TO GRAIN OR NOT TO GRAIN, that is the question

Update 1/6/2015: New study just out, more proof grains are beneficial:

Four_women_selling_food-grains,_vegetables_and_fruitHah, I’ll grain, thank you.

Those Wheat Belly and Grain Brain people can keep all those expensive products they hawk on their sites. I’ll keep on eating whole grains and legumes. Yes, some alarmists even demonize legumes (beans, lentils, peanuts, peas), what a surprise, with legumes packed with protein and all sorts of stuff we need on non-animal or vegan diets.

Linked below is a good deal of credible evidence refuting the war-on-grains fad of late where grains, a great source of needed nutrients for those of us on non-animal diets, are demonized as nothing short of debilitating or even deadly, which is a clever and effective ploy that benefits whom? Could it be…let’s see…hmmm… could it possibly be those who sell meat, dairy and eggs, a.k.a. Animal Agriculture? Whom, ironically, are prime catalysts and consumers of cheap GMO grain products for animal feed?

By golly, what a coincidence!

This all comes as a backlash against more people becoming interested in vegan lifestyles and reducing their use of animal products, increasing the whole grains…which must be stopped! According to those benefitting from animal exploitation, abuse and killing anyways. How to stop this dangerous shift leading to slumping profits? Trumped up, shoddily sourced, emotion grain_brain_damage_glutendriven: FEAR. And all sorts of gullible people willing to jump on the bandwagon and provide free advertising for meat, eggs, cheese, and butter…the good old Atkins and paleo, ketosis crowd. And to that crowd, grains are downright evil. What with their containing all those B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, iron, vitamin K, selenium, fiber, protein, zinc… i.e., grains are great replacements for animal products.

Of course, I don’t advise anyone with known allergies or intolerance for any foods to eat them, but barring any of those problems, grains are awesome food, so please…

Step away from fear mongers with pricey stuff to sell…

And return to common sense and objective information sources. The first link below is for those who really want to get into this in great detail.

Update 12/14/14: I deleted the previously linked detailed study because of far too many mentions of animal studies, but it’s hard to find any detailed paper that doesn’t at least mention one, as animal researchers always have their hand in the pie. But human studies are what apply to us, we are not rats, so please ignore the one rat study cited in the following detailed study of whole grains and legumes. Ugh, what is wrong with people to keep on with that cruel sham of “lab animal” studies?

Anyhow, the “fermentation” mentioned throughout the following article refers to what happens to ingested grains in the human (not rat) digestive system. And note that extensive milling (flour) and cooking negate the health benefits of grains and legumes, so it’s best to eat them whole, sprouted, raw when possible, or more gently or minimally cooked, to get their full benefit:

And here’s a more concise article on whole grains that thankfully only refers to human studies:

Then for some opinion-based evidence, but from an MD, Dr. McDougall: Yes, Forks Over Knives sells the book, etc., but it’s all full of needed info for new vegans, and it promotes a kinder and healthier world so the profits support a good cause. As opposed to promoting animal abuse and slaughter. Same for the following collection of info sources on the benefits of whole grains; no one’s required to buy anything but you can still get plenty of information:

Simple but significant grains of truthRice_Grains

If we listen intently to all of the conflicting food alarmists out there, not only will we lose our minds, but there will literally be nothing left to eat. So we may as well all starve to death and put an end to all the confusion and worry? No, just take good care of yourself and enjoy all those good non-animal foods, leaving out anything that doesn’t do you good or that makes you sick.

Nature provides for us a wonderful variety of fruits, veggies, beans, grains, nuts, and seeds, for a reason, so let’s be grateful and take care of the Earth, not abuse it. GMO, toxic chemicals, etc., are abuse. Animal farming is another extreme abuse of life and the Earth and largely increases those other abuses due to all the crops grown cheaply and expediently for “food animals.”

We need to change this. And fad diet hucksters with questionable motives and promoting animal cruelty are not those to look to for these needed changes.

2 thoughts on “TO GRAIN OR NOT TO GRAIN, that is the question

  1. It gets frustrating trying to figure out what to eat nowadays esp when trying to deal with metabolic syndrome and its horrible symptoms such as sme symptoms as hypoglycemia i am starting to reevaluate carbs again as lower carb diet (not high meat) has not addresses my hyperinsulemia

    • @Roberta: Cinnamon, high fiber and exercise seem to be the most recommended things for hyperinsulinemia, in addition to reducing starchy foods like potatoes & flour, and increasing intake of whole-grains, legumes & green vegetables, including organic non-gmo soy. Metabolic syndrome is said to be pre-diabetes and increases the risk for colon cancer, so I hope you get that under control as naturally and soon as possible. Also, it’s been found that vegans typically have lower IGF-1 and higher IGFBP-1 & 2 than omnivores, which can be a good thing, important to consider with metabolic syndrome and for preventing cancer, as you probably know. Although low IGF-1 is said to possibly increase risk for stroke unless we’re careful to limit the salt intake and eat right. However, despite that “scary” news, vegans have the same stroke incidence as everyone else; it’s one area where we don’t have better results. Here are 2 good articles related to IGF-1 and your particular condition:
      Thanks for the comment, and for what I learned by looking into your problem.

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