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Dog makes mysterious trek to hospital to find her loved woman

See in-depth article with video here:


That may seem a trivial or doubtful story to some, but it’s not…I’ve witnessed this amazing extra sensitivity dogs possess.

Just one example:


I was meeting my brother to go for a hike recently and was on foot across the street waiting for him while he parked in the lot across the street. My dog Lily had no way of knowing he was meeting us, as I’ve never met up with him this same way before, and never at this location, and certainly NOT with Lily. So there was no reason for her to recognize his rather nondescript car among many others…yet she did. And she hadn’t even seen his car for well over a year. And I’d said not one word; in fact I believe it was Lily who alerted me that he was arriving. So, well before he’d parked and gotten out of his car, Lily was all excited and prancing about, looking directly into his closed window, right at him. She undoubtedly knew it was him and that she was going to see him and his dog. How they know these things? It’s a mystery. Even if she was reading my thoughts if we both spotted him at the same time…that alone is amazing. And who hasn’t witnessed a dog who knows well before a loved one arrives home that they’re on their way, and the dog is anxiously waiting at the door? And that is regardless of time of day or schedule.

Dogs are awesome, far more in tune and sensitive than we want to recognize, so people’s abuse of them, and all animals, is absolutely wrong, as animal activists already know too well. We have simply got to eradicate our animal abuse…all of it. It’s not a silly or trivial matter. There’s a real reason people like me are seemingly crazy and obsessed with this issue.

Gestcrate01That terrible disconnect

Interestingly, Iowa, where this happened, is the hub of pig farming in the US, and pigs are just as lovable and perhaps “smarter” than dogs.

Mini schnauzer pup
Mini schnauzer pup

That dog’s family (as well as all of us) needs to be more worthy of such loyalty: First, they BOUGHT her as a puppy, and she was probably born in a puppy mill to horribly abused parents; then she’s not watched carefully and ends up out on the streets alone during this stressful time. However, to the family’s credit, Sissy did have her ID tag with contact info.

People have got to wake up and end the habit of dismissing animals as if they’re next to nothing, to be bought and sold, used, slaughtered, or discarded as trash. They’re actually far better than people much of the time, despite their lack of certain human knowledge. They have their own, extra special knowledge. And dogs’ undying love for us is something to learn a great deal from.dog_quote iBlackEagle


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