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Sacredness and Human Madness

Sacred: inviolable, inviolate, invulnerable, untouchable, protected, defended, secure.


People’s faith in their Gods, prophets, which stories they believe about the origins of life, morality, sinfulness, etc., are considered extremely touchy subjects. “Don’t ridicule a person’s religion!” people will say, incredulous that anyone’s faith might be called into question by some insolent oaf. A person’s spiritual beliefs and holy books are considered sacred.

Still, wars are fought over religion, brutal crusades have been carried out for centuries where heretics and other non-faithfuls were brutally executed, even tortured as in the Spanish Inquisition (1478–1834) where Jews, Muslims, etc., were ordered to convert to Catholicism or get out of Spain, or else.

By Picard

And we have our religious conflicts of today with imminent threats hanging over us all as to when some new crusade will get fully underway.

Science too has become a religion to many, especially medical science with its Wistar_ratsupposed power over life and death. We’re told that animal “sacrifice” (in reality the sacrifice of human character) is necessary for human health and survival, regardless of actual scientific realities. Humanism also has become a religion, of self-worship, where anyone not in love with humanity is despised as some unfaithful traitor.

So it’s clear that people, given real power over others, do far more than just offend the sensibilities of others for their chosen beliefs. But never mind history and reality. As long as you don’t hold judgmental attitudes, they say (so very judgmentally too) and you accept all people’s religious rites no matter what, even if they involve bloody animal sacrifices, everything’s a-okay. To humans anyways, as long as our luck holds out…and who else matters? Certainly not those we view as “only” this or that, in all our sacred significance…

chickens for sacrifice Yom Kippur
Chickens sold for sacrifice for Yom Kippur

Another thing which is sacred:

By Robert Huffstutter
By Robert Huffstutter

A person’s dietary habits, as in: No one is to judge anyone’s choice to eat animals. No one is better or worse than anyone else for their diets and other practices, everything’s all about Personal Choice. Who are you to say what’s right or wrong for anyone else! The food one “must” take in for sustenance is not to be questioned. Um, unless of course that food is conspicuously and strictly absent of animal products… then one can condemn that “lack,” loudly and proudly reciting industry-provided “health risks,” as well as your sins against God who provided you those tasty treats which you impudently reject. Sinner! Their right to say those things to you is also sacred.

Inventions all, to rationalize the irrational, to deny wrongdoing. Actually, people doing right, in conflict with terrible, entrenched customs, are now considered the wrongdoers. Back to the Humanist religion for people’s justification of all that.

Imagination…quite the powerful tool, isn’t it?

Now to what is not at all sacred…

…except in flagrant pretense: Pure innocence, except for one’s own, highly presumed. Religious beliefs are sacred while the actual lives of these pure innocents are, in reality, not…animals-317094_640

445220546_12c2672a7c_oBut wait…people so love cute sweet adorable baby lambs! From birth to the separation from their grieving mothers, right up until the throat slitting (aw their cries are so cute) and beyond, while on the nice plate, in the contended tummy. People like to feed lambs to their pets too, it’s healthy! The human is happy, so everything’s a-okay. Hooray for the human imagination, so comforting.

Dog Meat – Shanghai

But we at least have our standards, they say, our pets are not for the dinner plate. Well, unless dogs & cats are wretched enough to not be beloved, protected pets, then they’re fair game. For after all, as Humanists, people’s cultures are sacred, so one mustn’t judge a man’s choice of foods lest we want our own choices judged, and who wants that? Not God, not us! they say, while hugging their dog and thinking how very lucky he is to be their pet.

What we have here are seriously diseased minds in full bloom.

Back to the beginnings of this deep-seated mental illness, where mankind’s growing “thoughtfulness” was in its youth, where one of its most lasting and prolific seeds was planted: People in power in ancient times invented a God hungry for the suffering and blood of innocents, in line with those people’s own wretched desires. Concurrent with that madness, some power-hungry madmen wrote in the Good Book that one must slit a lamb’s throat and smear the blood on one’s front door for God’s protection.

Aztec Heart Extraction from the Codex Magliabechiano, Folio 70

So baby lambs became and have alway been an especially choice target for people’s abject insanity, for exercising their brutal ruthlessness over the purely sweet, innocent and helpless. After all, it’s only to obey, respect and love our Maker who so child-334310_640enjoys the suffering and bloodshed of innocents, except for our own of course, these days anyways. Never mind what went on in the past as far as human sacrifice. Never mind what still goes on today but is only carried out by psychopaths we all despise and want dead. Anyways, none of that has anything to do with any of that other stuff! And how dare you suggest otherwise!

So again, everything’s a-okay. Except for those heretics, of course, who believe such nonsense as…16823142680_d744ae65da_b

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Ten Ways to Really Enjoy Tofu

First to get the negative out of the way:

There’s a real reason the meat/egg/dairy industries have Woman-eating-tofu-007pretty thoroughly turned soy into a scary forbidden food in the minds of the uninformed, uninterested or gullible. It’s because tofu and other soy foods are simply awesome, and can be used to replace all three animal food groups…meat, dairy and eggs. So tofu is seen as a significant threat to some moneyed interests, and they’ve used their wealth effectively to demonize soy foods. Without being prepared and knowledgable of their agenda, it’s easy to look up soy info online and be directed to sites that warn us of all sorts of terrible dangers from consuming soy. But those sites are usually front groups for animal agriculture interests. So please don’t be taken in by them.

And no, I have no interests in selling any soy foods or any foods for that matter…I “sell” nothing except for veganism, because I love it, and I love the animals.

Two good servings of soy per day are perfectly healthful for the majority of people…those with sensitivities or allergies of course should avoid any food that gives them problems.

Now for the positive!

Following in random order are my 10 favorite uses of tofu. (I’m talking about organic non-gmo soy of course.) The super-firm variety is best for some dishes, the medium density for scrambles, and the silken or soft variety is good for puddings and such. Any needed yellow color and cheesy flavor is provided by a bit of nutritional yeast…

1) Breakfast Burritos:breakfast-burrito-vegan15

2) Tofu & Veggie Wrap for lunch or dinner:mission_street_wrap

3) Tofu Chocolate Pudding:tofu-chocolate-pudding36

4) Oven Roast Tofu & Veggies (whatever veggies you like such as broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, bell pepper, onion):Tofu-Cubes veg roast prep

5) Tofu Mushroom Tacos:Tofu_Mushroom_Tacos

6) Tofu “Egg” Salad from veganfeast on flickr (my favorite is with tofu, nutritional yeast, guacamole, sweet relish & a bit of mustard on sprouted bread):tofu egg salad credit veganfeast flickr

7) Sliced & Browned for Sandwiches:tofu sandwich

8) BBQ Tofu from credit ohsheglows

9) Tofu Scramble with Hash Browns from (either with veggies as pictured or alone with nutritional yeast & seasoning):tofu-scramble credit healthyvegancuisine wordpress

10) Teriyaki Veggie Tofu Stir-fry (over rice or noodles), wow this is good:teriyaki_tofu_veggie_stir_fry

So there you go, tofu at its best. I hope you’ll try some or all of your own versions, and enjoy!