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What’s Good About Being Vegan

Don’t miss the food photos below!

There’s a lot of negativity attached to vegan lifestyles; I won’t go in to it in great detail here because it’s very easy to find on the web. Whole lotta vegan bashing going on, including by haughty health-supremacist vegans who blame others for any negativity. Sure there are way-out-there goofy vegans who are used to tar everyone, but we have to transcend all that. We can’t control others’ behavior and the backlash isn’t really their fault.

Vegan-bashing is some particularly nasty rubbish, due to a particularly nasty backlash against those who bring to light some sorely needed fundamental changes that need to be made by all of us if we’re to create a much better world. And this backlash has been going on for decades. Yuck.

Contrary to all that, here’s what’s simply great about being vegan:

1) No longer taking part in what we know is wrong.suffering-schweitzer

2) The truly awesome foods; everything from a simple piece of delicious fruit (or a dozen) to a most complicated recipe in reminiscence of some longed-for comfort food…veganized.

3) The way eating cleanly and lightly (free of animal fat and blood and suffering) makes us feel inside. It’s a wonderful feeling, as shown here by long-time vegan Michael Engel, teacher, photo from vegan mike engel

4) Did I mention… The Food?

Much more could be said, but my aim was just to showcase a sampling of amazing vegan dishes that illustrate perfectly what’s so great about omitting animal foods from our lives. So here they are…enjoy:

Braised cauliflower over noodles
Quinoa, leek, red pepper, courgette
Mao’s Kitchen’s veggies & tofu
vegan burger & fries
Vegan burger & fries
dragonfruit strawb mango tart
Dragon fruit, strawberry & mango tart
Buddhist rest. Ho Chi Minh city
Tofu, rice & veggies at Buddhist restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City
Vegan peanut butter cookies
Loving Hut restaurant’s raw strawberry shortcake
Budgies Burritos Vancouver
Budgies Burritos in Vancouver, Canada
tempeh veggie kabobs
Tempeh & veggie kabobs
Tandoori Tempeh Pizza
From, Tandoori tempeh pizza
Credit: Nikki L. at – Avocado cucumber rolls
Loving Hut vegan mushroom chsbrgr
Loving Hut’s vegan mushroom cheeseburger
Nikki L. potato salad flckr
Credit: Nikki L. at – Potato salad
VeganPestoPizza Veg Kitchen
Veg Kitchen’s vegan pesto pizza
Falafel hummus salad Israel
Israel – Falafel with hummus & salad

🙂 and ❤, a million times over. Slaughter-free eating. Food doesn’t get any better.


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