classified by the government as vegetable for taxation. Tomatoes are great for heart health. They have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They help with blood sugar, and are alkaline, so they counteract “acidosis.” They have vitamin C, lycopene, beta-carotene (vit. A). China and the USA (mainly Florida) are major tomato growers. Tomato leaves are toxic, but tomatoes not.

tomato bushestomatoes sliced

almonds closeup

7) Almonds…

…(a stone fruit, peach family) are a rare alkaline-forming protein, improving bone health, immune function, energy, and body weight. They’re great for arterial and heart health. They regulate blood sugar & insulin. Their calcium builds strong bones & teeth; riboflavin & L-carnitine boost brain health. Most almonds are grown (unfortunately pasteurized or irradiated) in the USA.

almonds in shell almond tree

avocado halves

8) Avocados…

…are a highly nutritive fruit containing vitamins E, K, C, B6, etc., as well as fiber, potassium, and good (anti-inflammatory) fat. They only ripen once off the tree; the tree preserves them. They’re picked by hand using a pole with a clipper and pouch. The Hass avocado tree was discovered in the backyard of a mailman named Rudolph Hass in La Habra Heights, California in the 1930s.

avocado tree avocado sliced


9) Strawberries…

…(rose family) preferably should be organic as they’re absorbent. They have vitamins C, B6, K, fiber, folic acid, potassium; also high in nitrite which increases blood & oxygen flow to muscles. California produces about 80% of strawberries in the USA. Rinsing them speeds up spoiling, so rinse when ready to eat. Not a true berry but in their own class, as berries have seeds on the inside, not outside.

Strawberry farm Chiangmai ThailandStrawberries


10) Figs…

…are among the world’s healthiest and most delicious of foods. California grows most of the USA’s figs. By volume figs have the same calcium content as milk, but fig calcium is better absorbed. Fig trees have no flowers because the tiny blossoms are inside the fruit, producing those crunchy seeds. Figs’ impressive amounts of fiber and potassium also benefit our health.

fig-tree figs-growing-on-the-tree

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TO GRAIN OR NOT TO GRAIN, that is the question

Update 1/6/2015: New study just out, more proof grains are beneficial:

Four_women_selling_food-grains,_vegetables_and_fruitHah, I’ll grain, thank you.

Those Wheat Belly and Grain Brain people can keep all those expensive products they hawk on their sites. I’ll keep on eating whole grains and legumes. Yes, some alarmists even demonize legumes (beans, lentils, peanuts, peas), what a surprise, with legumes packed with protein and all sorts of stuff we need on non-animal or vegan diets.

Linked below is a good deal of credible evidence refuting the war-on-grains fad of late where grains, a great source of needed nutrients for those of us on non-animal diets, are demonized as nothing short of debilitating or even deadly, which is a clever and effective ploy that benefits whom? Could it be…let’s see…hmmm… could it possibly be those who sell meat, dairy and eggs, a.k.a. Animal Agriculture? Whom, ironically, are prime catalysts and consumers of cheap GMO grain products for animal feed?

By golly, what a coincidence!

This all comes as a backlash against more people becoming interested in vegan lifestyles and reducing their use of animal products, increasing the whole grains…which must be stopped! According to those benefitting from animal exploitation, abuse and killing anyways. How to stop this dangerous shift leading to slumping profits? Trumped up, shoddily sourced, emotion grain_brain_damage_glutendriven: FEAR. And all sorts of gullible people willing to jump on the bandwagon and provide free advertising for meat, eggs, cheese, and butter…the good old Atkins and paleo, ketosis crowd. And to that crowd, grains are downright evil. What with their containing all those B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, iron, vitamin K, selenium, fiber, protein, zinc… i.e., grains are great replacements for animal products.

Of course, I don’t advise anyone with known allergies or intolerance for any foods to eat them, but barring any of those problems, grains are awesome food, so please…

Step away from fear mongers with pricey stuff to sell…

And return to common sense and objective information sources. The first link below is for those who really want to get into this in great detail.

Update 12/14/14: I deleted the previously linked detailed study because of far too many mentions of animal studies, but it’s hard to find any detailed paper that doesn’t at least mention one, as animal researchers always have their hand in the pie. But human studies are what apply to us, we are not rats, so please ignore the one rat study cited in the following detailed study of whole grains and legumes. Ugh, what is wrong with people to keep on with that cruel sham of “lab animal” studies?

Anyhow, the “fermentation” mentioned throughout the following article refers to what happens to ingested grains in the human (not rat) digestive system. And note that extensive milling (flour) and cooking negate the health benefits of grains and legumes, so it’s best to eat them whole, sprouted, raw when possible, or more gently or minimally cooked, to get their full benefit:

And here’s a more concise article on whole grains that thankfully only refers to human studies:

Then for some opinion-based evidence, but from an MD, Dr. McDougall: Yes, Forks Over Knives sells the book, etc., but it’s all full of needed info for new vegans, and it promotes a kinder and healthier world so the profits support a good cause. As opposed to promoting animal abuse and slaughter. Same for the following collection of info sources on the benefits of whole grains; no one’s required to buy anything but you can still get plenty of information:

Simple but significant grains of truthRice_Grains

If we listen intently to all of the conflicting food alarmists out there, not only will we lose our minds, but there will literally be nothing left to eat. So we may as well all starve to death and put an end to all the confusion and worry? No, just take good care of yourself and enjoy all those good non-animal foods, leaving out anything that doesn’t do you good or that makes you sick.

Nature provides for us a wonderful variety of fruits, veggies, beans, grains, nuts, and seeds, for a reason, so let’s be grateful and take care of the Earth, not abuse it. GMO, toxic chemicals, etc., are abuse. Animal farming is another extreme abuse of life and the Earth and largely increases those other abuses due to all the crops grown cheaply and expediently for “food animals.”

We need to change this. And fad diet hucksters with questionable motives and promoting animal cruelty are not those to look to for these needed changes.