Unending Suffering Endured by Animal Advocates

First, the sadistic goons at the root of it all:

UK mother of 2 who starved dogs in filthy cages

UK mother of 2 who starved dogs in filthy cages

The biggest thrill for sadistic people who abuse animals is the pain they cause to people who care for animals and empathize with them. So I think we should avoid reacting in ways that get those people off. Instead, focus in on them and on how weak one has to be to abuse the helpless; try to reach some sense of decency if that’s at all possible.

Each animal’s suffering finally ends when the subhumans at last deal the death-inducing stab or clubbing or when the animal finally expires from trauma. Usually, their entire lives have been a tragic waste, filled with misery, pain and fear, and our suffering for them is equally painful because it goes on and on and on.

Animal lovers suffer continual shock and sorrow over the disbelief and shame that our own species is actually this monstrous, over the ability to see life and death through each animal’s eyes and all of theirs collectively, past, present, and future. It is unending torture, inflicted by self-proclaimed humanists, who are in fact sadistic hypocrites. Their “love” for humanity must be offset and validated by their disregard and cruelty towards animals?

No, these people are nothing but hate. They love no one and nothing and especially hate themselves. They relieve that self-hatred by venting on the weak, innocent, meek, or otherwise helpless, including humans like disabled and elderly; anyone helpless is fair game if they get privacy and power over them. Many of us have seen footage from disabled care facilities where workers are caught on hidden camera torturing the mentally disabled or otherwise helpless people. Those cowardly brutes are the brethren of the people who provide society with “meat” and other animal products, with medical “breakthroughs” from their torturing “lab animals,” and the list goes on. It is brutal, ruthless cowardice at its worst, and is coddled by our “civilization.”

The brutes’ egotism and narcissism lead to an ugly sort of pride in their species’ accomplishments. But it’s sick, false pride, and they know it. It angers them to live this lie, and when they get angry they want “power,” they want “inferior” victims to pound on, to terrify, to make them bleed and die…and they especially love getting their hands on helpless people. We see this in the young school shooters who’ve abused animals all their lives and finally get to end the lives of those they hate worst of all…their peers who hurt their egos.

Animal abusers are seriously deranged people, up until they finally snap and kill people. But society has come to accept this serious derangement as normal in certain circumstances, continues to utilize these ruthless people to do the ugly work, as in slaughterhouses, so their sort continue to plague our collective peace and happiness. …It will take fundamental and permanent changes in humanity’s habits for all this to finally end.

Then we have the abuse from each other:

people-arguing-alberto-ruggieriVegans try and try to reach out to the masses, and largely sing to the dysfunctional choir, while the masses continue to support the animal using industries. Vegans’ frustration leads to us blaming each other, so all sorts of infighting and toxic rubbish serve to make we who are continually heartbroken, even more so, but it’s nothing new, has been going on since before I got involved in this, and my involvement began in 1985.

Vegans really do need to stop accusing other vegans and animal rights activists of being responsible for the failure of an entire civilization of over 7 billion people who are totally out of our control. That accusation always places the accuser in the superior position, as if he/she has the correct way to accomplish the goals but is being thwarted by the rest of us slobs who’d do well to just shut the hell up and leave the righteous campaigning to the really righteous who know just what to do and say, how to look, how to properly deal with people, all that. But that’s nonsense. The public’s henchmen will attack, ridicule, and generally dismiss and hate on these superior vegans any chance they get, same as they treat the rest of us.

The difference is that the superior ardently protect themselves from attack by never “offending” anyone in the meat culture, by never “preaching morality,” never mentioning animals, only food and health, and by being oh so polite to ruthless brutes. While at the same time loudly and bitterly and vulgarly attacking other vegans for not being “cool” like they are. So there’s another way vegans and ARA’s are made to suffer and feel guilty and inadequate for things that really aren’t true, and are a product of others’ pain deflection. Heap more pain on others to remain “happy” by feeling superior to those “goddamn fools who hold back the cause.” That’s really foul. Seems sadistic, actually.

We deal with it pretty well, considering:

So we’re in this huge battle with society at large, and amongst each peace-of-mind-349815_640other as well. The stress of all this would be deadly to most people, so that’s more proof of how excellent the vegan diet and lifestyle can be. Sure we’re far from perfect, I mean, wow. But the personal peace of mind and physical health that come from eating only plant foods is still awesome; it can’t really be explained, has to be experienced and felt. That’s why we’re not regularly out there dropping dead from our heads exploding from all the stress and grief.

I thank goodness for all those fruits, veggies, etc., every day and am so grateful to all those yappy online vegans who reached me with their preaching back in 2009. Until then I’d been a very fat, cheating, on & off again vegan since 1990; had been strict from 1986 to 1990 and was down to a nice trim weight, then fell off because it was just easier to be accepted in society that way…except for when I got hugely fat, that is…and I was weak. I occasionally ate “organic” dairy, eggs and even fish during that period. It’s the dairy that caused the huge weight gain…it’s addictive and appetite stimulating by nature. And I’ve gotten some angry condemnation from a couple of superior vegans for admitting all that, but so be it. This May I’ll have been truly vegan for 6 years, and they cannot take that away from me.

