Video – Vietnam: Taped-Mouth-Dog’s Medical Update

Please note that I don’t endorse the organization saynotodogmeat.NET … It was listed as fraudulent by org-watch sites and their website has since been deleted. Saynotodogmeat.COM on the other hand is legitimate as far as I know. Other people did the rescue and are caring for this dog; the illegitimate SayNo group only provided the story in attempt to draw in funds.

Imagine being this little dog… Something is seriously wrong with “humanity,” but that’s painfully obvious. These things NEVER should happen. There is a huge price to pay…


2 thoughts on “Video – Vietnam: Taped-Mouth-Dog’s Medical Update

  1. It is deeply disturbing to think of how much this poor dog is suffering. I can’t find the words to describe the human scum who are responsible for this. And there are thousands more dogs enduring torture at any given moment.
    What are we, who care so much, to do with this situation?

    • @ Eva Maria: Outside of becoming fugitive world travelers using private planes and assassinating these evil fools one by one until they’re all either gone or too scared shitless to continue being ignorant soulless monsters, we can only continue bearing witness, speaking up loudly & clearly, promoting veganism, exposing “humans” for what they are, and remaining strong (indestructible despite the continual disgust and heartbreak), there’s little we can do to save animals from these people.

      It would seem that sheer numbers of good people against them would serve to stop them, but the masses require animal killing for their chosen lifestyles, so the vast majority are too apathetic to take up arms against animal killers…until they start killing people that is. And even then you have people championing for the rights of sadistic murderers, as long as the victims are other people’s loved ones, not their own.

      I do believe they’ll pay for what they’ve done, but it’s a broken design and fails to exorcise the evil out of existence, only keeps it going… i.e., an abject failure. It seems highly possible that all of these sadistic goons and their glib excusers are reborn as animals in their next lives to meet the same sort of fates they’ve dished out to animals. But evermore sadistic cowards are “needed” to carry that out, so it’s a vicious, counterproductive cycle.

      The only way to break that cycle is to get at the root and totally destroy that root. That root is people’s “need” for products that rely on animal exploitation and killing. The solution, obviously: Veganism and animal liberation. The problem is the huge resistance against it by a largely ignorant, selfish bunch of people, i.e., the majority who claim to be animal lovers, with that big, betraying “BUT…” added on, which destroys it all.

      So, all we can really accomplish is to maintain peace, kindness, love and respect (albeit well-armed) in our own lives and for those around us… and hope and work towards full, real justice coming to fruition very soon.

      As a side note: Gary Yourofsky says he died inside long ago. But he’s much more alive inside than he was in the past, as are most of us in this. What he means is that the spirit of humanity, any pride in being human, any rooting for this species as a whole… that’s what dies. And it’s a terrible thing to realize and live with… it takes huge strength of character to continue on and keep delivering the message.

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