Vaccines, Murderous Sociopaths, and Putting Animals First

Three things of note I’ll briefly share here, and it turns out they’re a bit related to each other…


1358163876168.cached1Linked here is an article outlining the failures and dangers of vaccines (in this case the flu) and exposing the religious sort of fervor defending them. Please be sure to watch the 16-minute video as well, which clarifies things even further:

One thing you can be sure of: When expert socialist engineers want to actually force something on you, that thing is more than likely terrible for you, yet will benefit those experts significantly.

Murderous Sociopaths

police-tape_1876975bWell, this is interesting, the following link shows what happens when we allow narcissists/sociopaths free rein in our lives and our world, which is the norm actually. All slaughterhouse workers, vivisectors, etc., are this type, and so are many police, politicians, lawyers, doctors, and others in “power” fields, so people need to reconsider their trust in them. Often, according to the power-hungry, life is theirs for the taking. Notably here, beware of people online who attempt to get into your head and manipulate you in the way this sadistic 18-year-old did to a 14-year-old boy, and monitor, educate and protect your children:

Some people’s intent in being “social” online can be to depress others to the point of suicide. It can be interesting watching them work at it so cleverly. But it’s best, of course, to not engage with them.

Putting Animals First

Putting animals first


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