But this vegan online “preaching” really does reach people and help us to change and go vegan. Just look at the comments/accolades on Gary Yourofsky’s http://adaptt.org to see loads of such people, thanking him. I’ve gotten a few such thank-you messages myself, and so have all of us, I’d bet.

So we’re doing good in the world, and really should stop letting other people make us miserable, and stop trying to make others miserable. This vegan infighting is quite enjoyed by the mainstream’s worst, as they think to divide is to be conquered. But that’s not the case here. Our divisions don’t make “winners” of them, and aren’t to blame for what human civilization has been doing for many thousands of years. Something much larger than us is at work, and we need to realize that. Stop hating on other vegans.

And no, I don’t say we all need to get along or love each other. Some of us cannot stand each other and that is perfectly okay. Personalities can grate badly on each other, and others can have beliefs and do things we find intolerable. But the hating and the blaming for society’s failures have got to go. So I say anyways. Arguing is fine, pointing out others’ dishonesty or whatever…such debates work out issues and show we’re not a mindless cult of worshippers who agree on everything. But there’s a way to argue with civility and fairness, versus elitist hatred.

The old “image snobbery” problem:

2251517849_better_than_you_xlargeI mainly do my own thing, don’t try to link up with any particular group, although certain people I like a lot and gravitate to them. I find the company of respectful omnivores preferable to the company of some vegans I’ve met. This pressure to live up to certain vegans’ expectations of what we should be like, I find off-putting and intimidating. I’m not some troll, am sort of cute, not too scary for an aging lady, and am a bit plump, having been quite obese in the past, so I’m not this excellent hardbody with toned abs and perky little arm muscles, etc., I’m just a pleasant looking lady, and somehow still feel like a bad representative, perhaps because I spent so many years about 90 pounds overweight.

Health advocate vegans are some of the most ardent and vocal of weight critics in the world, in my years of experience with them, and they can be relentless in their condescending “helpfulness.” How those people think they’re being more open and welcoming to the masses, while we “preachy” doofuses are supposedly shutting them out with our repellant ways, I don’t understand.

And the other aspects of the snobbery, the “cool non-judgmental hipsters” vs. the “preachy repulsive firebrands”? It’s a bunch of BS. Society hates us all for trying to take their steaks and sausages away; they know the non-judgmental one’s game, and see them harshly judging other vegans, so ironically. But we’re still cracking that shell and getting in there; they’re realizing we’re not so bad after all, that we’re right. That those who abuse animals are the real danger.

I say, be yourself in the best sense, be honest, study and provide credible information, state the case for the animals, fight with dignity when necessary, and don’t be too concerned with protecting your ego. People will ridicule you if you put your views out there, so deal with it and straighten them out. Be a good rep of yourself. And stop letting other people make you feel inadequate and miserable, if in fact you are letting them. Life and this world are difficult and heartbreaking enough without allowing others to make you feel like garbage. Avoid such people, even if you’re working for the same changes.

And finally:

We need not to be some cozy club of Kumbaya singers who constantly talk of our collective bliss and how much we adore each other. Any more than we need to be viciously tearing each other apart. We instead need to reach out to others in our own unique and effective ways, and help lead humanity to an entirely new way of being…to really loving and respecting life instead of lying about it. For it’s these guys who matter, far more than our egos and social activities:

Woodstock farm animal sanctuary

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary



2 thoughts on “Unending Suffering Endured by Animal Advocates

  1. What a great article. You managed to say it all, the terrible suffering of the animals and how much this affects us who witness it in one way or another. You are so right about vegans condemning, arguing and very often seeing themselves as some how superior to other vegans. It’s quite awful and so unnecessary. We need to pull together. I have been especially annoyed with the response to anti dog eating petitions from vegans. I get the point of what they are saying but I don’t believe we should do absolutely nothing because other animals are also being eaten. I have very deep emotional connections with dogs and indeed is through this I became vegan.
    Please keep up the good work, the world and the animals need people like you. You understand exactly how it is!
    Eva Maria Hartung

    • Hi Eva Maria, thank you for reading and appreciating. Vegans/ARAs definitely have severe divides among us, like pro-vaccine vs. the antis, so all is not harmonious in the vegan community…far from it. But the more people who stop supporting the slaughter industry, the more we’ll move towards sanity and kindness in other areas as well. Wow, I’ll never get over these severe differences though. It’s like people can never achieve real harmony in anything. If some vegans believe in vaccines despite everything, I’m for them getting them, themselves…but this current push for mandatory vaccines is at the forefront of the vaccine movement now, and for vegans to support that is absolutely horrible. And yes, dogs and horses are who turned me vegan, so I’ve an extra special revulsion against dog & horse slaughter, so I hear you there.

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