My Dorky But Shameless Cereal Obsession

StoneCrockeryBowlIt’s quite the particular food habit. A regular craving. Crazy and complicated. But provides much of our needed vitamins and minerals for the day, especially calcium, as well as protein and iron. It’s comparatively low in sugar, low in fat, high in fiber, low in calories, and fairly cheap. Yet healthy as heck. And just as tasty. It’s filling and seems to keep me from craving sweets, satisfies that cookie monster. It’s my daily cereal concoction, prepared the same way (with few variations) since I went strictly vegan in May 2009. This is breakfast 99% of the time. Sure, a bowl of cereal for breakfast isn’t the stuff of fascinating (or even slightly interesting) reading. But I’ll do it anyways, for those few who might find it…err…whatever.

So here goes…the ingredients…

3/4 cup each of 3 varieties of whole-grain cereal (yes, it’s a BIG bowl…2+ cups or 3+ oz. …of cereal):

Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus Multibran Flakes (which is kept in the fridge because it contains flax)Natures-Path-Organic-Flax-Plus-Cereal-Multibran-058449770503

Arrowhead Mills Organic Puffed Kamut CerealARW-47434-5

Kashi GoLean Crisp Cinnamon Crumble555_PackShot

1 tablespoon flaxseed meal (kept frozen) or chia seeds for some omega 3 fat (unless you use flax milk…see below)


Mix it all up and marvel at your awesome skills. Then things get weirder…

The dark chocolaty “milk” concoction:

12 oz. unsweetened soy, flax, cashew, or coconut milk (A.k.a. V-milk. If you use flax milk you can omit the chia or flaxseeds above. Also, I avoid using almond milk on cereal…don’t like it for that.)soy_hg_unsweet_ip

1 teaspoon instant coffee (decaf if you like, I don’t mind caffeine)12-4-instant-coffee-robusta

1 rounded tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powdercocoa-powder

1 tablespoon (or a bit more) blackstrap molasses (depending how sweet you want it)WHS-60000-0

Add a bit of Stevia if you want more sweetness.

Extra vitamins & minerals:

I put a bit of crushed vitamin pills in too, depending on need: vitamin B12 a couple times a week, a bit of zinc every other day or so, vitamin D3 (vegan from lichen) every other day or more often if I’m getting no sunshine. Most vegan “milks” already contain added B12, etc., so check labels and shake those containers well.

imgresWhat’s next in this rigorous ordeal, you ask?

You next need to make a paste with the dry ingredients, the molasses and a bit of V-milk; make it smooth (plastic tumbler is preferred, metal spoon mixing on glass isn’t a good idea), then add the rest of the V-milk and mix well. Then pour onto your gigantic bowl of cereal, look askance at the big brown mess in there, then scarf it down, preferably with a big, shovel-like spoon. Yum! I can stay away from unhealthy pie, donuts, etc., all day after having this.V8

I always have 8 oz. of low-sodium vegetable juice with this breakfast, to keep the sugar level down and for the vitamin C that’s added, the vitamin A, etc., and just because I like it. And it’s only 50 calories.

This breakfast has a total of 500 calories yet gives me a great start for the day. GreenSaladRaw foodies would likely sneer disdainfully at the whole thing, as there’s almost nothing raw there; but I make up for it later on with lots of fruit including a smoothie, sometimes big green leafy salads for dinner, etc.

More boring details: I usually crave peanut butter, fruit and iced coffee (Stevia sweetened) soon after breakfast, so I have ’em…today’s fruit is tangerines. So that makes the whole deal “brunch” perhaps, and brings the total calories to 750…

While a typical breakfast alone of pancakes drenched in butter & syrup, eggs, bacon, and orange juice contains about 1200 calories, a whole lot more sugar, bad carbs, salt, and fat, and far less good nutrition. And always left me hungry even though I’d just pigged out, from what I remember. I believe that hunger was for something my body could actually thrive on.

[Yeah, I’m somewhat retired so have lots of spare time on my hands, but it’s nice.]

So, anyone have any thoughts or want to share your own favorite VEGAN breakfast?Troll detailed

Any fond mention of bacon (etc.) will be furiously deleted and will result in an an evil curse cast upon you, so don’t even think about it!! Yes, I do like to pretend lots of people read my stuff and want to comment, but I’m a dreamer. Hah, reality sucks, so why not dream? Anyhow…

I hope readers will share some favorite vegan breakfasts in comments below, and maybe I’ll try those for a change. Or, anyone who tries this breakfast, let me know how you like it, even if you hate it and want to tell me off in mean, hurtful terms. daf1a56cf509ccf45f10771053e8351aOr as I picture you, just shake your head in bemusement, annoyance and/or boredom and move along to more meaningful things. It’s okay, as long as you’re still at least vegan-friendly 🙂


