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7 Amazing Vegan Men You Might Love to Know

As vegans we get an awful lot of angry criticism and health-scare warnings from those with other agendas, so I just wanted to do a nice feature on some vegan men who are not only gorgeous (in my eyes), but who serve to break some vegan male stereotypes and who do so either very likably, or at least interestingly. So, in random order, here they are…

Rob ZombieRob2

Rob ZombieRob’s of course a rock star, with heavy metal “demon” rock being his specialty, and he does put on quite the show, as lively and demonic as ever at age 50! Robert Bartleh Cummings (his real name) was born in Massachusetts, now resides in Los Angeles & Connecticut. He’s a passionate animal advocate, and found the perfect partner in his lovely wife Sheri. Formerly with the band White Zombie, Rob’s solo career began in 1998. Here’s an article where he gets into his animal advocacy: http://www.samaritanmag.com/1392/rob-zombie-animals-always-need-be-protected

Lucas BernardiniLucas Bernardini

Lucas2Brazilian model Lucas currently resides in New York; he’s only 24 but has been modeling for Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, CalvinKlein among others for years. Playing soccer is his favorite hobby. Below is a nice little video showcasing some of that infamous vegan ill health and weakness, hahaha, but of course I kid you!

Charles ParkerCharles Parker

Charles2Charles, obviously a bodybuilder, was born in Tennessee in 1985 (so he’s almost 30), now residing in Florida with his wife. He became vegan after being convinced by a co-worker at FedEx and is quite the passionate supporter of the lifestyle both for health and moral reasons, but always a gentleman about it. Here’s an interview with him with a bit on his diet plan and training program: http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=bio_parker

Jared Letojared leto

Well-known actor and lead singer of the band Thirty Seconds to Mars; he’s 43, was born in Louisiana and currently lives in Los Angeles. Recently he’s best known for his role as the Joker in the soon to be released movie The Suicide Squad; a role which he bulked up for while maintaining his vegan diet which he’s passionate about. Here’s an article on Jared: http://www.ecorazzi.com/2015/04/29/jared-leto-stays-vegan-while-bulking-up-for-joker-part/Jared2

Joey SlomowitzJoeySlomowitz

Model, athlete an animal advocate from Australia; Joey has been vegan since he watched Earthlings and was vegetarian for years before that. His age seems to be a mystery but I’d guess he’s under 30. He has great enthusiasm for the vegan lifestyle and would like the fashion industry to stop using all animal sourced materials. Here’s an in-depth interview with him by Joshua Katcher: http://thediscerningbrute.com/model-man-joey-slomowitz/Joey2

David HayeDavid2David Haye

David’s a heavyweight boxer from Kent, England, age 34, known as the Hayemaker. He became vegan around 2013 after injuries forced him into retirement and he vowed to make a comeback and do much better in future. He also saw a documentary about animal agriculture and realized he couldn’t be a part of that anymore. Here’s a video featuring him along with some other very impressive vegans:

Vidyut JamwalVidyut2

Vidyut is an Indian actor, martial artist and animal advocate known as the New Age Action Hero of Bollywood; we can see why all the ladies of Bollywood love working alongside 34-year-old Vidyut. He’s been “vegetarian” (vegan) for 17 years or so and credits his diet with great improvements in his health, strength, and spirit. Here’s his workout & diet plan: http://workoutinfoguru.com/vidyut-jamwal-workout/ Vidyut Jamwal

Hope you enjoyed looking 😍and learning a bit about them. I certainly enjoyed hunting through the online photos, lol.


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