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Dog Meat and Child Brothels…side-by-side cultural practices of our day.

Human devolution at its finest

tempAs the popularity of shoving tortured dog meat into perverse mouths rises in Indonesia, so does child rape (called prostitution) and the selling of children (mostly girls) by their own families into the sex slave trade. Same goes for other cultures into “dog meat.”

And people use “animal!” as an insult?

With a true, all-loving, all-knowing God, such human detritus as dog torturers and 5611594783_8e9a533564_bchild rapers, et al, would not exist. And ALL nations are guilty of animal torture and child abuse by more or lesser degrees. All innocents, all animals, are worthy of our respect for their lives and our treating them with kindness. Animals are innocent of our unique knowledge, making our every exploitation of them totally unfair and unethical, and our abuse…even torture…of them the worst sin possible for humans, surely to be compensated for in full, when the time comes.

Reap what you sow.

Conventional religious diehards need to ask themselves: Why are such creatures foisted on this world…upon sweet, innocent beings…by religions’ fictional, loving, all-powerful creator? It’s time for an entirely new “religion,” a “god” (collective human consciousness) that eliminates human evil, no excuses accepted, nor even listened to.

The unacceptable should be roundly, unanimously rejected by all people everywhere. And we all know what is evil and unacceptable, regardless of the idiotic excuses attached to these “cultural” practices, regardless of long-standing habits that only serve to keep our species stagnating in violence, severe inequity, pious dishonesty, etc. …all of it vile. Our good never outweighs our bad, not as long as our world is so full of these disgusting depravities.

Three articles on Indonesia’s child sex slave trade and increase in pedophilia:

Please see Tony’s video (part 2) here, and sign the petitions linked in his description by opening the video in YouTube…

I advise to replace the text in the petition about “saving” the Indonesian dog breed. It’s about ending the evils of torture and slaughter, not preserving a dog breed. To hell with dog breeders. Actually, it’s better if you don’t look at the video, if it destroys your will to live to see the absolute worst of sub-humanity in action, to see lovely beings tortured and dying at the hands of ruthless fools. The Part 1 video is even worse…

To the animals:

Rest in Peace, all of you, trillions upon trillions of murdered innocents whose existences here were ruined and who suffered deaths of the worst kind, thanks to “humanity’s” stupidity, willful insanity, and ruthlessness. Make your way to Heaven and stay forever; don’t ever grace this largely dead-hearted, pretentious species with your presence ever again. All of us who love life, animals, and innocence can only hope to join you in the hereafter, when (or before) this huge insane asylum full of suffering and death is finally deceased itself.


3 thoughts on “Dog Meat and Child Brothels…side-by-side cultural practices of our day.

  1. Another great article from you. Its good to know there are people like you continuing to to bring awareness to the dreadful atrocities committed on animals. It is hard not to despair in the face of such unabating evil. The sheer numbers and the horrific treatment of these innocent souls seems almost surreal and its quite incomprehensible.There are decent kind people (like yourself) in the world but they are not in great numbers. Thank you for eloquently saying what needs to be said.
    Much love and respect to you. Eva

    1. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts, but I’m not all that. I’m just a vegan who keeps 2 rescue dogs at a time and who preaches online to whomever will listen. While there are people out there in the trenches confronting the evil head-on, taking animals and children from those hells, rehabilitating and healing and loving them, and getting them into good homes…those are the heroes. If only there were no evil people being bred and trained and coddled by society to do certain “dirty work,” this mental disease of our species would soon die out and we could largely eliminate the need for such heroes to dedicate their lives to combat it all.
      PS: I love your user pic, the beautiful dog resting so peacefully…thank YOU for what you do.

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