The Birth of Abandonment

Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk, said:

baby2“Our time in our mothers’ wombs was a wonderful time. We did not have to worry about food or drink. We were protected from heat and cold. We didn’t have to do homework or housework. Protected in our mothers’ wombs, we felt quite safe. We didn’t have to worry about anything at all. No worry is wonderful. I believe many of us still remember that time spent in our mothers’ wombs. Many people have the impression that they were once in a safe and wonderful paradise and now they have lost that paradise. We think somewhere out there is a beautiful place without worry or fear, and we long to get back there. Paradise was inside of our mothers.”

It’s the birthing that’s the problem…

baby-elephant Circus_baby_elephant_training9125587694_03c9e066b6_b ready to be born dog in womb RPregnant_female_dog_bitch_mongrel_Jan_2008_Shot_in_Jalandhar_Punjab_India_by_gopal1035_017 3128712766_ddd5137876_z 3178940462_d6e0a3fb83_z

…The being expelled, first from our heavenly, true home and into the new womb leading to earthly existence, to abandonment, to almost 100% guaranteed suffering during life, and the agony of physical death. Including the agony death brings to loved ones.

Death of Minnehaha

Death of Minnehaha

Our time on Earth may reveal our true individual nature, as a way to expel the poison (evil) from our creator (source of being), but it seems to have failed and instead we are now like a stuck record, forever repeating, compounding the mistakes…the evil…with no end in sight.stock-footage-human-baby-moves-gently-inside-a-mother-s-womb

Tricked and trapped by deceptive entities intent on continuing all of this, since they’re entertained by it…they are evil…and have no interest in their own demise. Continual births, rebirths, on we go for millions of years, trillions upon trillions of lives and deaths.

But who would knowingly choose to be born randomly into this place, into any of the terrible realms of possibility we can imagine?


The White Slave statue – child sold for “sex”

Graffiti_StripperIt’s time to stop being tricked, being tricks, mindless slaves to that extreme carnal pleasure which continually multiplies suffering and death.

Time to face the truth about what we call life. Stop the foolish celebrations of human arrogance. Quietly celebrate only love and kindness. Stop being cruel to the innocent or the benign. And the original cruelty is to bring them into being on Earth, since we’re all on our own here…abandoned…despite all that possible company, those family members, those “friends” whose true colors may well, in time, sicken us.Near-Death-Experience_Illustration

Back to the cosmic womb, the real one…safe in bliss for eternity. No more of this goddamned shit.DOCTOR_ATTENDS_PATIENT_SUFFERING_FROM_RED_LUNG,_ACQUIRED_IN_THE_IRON_MINES._(FROM_THE_DOCUMERICA-1_EXHIBITION._FOR..._-_NARA_-_553035

Of course, serve your full term here as long as you possibly can, while fighting against evil to the best of your abilities. It’s at least a way to pave the way to a better future for us all should we have no choice other than rebirth again after death.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERABut do your utmost to avoid again entering some seemingly safe and comforting womb that will deliver you back here, again. This place holds such beauty and intense pleasure (like the orgasm), but that comes along with the extreme and unfathomable opposite. It is not a proper place for us and all of those wonderful animals.

That’s the important part…to somehow get this message to the animals…

Perhaps by making ourself more whole again by reuniting in a far more pure way at our source, we can gain some real power over existence, some real and effective knowledge and communication, especially with non-human animals. And the evil and sadistic parts of our “oneness” can then be separated and cast out from the rest of consciousness, forever. Which I believe was the original goal, before it was thwarted.

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel, but we have been deceived.


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