A thing that should never have happened

No words even come close to dealing with this case, so here it is:

First, a tribute to all those who meet such unjust and horrifying ends:

All dogs go to Heaven TheReapersApprentice DeviantArt

All Dogs go to Heaven by TheReapersApprentice on DeviantArt.com

The articles:



The tribute video:

The petitions:



Just one more thing to say: Don’t trust certain others with your animals or your children or anyone helpless…yes, be obsessed and “overprotective.” The vacuous evil is visible in that coward’s eyes.


2 thoughts on “A thing that should never have happened

  1. This is so horrible and sickening. I hope at least this vile scum gets the maximum penalty allowed by the law. I think sadism is in human nature , I don’t know why its there. Its never discussed or researched and a term only applied to serial killers and those who commit heinous crimes. And such people we regard as far removed from normal human behaviour. We deny it on the false assumption that humans are not only the pinnacle of creation and a superior species but also ( ludicrously) that we are inherently good.We don’t have to look too far to see this evil , depraved behaviour expressing itself over and over in the hellish nightmare world that the majority of animals endure at the hands of humans at every second of the day. I wonder if his girlfriend noticed that he was not quite right. I wonder what kind of mother he has. I wonder what planet I’m on? I see so much stuff and I think this cant be real. But it is and its like a horror movie that never ends.
    RIP beautiful innocent dog.

    • Hi Eva; I’m not sure but it looks like the tribute video contains some pictures of the torture/killer hugging Draco the dog, perhaps the girl’s way of explaining how she could be so fooled by the “boyfriend.” But that could be someone else.
      I too believe sadism is in human nature, but certainly not in every one of us to any large degree. Possibly a majority are capable of abusing the helpless though, with a very small percentage (the most deranged) actually doing such acts, while the rest sit by condoning what’s done under the label of “legality.” So the “recreational” abusers are to understand the difference when theirs is called illegal? And it’s so stupid and self-destructive for people to pretend these are non-issues, as thereby they’re doing nothing to create a better world for their children or for themselves either in this life or in some future incarnation. In all that “wisdom” implied in the title “human,” people seem to bend over backwards regularly to show complete lack of wisdom.
      Thanks for your comment, understood and much appreciated.

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