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Ah, the unparalleled joys of vegan “supremacy”

A young man (Brad) calmly walks a dog down a tree-lined street, is stopped by a woman carrying a bag of food, following dialogue ensues:


Woman: Nice dog, what kind is it?

Brad: She’s a mixed breed, rescued from the dog meat trade in Vietnam.

W: Oh, but don’t we have plenty of dogs in our country that need homes?

B: I specifically wanted to save one from the dog meat trade.

W: But why? You think people should go hungry or lose their business because you love dogs?

B: Oh, so you don’t love dogs? Why all the pretense when you walked up then?

W: Of course I love dogs, but some are pets and some aren’t.

B: Your sort of thinking is absolutely disgusting.

W: Well, that was cruel, where’s your compassion?

B: It’s reserved for where it’s deserved, not for heartless sadistic people.

W: Oh, you think you’re better than me! How dare you call me heartless and sadistic?

B: But everything out of your mouth says you think you’re better than me. And how dare I?…By observing your behavior and words.

W: This is why people hate you type, so self-righteous and preachy!

B: Look, you came up to me and started this, I was minding my own business.


W: Well, if you eat cows and pigs, how can you say it’s wrong for other cultures to eat dogs?

B: I’m vegan, I don’t eat anyone’s carcass or their milk or eggs.

W: Oh, a VEEGUN, hah! But we’re omnivores, meat’s part of a healthy diet.

B: Omnivores can all be vegan, and have healthier diets.

W: Says you; I tried it once, for a week, and almost died, what a terrible diet!

B: Oh did you now? What did you eat?

W: I ate all the vegan crap, the fake hot dogs, the granola bars, you know, what you all eat; ended up in the hospital on life support, doc told me to stop that crazy diet. So I did…saved my life!

B: Hmm, death by fake hot dogs and granola bars, which I rarely eat. But hey, maybe they can use those in warfare to kill off enemies? Hahaha.

W: You laugh at my almost dying, that shows why everyone hates vegans!

B: You’re the only person I’ve run into in a long time who’s expressed hate for me. And sorry but I don’t believe your story.

W: Now you’re calling me a LIAR!?!

B: Turnabout’s fair play, after all you’ve called me by implication: irresponsible, cruel, arrogant, self-righteous, preachy, stupid, despicable.

W: You damn vegans…what about the plants you kill?! And all the field animals killed by crop farmers?

B: And you kill as many or more of all of those, in addition to all the animals brutally killed in slaughter houses who’ve had unspeakably terrible lives.

W: I only eat grass-fed organic meats from humane butchers! Fall-Trees-2

B: “Humane butchers?” And is that why you’re carrying a McD’s bag?

W: Damn you, this is for my husband, and it’s none of your business!

B: Listen, why don’t you step away from me, get out of my face, and go eat your lunch.

W: Fuck you mister! I’m gonna get another burger now all because of you, and with bacon and cheese on it!

B: Knock yourself out, lady.

Brad continues on his way with happy dog strutting beside him, tail up and slightly wagging, while fuming woman storms back to Mickey-D’s for another burger, which she will eat miserably in feigned triumph, but it will feel for a long while like a lead mass in her stomach.


6 thoughts on “Ah, the unparalleled joys of vegan “supremacy”

  1. That reminds me of the trash on that web site I no longer go to. They are just as ignorant, say the same incredibly stupid shit, and think they make sense also, even though they sound like raving idiots comparing stories, and adopting each others laughable lies as being factual experiences that they pretend to have experienced. They also lie like crazy and pretend to have tried being vegan and to have nearly died over it. I am sure you know the dumb asses I mean. The childish sets. I am only pointing out this reminds me of them. Sickening, isn’t it?

