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Animal Abuse Is Serious Child Abuse

maxresdefaultI hate the human race with a passion and would not think twice about annihilating it, and in that little girl’s face is every reason why. She’s in Vietnam and this crime occurred just last month, March 2015. That’s her much beloved dog, raised from a puppy, stolen by lowlives and viciously slaughtered to go through the foul digestive tracts of absolute scum.

That little girl has yet to receive her monster training, which we all endure as an ages-old tradition, some cultures better or far worse than others. The training either will or will not take effect in her… hopefully it does not, needless to say. And hopefully she’s not rendered mentally ill due to enduring this horror and at so young an age. May it strengthen her as she grows, and may she become a vegan animal advocate, to make the best possible use of her human existence and to fight until her dying breath at a very old age, to purge the insane, ruthless, cowardly, bloodthirsty thug out of this species calling itself “humanity.”

We always hope that this fight will no longer be necessary before long, but how long must we hope in vain?

How I hate us.

We stupidly pass on this horrendous child abuse from generation to generation, all having been well-trained as victims of it, and engaging in Stockholm Syndrome to tell ourselves it’s all based in love, it’s the way life is, it’s just in the pursuit of nutrition, or whatever fabricated need. But we know full well that’s absolutely untrue, not with the endless possibilities of human innovation. The amount of other foods we have available is ridiculous in its excess… only greed and stupidity keep allowing millions of people to go hungry around the world while other parts of the world let tons of good produce rot and be discarded, not even making use of it for compost to grow more crops.

People, in all that boasting about our intelligence, can’t seem to get anything right, after all these eons of “brain growth” (i.e. bloat). The only fully developed characteristics are: arrogance (totally unmerited), ruthlessness, and cowardice (which allows people to victimize the helpless and innocent). Making of that much bragged about human brain primarily some instrument of a particularly stupid brand of evil.

We should all look deeply into that girl’s face…remember when that same realization hit us like a wrecking ball for the first time. We need to rise up again and again, gaining more strength at each blow. Be one with her in that moment, to say to the human race of arrogant brutes: DIE, YOU FILTHY DISEASE.

On the “productivity” of the above? Please stop with such nonsense…

On “thinking positively”

Let’s not console ourselves in thinking our good outweighs the bad, nor that it even comes close. Yes, animal rescuers and those who step in to save anyone from being brutalized by idiots are shining examples of what should only be considered basic human decency. Every human being on Earth needs to be that sort, and stop kowtowing to the “necessary evils” crowd.

Those ignorant brutes have a strong, well-fed root system, severely mistaken as being correct for its entrenchment. At its core…at those diseased roots of “humanity”…there is something extremely rotten. And people will never get to the source of this debilitating disease without meaningful changes in the way we all live. But people’s lip-smackin’ enjoyment of bacon cheeseburgers is far more important to them than ending all of this awful abuse of everything good and innocent.

Regarding the little girl’s devastation they will say: “Oh, she’ll get over that as she grows up.” When in fact it takes the extreme opposite of growing up to “get over” our love for others and our empathy as human beings. It takes severe hypocrisy, degradation and sociopathy to “mature,” in most people’s concept of the word.

So let’s get with and stay with that child in the photo, and be human beings.

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How to Enjoy the Barbecue Season as a Vegan

credit sharonstoned flickr vegetarianIt’s a time of much outdoor cooking wherever grills are available, and often vegans feel saddened over all that cooking of carcasses going on nearby. I’ve become pretty good at ignoring it all, with having a double barbecue area just outside my condo. Hot dogs and burgers are the mainstays, but this nice lady in the photo is a vegetarian, sharonstoned on flickr. Sure, the happy hot dog man doesn’t have his grill marks, but you get the picture.

Anyhow, just below are some mainstays of vegan grilling: a beautiful vegetable cart in India full of great things for grilling, and freshly made tofu in a market, still between drying boards. Grilled tofu is best marinated or with a bit of bbq sauce brushed on.

VegCart Vuntur India

Tofu_stacked_01On that ages-old smoky odor

Back to the meaty gatherings down at the outdoor grills; rather than making me envious, the smells that waft up from there (and the sights) have only more solidly confirmed my commitment to being vegan. That smoky charred flesh scent used to make us, as “omnivores” of the past, hungry, but now it only causes sorrow and an urge to go out and show our neighbors footage of where their “food” came from. But of course we don’t do that as that would be “obnoxious and offensive.” Right? Hah. So say the Kings & Queens of obnoxiousness and offensiveness anyway, out searing those body parts, sharing that death smoke far and wide. I’ve come to consider it as the odor of their shame, something I have no control over, not that I don’t have my own shortcomings. And guess what? The smoke from grilling seasoned veggies smells even better… no blood. Clean. No shame. Very tasty as well, not to mention the health benefits. (Of course there are those who say cooking ruins food, but I’m not one to say that. Eat both, raw and cooked, and enjoy.)

To no more cadavers on the grill!

Anyhow, just thought I’d post some nice photos of vegan barbecue ideas, pretty self-explanatory, no recipes needed, just to show that we can have our good times at the outdoor grills as well, barring the knowledge of what else is cooked there anyways. Perhaps try some or all of these ideas this Spring, Summer and beyond… show the carcass eaters how human(e) Cute_Pigletbeings eat, and maybe they’ll catch on and quit messing around with cadavers. (People will likely say “cadaver” only refers to human bodies. To that I say… well, you know, I don’t want to swear here.)

Another favorite of “theirs” is to say vegans are spoiled by civilization and couldn’t survive in the wild like they could. But they buy their dead bodies killed by others…bled out, butchered, cleaned, plucked, skinned, and packaged all ready to cook. Give them a whole dead animal to prepare from scratch and most people would look at you as if you were insane, wouldn’t know what to do, many would actually vomit once they tried to begin. It takes a very particular sort of person to be able to kill and prepare whole dead bodies for any uses. And in stark reality, those “qualities” are in no way desirable in human beings.

But I’ll not continue rambling, here are the vegan eats…

All pics are either public domain or credited as required:

 Tofu & potatoes grilled - Yuanyang, Yunnan-province, China
Tofu & potatoes grilled – Yuanyang, Yunnan province, China
chef christina pirello Grilled_Soy_Cheese_Sandwiches
Chef Christina Pirello’s grilled soy cheese sandwich (she used a stove grill but the brave can try outdoors?)
Grilled zucchini
Grilled Zucchini
Grilled eggplant over miso tahini green salad
grilled eggplant & veggies
Grilled eggplant & veggies
Veggies on the grill from
Credit: Moria on flickr – Grilled seasoned eggplant – Oh my, so good!
credit sharontroy flickr broccoli pesto gnocchi w:grilled tofu
Credit: sharontroy on flickr – Broccoli pesto gnocchi with grilled tofu
credit crystalflickr Spicy grilled tofu, Grilled vegetable salad, and Quinoa with pistashios, parsley, and mint
Credit: crystalflickr on flickr – Spicy grilled tofu, Grilled vegetable salad, and Quinoa with pistashios, parsley, and mint
sweet potato hash on the grill
Sweet potatoes, onions, corn
Credit: maxkiesler on flickr - Grilled tofu vegetariana arepa with sweet plantains, black beans, ajo alio, avocado
Credit: maxkiesler on flickr – Grilled tofu vegetariana arepa with sweet plantains, black beans, ajo alio, avocado
Credit: ironchefbalara on flickr - Sweet potatoes grilling
Credit: ironchefbalara on flickr – Sweet potatoes grilling

Take those ideas and run with them, and enjoy 🙂