Israeli Jews and Arabs Protest Together for Animals


First, for a better perspective…

A complete history of the conflict between Israel (Jews) and some of the Arab world:–Israeli_conflict

Some historic footage which only animal activists heard about, it seems…

First, a very brief video from just last month of Jews and Arabs coming together to speak up against animal exploitation and killing:

And a longer video from one who attended…the ever-lovable Henya, YouTuber most famous for her “Vegan Style” parody of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” (also very worth watching, can be found on her YouTube page):

Then an excellent article from The Vegan Woman…

On this front-page newsworthy show of unity for animals between Jews and Arabs, largely ignored by the mass media for some inexplicable yet predictable reason:

That’s it, just a bunch of food for thought, hope it heartens you, dear readers, despite our world continuing to be overrun and led by lunatics, sadists and tyrants, largely elected by our majorities. Keep true and kind and reasonably dignified (well, mostly dignified anyways, don’t get carried away with that, lol)… We at least have personal control over those things.

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