    1. You got that right, Chazz; as unpleasant as it is to do so, when you delve into their stories in detail, they usually fall apart. For instance, one rather “famous” one claimed she was unable to absorb B12 while vegan for many years, but suddenly was cured of her B12 deficiency when on a meat diet again, but being prescribed B12 supplement by her doctor and taking it. So suddenly she was able to absorb it? She obviously was lying about the whole thing, or hadn’t taken any B12 in all the years she was vegan. So the meat back in her diet was not the answer…all she needed was the B12 supplement. People desperately grasp for excuses to do what they, deep down, realize is terribly wrong, to fit in with the majority. Once we face the truth full-on, however, there’s no going back to that “fitting in,” and some day that majority will be the minority.

      1. I absolutely believe that one woman’s B12 story to be a complete lie. There were several there who claimed to have been vegans at one time, only to find the diet was harming them. I have talked to doctors at length who said bluntly that the stories had to be nothing more than made up. One even pointed out to me that no person being given B12 shots and supplements would suffer an inability to absorb the B12 since the shots do not involve absorption of the vitamin via the colon. She also pointed out that if the B12 shots were that ineffective it would not have made any difference if this person was vegan or omnivorous.

        Than there is that one lying hag’s claim that she wasn’t able to utilize the natural iron in veggies because it wasn’t hemi iron. Laughable lie for real. For persons with normal iron metabolism only 20 to 25 percent of the heme iron consumed is actually absorbed. I point out that only 50 to 65 percent of the iron in meat is Heme Iron. The rest is Non-Heme Iron and is the exact same iron that if found in veggies. Too much heme iron in the diet can increase the risk of disease for some people with abnormal iron metabolism such as hemochromatosis. At most a young woman needs 18 milligrams of iron a day, and as she ages it decreases to only 8 milligrams of iron a day. As long as she is getting needed vitamin C (vegetable and fruit based vitamin) her body should utilize the iron easily regardless of whether it is Heme or Non-Heme Iron. Even there her story proved incredibly inaccurate.. Let’s speak bluntly. The sleazy old hag lied her nasty, sagging, fat, ugly back side off. No surprise. I had one of my friends challenge them to meet me on Facebook and face off on the subjects with me. They never showed up. The cowards knew I would mop the floor with their lying skank mouths. That is the thing about that type, they want to get a person and face them on a site where they can easily push to get the person suspended so that they can try to spite them, and so that they won’t have to face someone challenging their lies, and letting them know it. They gang up on members there, but they refuse to face some one on equal grounds because they are cowards who would only lose. I have no problems with ripping them up one side and down the other though. Trash such as them deserves no less.

        1. Needless to say, I agree, and my goodness you don’t mince words 🙂 You know, I’ve so thoroughly lost interest in discussions on that site which I don’t want to plug that I don’t even know if my suspension is over yet, lol. It would be like revisiting a puddle of old and especially nasty vomit to look back in there. But hey, maybe I will again someday 😉 …Wait till you see my next article, almost complete, on another of their favorite scare tactics against veganism: The seemingly impossible confusion surrounding IGF-1.

          1. Loving it. You would love what i have done on FB… I am discussing facts in a major way, without all that negative lying mud slinging that the other cursed site is so notorious for. In fact I am gaining quite a following there. I also opened a group there about vegan food, and recipes and have been helping others go vegan and give up their animal eating days. Those are things that never happened on that cursed site. My buddy Chris has decided to give it a go even. He said he was dubious up until he was on that other site and got to face the same trash that you and I hate so bad. He said that they were sickening enough to make even a saint want to hurt some one. Anyway, I am not sure he will stay with it, but at least he is testing the waters and giving it a go. I am proud he is at least doing that. You are right though, I don’t mince words. Especially not when discussing scum. LMAO!

            1. I visited your facebook page in that limited way we who don’t have facebook have to deal with, and caught the photo of that magnificent Spanish taco pizza, and wow, you have to be an amazing chef, my friend…I wish you weren’t practically on the other side of the country and that I could eat at your house regularly, lol. I couldn’t get into much else there without being prompted to join and sign in…ugh, FB is annoying in that way. But you’re doing good things, Chazz, which is only what should be expected of us all as human beings. I so hope everyone else wakes up to the reality of animals’ experiences due to us. Vegan humanity…wow, what a beautiful dream-come-true that would be.

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