14 thoughts on “My Dorky But Shameless Cereal Obsession

  1. My breakfast is pretty boring it’s usually a bagel with strawberry jam…YUM or peanut butter… love my peanut butter I could eat straight out of the jar and of course plenty of coffee ~black. I never liked cows milk, soy, almond but I’m willing to try the coconut milk, I like coconut and I do love my chocolate. The Go Lean Crisp with cinnamon one of my favorites I could eat that right out of the box. In the summer its fruit whatever is in season but I particularly like the melons, watermelon, honeydew ,cantaloupe and don’t ask me to clean the strawberries you’ll be lucky you have one left. 😀

    • Hi Nancy. In my opinion, sometimes coconut milk doesn’t go well with cold cereal, but it’s okay. My favorite is soymilk. …Ah, you can never go wrong with fresh fruit, except of course to try to get organic strawberries because they’re so absorbent. We had Hawaiian Luau day in grade-school long ago, and the huge fruit display was so pretty and tasty, so I grew to appreciate fruit then. Some of the really crappy dry tasteless papery stuff produced at times can turn people off fruit, so they need to seek out the good stuff…it’ll turn one around. And yeah, oatmeal is always tasty and comforting, I need to use it more often and take a break from my obsessive attachment to the above occasionally, lol. Another favorite “breakfast” (eaten anytime of day): Scrambled spicy tofu (with nutritional yeast) with hash brown potatoes, sliced tomato, and sprouted toast with a bit of vegan marg. (no palm oil) …And people still wonder how you can possibly eat anything good when vegan? I enjoy food a lot more now than I ever did as omnivore or vegetarian; perhaps why I don’t overeat anywhere near as much as I did back then. The food is tasty and healthy, not just tasty. Yeah, I’m always promoting 😉 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Here’s a special thanks to the likers! I’m always pleasantly surprised when even one person thinks to click on that. Tells me I’m not just talking to myself here, hah.

  3. One piece of whole grain toast and vegan margarine and a chocolate vegan drink-black coffee and I am set for the day! I am a very light eater-won’t eat again until dinner which is light as well-a vegan analogue and rice or pasta and salad or glass of soymilk or just water.

      • @Denderah: Uh oh, you’re probably disgusted by my large amounts of food then. Wow, that’s light eating you do there! Yours seems like a starvation diet, but I’m half Italian so that explains the food-love somewhat. But thankfully I’m no longer obese since I’ve been strict vegan and eating healthy. I could stand to lose 20 lbs; don’t want to be tiny skinny especially at my age. They say women past menopause should have a bit of extra weight to support bone health, and I like them saying that, haha. And you don’t like fruit?? I love fresh, good fruit so much, but especially figs, so you’re okay on that one 😉

        • I am not disgusted by your robust eating. I think it is lovely to love food. My diet does seem starvation mode but I am petite and if you saw me I am not all bones-I actually have some curves. I always wanted to have more curves but could never put on weight. I have heard that a little bit of extra weight is better than none and 20lps is not much over. I have always imagined being a part of a big warm Italian family and everyone is eating pasta and rolls and having wine and wonderful desserts and conversation…But I descend from one of those cold east European countries…we are all kind of quiet, tend to skinny and very plain food. And fruit is an anathema where I come from.

          • Ah, that’s a nice image you have of an Italian family, but my dad’s family were from Southern Italy, Calabria, and they’re a bit different…the family scandals were interesting. And my other half is similar to you but northern Europe (Norway, Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, in that order), so I have those stoic, quiet traits, more so than the Italian ones… Italians often seem loud and pushy to me while they think they’re being loving. The appetite some Italians are known for though, I got that, along with the genetic tendency to gain weight easily. I really thank goodness every day that I went vegan and got that pretty much under control at long last. The animals are most important though. Wow, to think I’d been backsliding for years, convinced there were “humane” dairy and eggs… I deserved all the lard I packed on doing that, as well as the health problems.
            I hope you come to love fruit. I used to dislike it too, preferred candy which was so much more “fun.” I got some “heirloom” oranges pretty cheap at Trader Joe’s last night and…WOW they’re good, like candy, but healthy! And those little “Cutie” tangerines that come in boxes usually? Unbelievably good, at least the ones I got were. Bananas, cherries, watermelon, mangoes, peaches, apricots, so on, when grown right they’re amazingly good. But bad fruit can really turn people off it… it’s why it’s so important for people to keep the soil healthy and use water wisely, not waste anything, and animal agriculture is extremely wasteful and polluting. Anywho, I’ll stifle more preaching and rambling. Thanks for your input Denderah.

            PS: I’ll ask you and anyone else who might be reading here: Are there any topics that have been nagging at you, that you’d like me to dig into and do an article on? Some topic that’s regularly overlooked and neglected which you think is too important for that. Just let me know by replying here.

