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Ten Ways to Really Enjoy Tofu

First to get the negative out of the way:

There’s a real reason the meat/egg/dairy industries have Woman-eating-tofu-007pretty thoroughly turned soy into a scary forbidden food in the minds of the uninformed, uninterested or gullible. It’s because tofu and other soy foods are simply awesome, and can be used to replace all three animal food groups…meat, dairy and eggs. So tofu is seen as a significant threat to some moneyed interests, and they’ve used their wealth effectively to demonize soy foods. Without being prepared and knowledgable of their agenda, it’s easy to look up soy info online and be directed to sites that warn us of all sorts of terrible dangers from consuming soy. But those sites are usually front groups for animal agriculture interests. So please don’t be taken in by them.

And no, I have no interests in selling any soy foods or any foods for that matter…I “sell” nothing except for veganism, because I love it, and I love the animals.

Two good servings of soy per day are perfectly healthful for the majority of people…those with sensitivities or allergies of course should avoid any food that gives them problems.

Now for the positive!

Following in random order are my 10 favorite uses of tofu. (I’m talking about organic non-gmo soy of course.) The super-firm variety is best for some dishes, the medium density for scrambles, and the silken or soft variety is good for puddings and such. Any needed yellow color and cheesy flavor is provided by a bit of nutritional yeast…

1) Breakfast Burritos:breakfast-burrito-vegan15

2) Tofu & Veggie Wrap for lunch or dinner:mission_street_wrap

3) Tofu Chocolate Pudding:tofu-chocolate-pudding36

4) Oven Roast Tofu & Veggies (whatever veggies you like such as broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, bell pepper, onion):Tofu-Cubes veg roast prep

5) Tofu Mushroom Tacos:Tofu_Mushroom_Tacos

6) Tofu “Egg” Salad from veganfeast on flickr (my favorite is with tofu, nutritional yeast, guacamole, sweet relish & a bit of mustard on sprouted bread):tofu egg salad credit veganfeast flickr

7) Sliced & Browned for Sandwiches:tofu sandwich

8) BBQ Tofu from credit ohsheglows

9) Tofu Scramble with Hash Browns from (either with veggies as pictured or alone with nutritional yeast & seasoning):tofu-scramble credit healthyvegancuisine wordpress

10) Teriyaki Veggie Tofu Stir-fry (over rice or noodles), wow this is good:teriyaki_tofu_veggie_stir_fry

So there you go, tofu at its best. I hope you’ll try some or all of your own versions, and enjoy!

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