“Let’s kill off those animals to stop them using up our resources!”

First, please consider:WaterWaste_GP



Now, I recently took part, much to my disgust, in a YouTube video discussion which went as follows (names have been removed to keep things anonymous, and comments are verbatim). This took place on a Pig Save video showing protesters witnessing pigs on trucks bound for slaughter:

A said: Why do you care for those useless animals, I would just have them die and not eat them, save resources

B said: No life has any obvious meaning it is all useless until proven otherwise (human life too), all I know from existing is that life is harsh, so don’t fucking make it any harsher for those around you (animals too), it isn’t fair. You can live without having these animals killed, so you’re simply selfish and heartless if you decide to eat them when you have alternatives at your disposal.

C said: I’m not an animal lover (that is too touchy of a term), I simply don’t care to harm them, as it is unnecessary!

A again: Mate im vegan,  I just don’t see how caring for animals/letting them live, helps the human species.

B: Well, you can simply get by by not caring for anything. It just makes sense to care, as if you don’t care, that doesn’t make any sense, as you should be able to empathise with other beings, from being, a being yourself.

I mean if you simply don’t care about anything, then fair enough. But I’d find that hard to believe unless you showed true sadistic behaviour or something.


A: No man I care about the human race 200000x more than the animal race (humans are animals but you know what I mean). I mean seriously I want a logical reason to care about animals.  Thanks for the kind replies so far.

D (yours truly) said to A: Treat others as you would want to be treated in their place, for you may actually be in their place someday. If you have zero empathy, no one can teach it to you.

A replied: That is not a reason to care for those stupid animals, If it doesn’t progress the human race, than we have no need for them its as simple as that.

~ End of thread for the purpose of this article.

Now, I believe “A” was actually trolling, badly, because it’s hard to believe a human being could possibly be so ignorant as to believe killing off animals keeps them from using “our” resources. Despite his saying “just have them die,” he was referring to truck loads of pigs from a factory farm bound for a slaughterhouse.pollution

As far as his declaring that humanity owns the planet and should kill everyone else off, as they’re our “competition,” i.e., wanting to wipe out animals to save resources for “us”: Most anyone knows that animals are forcibly artificially bred in the farming industry by the millions daily to keep up with the demand from billions of people, so the huge amount of resources wasted for that, and the pollution it causes, are what people should be worried about. (Along with the human sociopathy required to ruin and take the lives of each and every one of those sensitive animals.) Nowhere in nature would animals populate on that massive scale. Animals in nature live in cooperation with it and their populations are kept in check by the natural order.Food Prices Beef

The species actually responsible for absolutely mind-boggling waste of resources and for polluting everything like no one else ever could is the human species, so maybe the worried “vegan” up there had better take up eating human omnivores, i.e. himself, since I don’t believe he’s vegan, unless he was trying to prove some twisted point by his remarks. In that case, I don’t even want to entertain for an instant his purported “point.”

On top of all that, he called animals “stupid,” and the irony of that remark is so extreme that it’s unbelievable, since the stupidity of his statements is off the charts.

Sheep grazing in clearcut forest, central Mexico

Sheep grazing in clearcut forest, central Mexico

Now, if he had said people need to stop clearcutting forests to graze “meat animals,” stop farming and breeding them…and shut down all slaughterhouses…I’d have agreed fully of course, but his phrasing was anything but agreeable. He was condemning and ridiculing THE PIGS, not the goddamned humans who put them there!

Humanist arrogance sucks, hugely, like nothing else can. And without a love and respect for animals and life in general, people have no enduring motivation to be vegan and stay with it for life, not when life is made so much easier for them by the system when they eat animals.

1941AlfredENeumanSure, I understand when people simply do not have any affinity with other animals, same way I feel about cockroaches, while I have no desire to abuse or torture cockroaches. But this guy’s way of stating his “points” just annoyed the hell out of me. It was mind-numbingly ignorant!

I know all of that is needlessly senseless, sad and/or irritating, but I just had to share it here, hoping for some comforting or sanity-inducing (hah) words from some readers, I guess that’s all I want. But damn, I need to stop looking at YouTube video comments, especially to stop jumping in. Right, like that’s gonna happen. Or maybe I can cut down on it? Oh well, I’ll try… (sigh).


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