First, here’s a handy little article on VEGAN CALCIUM sources:, just for laughs and some info to boot, here’s something I found when googling for images for this article: (hehe). So easily distracted here. But back to topic…

Beyond Just Calcium

VITAMIN K is essential for calcium placement in the body. As a general rule, plant foods high in calcium are also high in vitamin K, which is quite important. Here’s a very objective and extensive article from Harvard University on our best nutrition for bone health (, and it concludes that for vitamin K, “…one or more servings per day of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, dark green lettuce, collard greens, or kale should be enough to meet the daily recommended target of 120 micrograms per day for men and 90 micrograms per day for women.” That means a good size serving of course, like 3+ oz. of kale (weighed raw), as the conversion rate of K1 to K2 (the one we need for bone health) is 15%, and 15% of the 600 mcg. of K1 in 3 oz. of kale works out to 90 mcg. of K2. And get your SUNSHINE or take some vegan VITAMIN D, also vital for bone health.


All the rest…

MAGNESIUM is also important, but is included in many whole vegan foods from greens to grains to bananas to peanut butter and beyond. All the whole vegan foods are chock full of the nutrition we need; it’s actually fairly easy to be vegan and
very healthy, far more so than with the typical omnivore’s diet loaded with bacon and toaster strudels. food-man-person-eatingIt’s so important to get out and EXERCISE too. And DON’T BE a SKINNY featherweight…that’s not good for our bones; they need the stress of weight bearing. And good HYGIENE of course is also key to healthy teeth…rinse, brush, floss, regularly, and strictly limit your intake of unhealthy sweets.

Recap of essentials:

• Know your vegan calcium sources and eat them, • Get lots of vitamin K (K1 is converted to K2 as needed), • Get enough sunshine and/or vitamin D, • Easily get plenty of magnesium from plant foods, • Exercise regularly, • Don’t be a skinny wisp, • And keep your teeth clean

Your skeleton and teeth will forever thank you for it.

Alright, lecture over 😅

(I just want all vegans to be healthy and live to fight until age 100+, but preferably to make this sad fight no longer necessary.)



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