What could these damn vegans possibly have against humane farming & slaughter?

pig drawingYou may wonder…

What’s wrong with “humane farming” (and concurrently with vegans who feed meat to their dogs or other loved ones)?

We’ve all fantasized about those idyllic farms with contented animals peacefully frolicking happily over lush green meadows, being fattened up for a quick and euphoric death someday, to provide people and our pets with needed sustenance. Serene smiles all around, including those slaughtered! After all, without meat/milk/eggs from animals we cannot thrive, since plant foods are indigestible anti-nutritious waste products only suitable as plate garnishes to be tossed into the trash when veggie tofu noodlesdone eating our real foods like wieners, battered deep-fried meat nuggets, etc.. Right? I exaggerate a bit, but not too much really.

Please read here: http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/animal-exploitation-brought-to-you-by-animal-advocates/#.VWDOqNq3fy8

Please note that I’m much more with the “bad” Gary…Yourofsky…than with Francione (who wrote the above article), as Francione is of the gentle, scholarly, people-loving crowd. Hah! I say to that.

ultimate-betrayal book coverI suggest you click on the letter in the above article, signed by Peter Singer (great champion of humane animal exploitation) to see which “animal rights” organizations are proudly riding the Happy Meat bandwagon. And that doesn’t include the hugely wealthy animal “welfare” groups who let puppy mills continue on, and who apparently consider farm animals, unless they’re pets, a non-i$$ue.

Rather than thanking and celebrating, genuine animal advocates would say nothing of these “wins” except to continue to promote veganism and expose the humane myth. Let the horde of hoodwinked consumers of happy slaughter do the thanking and celebrating over these minuscule “improvements” in farming, usually set to take place after several years, and which aren’t even plausible in the long run with the huge volume of “product” demanded by society. …Ironically, some animal advocates are also those consumers.

Then the other side of that bogus coin of Dominion:

smug face manAnother voice of support for “humane slaughter,” etc., would be the cool, morally elite, non-judgmental “plant-based” eaters who conspicuously judge nobody…um, except for “preachy” vegans whom they loudly & proudly condemn, since such condemnation brings so many comforting kudos from the powerful mainstream. The plant-based will say they’re not vegans (ew!) nor animal activists; rather, they’re spiritually enlightened natural health advocates and environmentalists, so that lets them off all of those unpleasant hooks. How nice! Everything in the universe is all about them after all, so if they’re happy, everything is A-okay, just as it should be…

Everything except for “militant vegans” that is…

anti-vegan-672x372The blissful suddenly become so angry, loudly verbose, preachy and condemning…only against “improperly behaving” vegans. Those bad vegans being exemplified by Gary Yourofsky, whose great accomplishments you can see in part here: http://adaptt.org/comments-2015.html (In the past he’d included names and cities of those writing him, but stopped that for privacy reasons.)

Hmmm, so curious that those amazing results could be harshly condemned by supposed mature, ethical people. While everyone else they either ignore and say nothing to, give them a wink & a nod, pity/understand them, or even openly support them. Since to condemn and reject behaviors is counterproductive…unless, of course, gene wilder memeyou’re doing it to zealous vegans. Then all bets are off. See, you must understand that the ultra-supreme example of how to be, set by the spiritually enlightened elite, is all humanity needs to set itself on the right path. Only it hasn’t happened yet after all these eons because the badly behaving sector of today’s vegan community (all 1% or so of people) stupidly stand in the way. Such evil, and power! Oh yes…

Anyhow, what’s not to love about humanity? …That question cannot be handled by mere words.

5 thoughts on “What could these damn vegans possibly have against humane farming & slaughter?

  1. I think it fair to point out that you and I both know that farms are far from kind to the animals. The final outcome alone is bloodthirsty and insane. Every time a Carnist tells me that they feel that as long as the animal was treated well, it is OK to kill and eat them I see red and want desperately to reach through my screen to choke the living camel dung out of them. Those who ascribe to such hypocrisy should try being on the receiving end of the death sentence some time, and see if they think it is OK to murder and devour them since they were treated well while they were allowed to be alive. It’s like that unnamed Supposedly Caring network with the sleazy trash that harasses vegans for being humane and merciful enough to fight to save the lives of the animals. They are sub human slime buckets of filth at best, and deserve any nasty horror fate has in store for their sorry hides. Thank God I am VEGAN…

    Nice to see you again by the way Laura.. I miss you. You rock this world my friend, and I respect you greatly.

    • Of course, animal “husbandry” is an absolute nightmare, especially with the huge human population being fed on grown & slaughtered carcasses and animals’ milk & eggs. I wanted people to THINK and deduce on their own how severely inhumane even the best of farms are. Only in tv commercials and such are farm animals “happy,” and that’s such a filthy LIE. I also love the rest of what you said, lol, I’ve missed you. What a breath of fresh air you are. Thanks for stopping by and being lovable you 😉

      • I stay so incredibly busy that I don’t often find the chance to respond the way I wish to respond. I do keep up with your posts. When I read this one and saw the desired effect I just had to add something about my contempt for those hypocritical Skanks who troll posts such as this, and condemn them. I snicker as I say Skanks because when I called them Skanks on that nameless fake site, they copped hernias over it and were still whining about it a year later. Skanks just hate being called Skanks, I guess. You are also a breath of fresh air. I would really hate to be one of them thinking they can attack me so readily now. I would feed their snarky faces back to them with a laugh at their Skanky inane insignificance. They truly are cowards. From what I hear at least one or two people issued a challenge to them to face me of Facebook where they have no pull and would stand on their own just like I do and would. The cowards never showed.. Well, unless they did under different pseudonyms and I already had the pleasure of handing their sleazy carcases back to them with a sneer, anyway. LMAO! They were so entirely fake and cowardly that it wouldn’t surprise me if they each have multiple FB profiles anyway.

  2. Oh I meant to mention that I sincerely pray those trash brained carnists know what i say about them, and I hope they know I am no where close to gone. Every dog has it’s day, and they will also. LMAO!

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