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Ten of My Favorite Vegan Foods

I know, boring title, but what can I say? This food fest is being indulged in for no other reason than I’m hungrily thinking about favorite things to eat, since I’m trying to lose a few pounds and cannot eat till tomorrow, darn it. So, enjoy some food porn!

These are in random order of favoriteness (yes I know that’s not a word) because I love them all pretty much equally.

1) Hummus

…the good tangy smooth garlicky ones. Hummus is basically a savory, nutritious paste made of chickpeas, garlic, olive (or other) oil, lemon juice, tahini, spices and salt, water added as needed. Hummus is great for dipping veggies, on bread, by itself, or in just about any way. This one has a pomegranate syrup drizzle…yum!
Hummus w:pomegranate syrup

2) Banana, soymilk & granola smoothie

When you have leftover granola crumbs at bottom of package it makes a great addition to frozen banana & soy milk smoothies – just grind up the granola first then throw in rest of ingredients and blend some more. Better than any “real” milkshake, in every way!

3) Vegan tacos with crumbled tofu, tomatoes, shredded spinach and guacamole

But I love any sort of vegan tacos, as pictured here are Grilled Tofu and Black Bean Street Tacos:Grilled Tofu and Black Bean Street TacosRecipe:

4) Big bowl of healthy cold cereal with cocoa/coffee flavored soy milk

…sweetened with molasses. The ultra-healthy cereal:


…is made to taste like this:100200-Bar-from-serial-go-into-chocolate-bath24.mp4.Still001-384x216…by the use of chocolate!

5) Tofu, eggplant, broccoli stir-fry over rice

…or any tofu & veggie combo over rice, like this one here, the Ginger, Peanut, Coconut Veggie & Tofu version from here: 3_edited-2sq

6) Fresh Fruits

Cherries, figs, watermelon, peaches, apricots are some of my favorites. Here’s a beautiful painting from Abraham Brueghel – A still life of a watermelon, cherries, peaches:Abraham_Brueghel_-_A_still_life_of_a_watermelon,_cherries,_peaches,_apricots,_plums,_pomegranates_and_figs,_with_lilies,_roses,_morning_glory_and_other_flowers_on_an_acanthus_stone_relief

7) Nuts & Seeds

Cashews & peanuts are some favorites; who could not love nuts except for those unfortunate allergy sufferers?
mixed nuts

8) Sweet potatoes

Baked till very soft & eaten coldbaked sweet potato

9) Potatoes

Baked with a bit of spice & oil, or hash browns or fries – occasionallyfrench-fries-218206_640

10) Split Pea Soup

May sound gross to some, but when done right is extremely tasty & healthy. Below is a link to the recipe for this one:pea-soup-1024x768Recipe:

Please ignore the recipe’s “chicken broth” and only see the “or vegetable.” Sheesh, why would someone ruin a beautiful soup with carcass juice! Arrgh!

Boy am I hungry…this weight-loss thing SUCKS!

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Israeli Jews and Arabs Protest Together for Animals


First, for a better perspective…

A complete history of the conflict between Israel (Jews) and some of the Arab world:–Israeli_conflict

Some historic footage which only animal activists heard about, it seems…

First, a very brief video from just last month of Jews and Arabs coming together to speak up against animal exploitation and killing:

And a longer video from one who attended…the ever-lovable Henya, YouTuber most famous for her “Vegan Style” parody of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” (also very worth watching, can be found on her YouTube page):

Then an excellent article from The Vegan Woman…

On this front-page newsworthy show of unity for animals between Jews and Arabs, largely ignored by the mass media for some inexplicable yet predictable reason:

That’s it, just a bunch of food for thought, hope it heartens you, dear readers, despite our world continuing to be overrun and led by lunatics, sadists and tyrants, largely elected by our majorities. Keep true and kind and reasonably dignified (well, mostly dignified anyways, don’t get carried away with that, lol)… We at least have personal control over those things.

Animal and Child Abuse · Child Abuse · Holocaust · Human behavior · Human rights · Judgmentalism · Karma · Morality

Notes From a Slaughterhouse-based Civilization

One of William Hogarth’s four engravings depicting humanity’s failure:

Just sharing some current news stories, with a message most people don’t want to hear…

Boy beaten to death by stepdad while mother, uncle look on and do nothing:

Theater killing spree:

Yet more bloody slayings:

And, yes, still more:

And yet there are far more worldwide…

The above and all the rest are from just recently, including all of these:

(Some are repeated from one source to the next, but all worth looking at.)

So nice going, bloody humanity…

And keep on hating vegans for speaking up, so wise of you, it’s so important to shut us “pariahs” up!

So much for Darwin’s “natural selection” theory, in regard to humanity anyways. Our “successful” breeders are our “fittest,” are they?

The day the vast majority are urgently calling for an end to animal exploitation/killing is the day humanity will finally be on the track to becoming human, in the true definition of the word: Wise (and kind) men and women.