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Six Most Visually Appealing Old-Time Leading Men

Just for a change of pace, a break from the sadness of animal cruelty, thought I’d share something pleasing, in my view anyways.

Now, no matter these men’s possible foibles or whatever other drawbacks they may have had, I think they’re six of the most mesmerizing men ever to have graced the big screen, or wherever else they graced with their manly handsomeness. These six are from way back in the olden days of the 1950s to 70s in the heyday of their stardom, when I was a mere newborn up till the teens when I first realized what maleness and their good looks were all about, and that realization was thanks in part to these six. I hadn’t even remembered about Christopher Plummer till I saw a Pink Panther movie the other day which he was in…oh my goodness…how gorgeous looking can one person get? Same for the rest of them:

1) Alan Bates…5379682507_29af801c9d_z

…whom I first saw, my being dumbfounded in a trance state at about age 9, in a film called Georgy Girl; here’s his movie archive: fb77ca1915e3487325d6db7b48283f85

2) Sean Connery…


…of course most famous as the original James Bond. Talk about a good-looking manly man! All his films are listed here: Sean Connery en Micheline Roquebrune op Schiphol *23 november 19834231944680_67a255b5c7_o

3) Yul Brynner…

Yul_Brynner_photograph…whose intense eyes always sort of frightened me until I saw he was a soft-spoken gentleman on some talk show. Here are his films and more about him: For an extra treat, here’s a brief interview from 1959:


4) Marlon Brando


I never understood his appeal to women until it just hit me one day when I saw A Streetcar Named Desire for about the third time, then, wow! I knew. Can’t explain. Here’s his filmography: Marlon_Brando_MGM_Parade Marlon_Brando_in_'Streetcar_named_Desire'_trailer

5) Steve McQueen


Oh yes, he was so beautiful in such a manly way. Need I say more? Here’s his brief biography with his films mentioned:

With his wife Neile Adams – 1960


6) Christopher Plummer


Most famous as Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music – absolutely stunning, I believe, even at age 85; here’s his bio with films mentioned: And here’s a recent brief interview with him and Julie Andrews:

The_Sound_of_Music_Christopher_Plummer_and_Julie_Andrews ChristopherPlummer07TIFF

Aren’t such gentlemen fascinating? All men (and women) have this potential to be so enchanting, in at least someone’s eyes, I believe. If only we were a truly kind species without this backdrop of animal cruelty marring everything…we truly would be admirably impressive.

(Note that I have a married but “free” & “randy” neighbor who looks like a cross between Brynner and McQueen who flirts with every woman he comes across who’s at all even decent looking. I steer clear of him, LOL.) Thanks for looking in!


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