            • One thing among many that gives me despair is the animal control agencies and their policies. We try to receive help from animal control on the egregious conditions of horses in pipe corrals and dogs on chains and no help from these people except to remove the animal to the kill pound. We have freed a couple of dogs on our own because we knew that calling animal control would probably result in their incarceration and death. Nevada allows for dogs on chains all day everyday of their dreary lives. California has enacted an ordinance against chaining dogs. And as for the horses it is just an outrage that a society even allows such enclosures for a minute. Oh well I better not get started… but animal control agencies are despicable death camps. And the Los Angeles animal pound actually strangles dogs to death. I heard of that and nearly went over the edge.

              • I’d like to do a really effective article on animal control and the horrible crimes they commit, especially in their not going after breeders and puppy mills, which animal control has a vested interest in the continuation of, as dog/cat overpopulation is responsible for their incomes. But nothing I could write here would bring about what we want in that regard. All those beautiful sweet lives snuffed out and discarded like trash, while breeders continue bringing millions more puppies into the world. Something is seriously wrong with our species to have allowed this awful thing to grow to this proportion. We can only hope that more and more people change and that animal breeders come to be known as what they are…and are STOPPED and hugely fined to help pay for the mess they’ve created…all their income is a product of animal exploitation, abuse and killing. There are no words sufficient to condemn dog breeders and those who profit off them: SPCAs and others who are in it for their careers and not for the animals.
                I did a youtube video relating to all this:
                Thanks for that anyhow; and, strangling dogs to death in an L.A. pound? Words cannot even approach dealing with that. I hope they were exposed, prosecuted and stopped. My God…

                • Animal control dog breeders and puppy mills are legal enterprises. Concentrating on eliminating breeders does not get rid of animal control. And it is not in the jurisdiction of animal control to shut down these people -I believe these things can be classified as kennels or something under the law. My disgust is focused on the badged ghouls who operate the death camps. I have not a clue how to stop them. Here there is an animal foundation to establish a no kill shelter. But so far this so called no kill thing has taken years to get going. They have not saved one cat or dog from the executioner and they keep having fund raisers-ridiculous things like eating at restaurants a variety of meat specialty dishes and have people pay into the foundation. Again that meat eating scenario all for the rights of animals. I guess I am just a sourpuss but I am sick of it. Call me a misanthrope. As for the L.A. pound again the killing is within the law-they want to save on the expensive injection chemicals so there was this burly brute of a man doing the evil deed. The dogs have a rope necklace when they are admitted to pound. If they are not adopted they are taken to a room and put on a table and their mouths are duct taped shut. The brute can strangle the dog by grabbing the neck rope. Assistants stand around the table and hold the dogs legs so it cannot resist. Sickening isn’t it?

                  • I go to Los Angeles for the world art at the LACMA and little did I ever know until recently that while I was sipping my soymilk latte on the verandah and filling my inner being with Picasso and Renoir and such that just down the road this unspeakable stuff was going on. The knowledge boggles the mind and soul. Sometimes I think that I am one of few humans that have even a modicum of sense-that vegans have awakened to a little of the light-but not enough and the hour is late.

                    • I’m sorry to read that, but I understand you. I looked up the LA animal control thing and could find nothing about it online, but did find something similar from Arizona in 2012. Just the fact that animal shelters ever BEGAN killing healthy animals for convenience is unbelievably sad and disgusting, and I feel totally overwhelmed and powerless in the scope of all this. Communicating to people in this medium can help change minds, but I’m under no delusions about the purpose of this blog. I like to write and hope to help even a few people think differently about animals, and to make lifestyle transitioning easier if they decide to do that. I’ve had rescued dogs all my life and have always been shocked and saddened at the fact that breeding puppies for profit is a legal enterprise. That needs to end, and I don’t know what to do to end it. Without a continual influx of stray dogs in the pounds, no-kill everywhere could become a reality; shelters could really be shelters instead of death camps utilizing goons to handle the prisoners. But how can we reach that point when no one in power will zero in on breeders, notably puppy mills, document their abuses, prosecute them for extreme cruelty and stop them, shut them down forever? I’m at a total loss as to what to do, other than continue rescuing stray dogs whenever one of mine dies, and same for my family. The human race is pretty much a lost cause, but I’ll continue trying to improve things, writing, signing petitions, donating to legit animal rescues, and whatever else might help. Other than that I’m pretty powerless, so perhaps am utterly powerless and ineffective. I hope your use of past tense…”there was this burly brute of a man”…means that at least that particular horror was stopped… but then on they go, other horrors, and each innocent life suffering in ways we don’t even want to imagine. I’m so sorry I cannot do more. Take care Denderah.

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