Notes From a Slaughterhouse-based Civilization

One of William Hogarth’s four engravings depicting humanity’s failure:

Just sharing some current news stories, with a message most people don’t want to hear…

Boy beaten to death by stepdad while mother, uncle look on and do nothing:

Theater killing spree:

Yet more bloody slayings:

And, yes, still more:

And yet there are far more worldwide…

The above and all the rest are from just recently, including all of these:

(Some are repeated from one source to the next, but all worth looking at.)

So nice going, bloody humanity…

And keep on hating vegans for speaking up, so wise of you, it’s so important to shut us “pariahs” up!

So much for Darwin’s “natural selection” theory, in regard to humanity anyways. Our “successful” breeders are our “fittest,” are they?

The day the vast majority are urgently calling for an end to animal exploitation/killing is the day humanity will finally be on the track to becoming human, in the true definition of the word: Wise (and kind) men and women.

4 thoughts on “Notes From a Slaughterhouse-based Civilization

    • @agodfoundation: Thank you for the reblog; I so admire your work, yet so sadly wish there had never been a reason to fight against human (especially child) sex slave trafficking; then there’s the equally subhuman bestiality connection, which I’m sure you’ve come across in your work. Surely there’s hell to pay for such torture of innocents. Words fail me further.

        • Ah yes, governments, in all their lack of conscience, which the people want to rely on as their caretakers. These life-ruining industries know exactly how to butter up those in power, who are sometimes part of their “clientele.” Much like government-sanctioned animal abuse. Something huge has got to happen to rid us of this evil.

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