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My Vegan Nutrition Breakdown for One Typical Day 1/11/2016

Hello Dear ReaderHsilai_surrounding

I had a lovely time on this beautiful day, got several pesky errands done, went for a nice drive and did a hike in a beautiful area (view shown on right but minus the smog) with one of my dogs, whom, by the way, is 15 years old and chock full of energy on her vegan diet. Here she is at about age 10:

Mattie crop

So anyhow, I suddenly got the urge to do my nutrition analysis on the CRON-O-Meter and share it here with anyone who could possibly be interested in such self-indulgent stuff. I only do the Cron-O-Meter thing on occasion, once a month or less. It’s shown way down underneath all my preamble blithering; take from it what you will. *See sugar UPDATE at bottom.

Preamble Blithering

Now, rather than the well-known 80-10-10 thing, my breakdown was 51% carbs, 32% fat, 16% protein. I’m a bit low (75% or less of needed) on a few nutrients today: Lysine, leucine, vitamins D & E, omega-6, and “water.” Water seems to be a problem for me, don’t like drinking unless I’m thirsty, but I do okay.

The leucine & lysine (amino acids) can be improved with some more soy, or beans, peas, maybe some quinoa, but the leucine & lysine weren’t terribly low. The low methionine is actually a good thing, because low-methionine diets have been shown to decrease risk for cancers. And the vitamin D I made up for by getting some sunshine today, so that’s not reflected in the numbers below. The omega-6 being low can be a good thing, as the omega-3 was high, and it’s said to be more important. The vitamin E was not all that low, but some seeds, avocado, etc., would improve that number, although would raise the fat percentage somewhat and it’s already a bit high.

So basically, only the lysine, leucine, and vitamin E were a bit of a problem. And I did eat a bit too much today, usually stick to 1800 calories or less.

Our bodies do their best with what we put in them, so I’ve not really anything to worry about. Imagine if I lived in Ethiopia and was lucky to get a bowl of cooked grains, a handful of nuts, some steamed cabbage, and an orange for the day. Proper nutrition is important, but not all that exacting and urgent every day.

The below analysis actually shows that well-planned vegan diets are by and large far better overall than typical animal-based junk-food diets which so many people are hooked on. I’m very pleased with my diet, feel great and am certainly no “spring chicken.” I just turned 59 and have no lack of energy, as well as take no medications. I do a long walk or hike just about every day and do some stretchy things, crunches, girly pushups too, and have no aches & pains except on occasion when I’ve done something dumb.

So, when people warn of the dangers of giving up sausage, cheese, eggs and all that nasty stuff…products of severe animal abuse and bloody killing…just refer them here and let them have a go at me. I’ll let them know who’s boss: It’s vegans! And yes, I do have a nice bit of spare time on my hands. Thus…

Food List for Monday 1/11/2016

[Please note that the “Skippy” peanut butter isn’t true; I only use PB that has peanuts & salt as the only ingredients, but Skippy was the closest choice in Cron-O-Meter’s list, and it has sugar & palm oil added…that’s not for me!]food list

Calories In/Out and Nutrient Targets

Nutrition Breakdownnutr. breakdown

Sorry for the slight blurriness, but it’s taken from screen shots. Thanks for looking in! Hope this helps make a vegan lifestyle easier for someone out there.

UPDATE 1/17/16: I must note that the “sugar” result above may seem high, but only added sugars count in the matter of healthfulness, and my added sugar total for this day was 26 grams, as opposed to the total of about 88 above which includes the natural sugars found in fruit and other carbs, which are not harmful to us a long as we’re not overeating on a regular basis. 25 grams of added sugar is the recommendation from most health experts, with 50 grams maximum on occasion. My added sugars were: 1 gram from the rice crisps, 10 g. from the Kashi berry cereal, 5 g. from the Kashi shredded wheat, and 10 g. from the molasses. (Just to ward off any claims of vegans being unhealthy sugar gobblers.)


2 thoughts on “My Vegan Nutrition Breakdown for One Typical Day 1/11/2016

  1. Nice post, these results would certainly surprise many meat eaters.
    I must admit that I too was concerned for getting enough micronutrients when I stopped eating meat, little did I know that my previous diet of mainly pork was lacking great deal of things. Since I stopped eating meat my eczema disappeared, I use my nails as screwdriver and I think that my beard grows a bit faster. Most importantly I have a lot more energy, I can work (physically and mentally) for longer without getting tired and when I do get tired I recover much quicker. If someone had told me two years ago that my sore muscles would recover in one day I wouldn’t have believed it
    So, now I eat variety of plant foods and I don’t care at all about micronutrients, calories or anything else, I only take B12 supplements.

    It’s sad how much misinformation about this topic is out there. I remember watching BBC Horizon documentary about meat a while ago. They said that meat is good source of B12 and Zinc. Look at the numbers people! You’d have to eat a pound of pork each day to get enough of these nutrients.

    Oh, BTW, Serbia recently banned imports of “low quality minced meat”. Many meat factories were importing minced meat at the price of 60 dinars per kilo, that’s a little over 50 US cents. Can you imagine what sort of crap was that!

    1. My primary reason for being vegan is, of course, the animals…they deserve absolutely NONE of what people put them through for these awful plates of carcass parts & excretions. But the better health from being vegan for several years was a very pleasant fringe benefit to no longer participating in this animal “agriculture” madness. I do relate to your increased energy and all that. And yeah, that “minced meat” must have been full of the worst of slaughterhouse floor scrapings, rinsed, minced & boiled to clean it up a bit…ugh. Even worse than what’s in sausage, and people don’t want to know what’s in their sausage.
      Thanks for your thoughts, Milos.

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