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21 stunning photos of some of nature’s most adorable characters

With all the heartbreak and shock we involved in animal rights deal with daily, it does the heart and mind a lot of good to see healthy animals looking absolutely beautiful in their natural habitats, living freely as who they are. Cages, chains, whips, disregard, hunting/trapping/killing, confined lives of slavery and abuse…those should never, ever be. Not on humanity’s watch.

Photos are credited where known, others are unknown origin or free to use (public domain).  Enjoy…(and work towards all of their freedom from people’s brutality…they have far more than enough to deal with in nature without us added to the mix.)

Red-Crowned Wild (Amazon) Parrot
Red-Crowned Wild (Amazon) Parrot – These birds actually escaped the pet trade and those awful cages, returned to their wild state and learned to thrive, and have survived for decades in Southern California and elsewhere. I love hearing and seeing flocks of these very vocal birds! (Hate to imagine what they’re saying about us though.)
Credit: Daley at
Snails – Credit: Daley at
Majestic Fox
Majestic Fox
Diana Monkey - Olympus digital camera
Diana Monkey – Olympus digital camera
Brazilian "Tupi" Red Bird - Credit: J. Gil Photography
Brazilian “Tupi” Red Bird – Credit: J. Gil Photography
The Squirrel Pose - Credit: Peter Trimming on Flickr
The Squirrel Pose – Credit: Peter Trimming on Flickr
Butterflies Flower - Credit:
Butterflies Flower – Credit:
Wild Horses - Wyoming
Wild Horses – Wyoming
Lorikeet Parrot
Lorikeet Parrot
Ground Squirrel
Ground Squirrel
Cows Nature
Cows Nature
Credit: Chi Tranter on Flickr - Olympus digital camera
Japanese Snow Monkeys – Credit: Chi Tranter on Flickr – Olympus digital camera
Golden Snub-nosed Monkey
Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey
Baboon and Baby
Baboon and Baby
Young Elephant Interaction - Credit: Johan Swanepoel
Elephants Touching Each Other –  Copyright Johan Swanepoel (
Blue Jay
Blue Jay
Kittiwakes in Love - Credit: Stuart Richards on Flickr
Kittiwakes in Love – Credit: Stuart Richards on Flickr
Moose Rack Male
Moose Rack Male

Awesome beings.

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About that obnoxious mouthy vegan everyone hates

There’s a tired catchphrase often blared by certain ignoramuses as proof of vegans being severely unacceptable in the blustering meat eaters’ world of fragile contentment, and it goes like this:

“How do you know if someone’s vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you. Always.”man-978750_960_720

Funny, right? ……Meh.

In my experience with those supposed self-righteous vegan announcements, in everyday life (not on the web) I only bring up my vegan lifestyle to acquaintances I’m worried about being offered food by, either as a guest in their home or as holiday gifts and such. This is my being polite actually, because I often will get animal products offered if I don’t ward that situation off beforehand, and then things become needlessly awkward. Most people respect my telling them and are careful to only offer non-animal foods, gifts, whatever. Some are even interested in being vegan. Imagine that.

But then there’s the other end of the spectrum…ew

Here we have the obnoxious blowhard (not all that uncommon) who becomes obsessed with pushing animal products on you the minute you divulge your vegan-ness to them. They’ll give you a leather wallet at gift time, or talk about meat whenever you’re within woman-23715_960_720earshot. Suddenly the most scintillating topics are what carcass parts they’re cooking for dinner, what bloody chunks are simmering away in the crock pot at home, the cheese & egg dish they devoured for brunch, the price of lamb chops, the new steak house in town, and blah blah blah. I’ve seen this several times. It’s bizarre.

They also become obsessed with “forgetting” you’re vegan and offering you a taste of their sausage or some nauseating congealed meat product they happen to have on hand whenever you’re around.

Sweet Memories

One neighbor back in the 1980s brought a hunk of pot roast to my door the day after my dad told her I was vegan. I told her the dogs would love it, thanks, and she looked disappointed. What a sicko. Hah, as a side note, this same “lady” had a dispute with her next-door neighbor and subsequently greased the stairs just for her, and the neighbor actually slipped and tumbled down the steps, got all banged up. She told me the crazy meat lady peaked out her door and let out an evil laugh as the poor lady struggled to get up, stunned. Meat lady later mopped down the stairs with detergent to remove the evidence. So I wasn’t the only one to enjoy her demented attentions.

Another choice gem from society’s meat people:

The old, “Oh, I forgot, you’re a VEE-gun! I just don’t see how you can not eat meat…it’s delicious! And you need the protein! Ooh, here’s a good one I heard: PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals …Get it? Har har har, snort, haw haww, honk! …Wow you vegans need to get a sense a humor!”

You remain stoic in the face of such blazing assholery; you breathe deeply, count to ten, and plan to head in the opposite direction or duck into a nearby cubbyhole whenever you spot this person in the vicinity in the future, or to simply pass by them in silence without acknowledging them; this is where a cellphone comes in ever so handy. Thank goodness for cellphones!12215082_f520

But if it’s impossible to avoid this person, you vow to talk to him/her only about farm abuses and animal slaughter, and how great it feels to be vegan. If that doesn’t thoroughly repel them forever and ever, you will simply repeat the same points over and over again, as if on autoplay. This can result in bitter arguments beginning with their accusing you of being a pushy self-righteous despised weirdo or some such Rogan-esque trash talk. (But so amusing…these people are really witty!) At some point, if the gods are smiling upon you, you’ll have achieved having this rude slob as an enemy who will obsessively avoid you and never, ever speak to you again.

But still, gosh, what a shame. After all, people say there’s good in everyone… 😏

So you see, the real riddle should go:

“How do you know someone’s a meat-eating obnoxious butt-hole? Don’t worry. They’ll show you. Always.”
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Nate Diaz and the vegan/not-vegan war – Let’s get to the bottom of this!

 (See updates* below)

See poll below, please vote!

There’s been a lot of talk about MMA fighter Nate Diaz since his victory over arrogant meat-head McGregor, about whether the Diaz bros are actually vegan, with many supposed know-it-alls claiming they’re not, that they eat fish & eggs on occasion or even regularly. Some hipster, coolest of cool, way hotter than thou (lol) vegans are even chiming in with that.


I’ve heard several times from the Diaz bros’ own mouths that they find meat eating unhealthy and claiming to be vegan, so I choose to believe them until THEY say otherwise or somehow put down veganism. I just wanted to share here yet another statement that leans toward their being vegan as fact, see at 0:19 in this video:

And the rest of it is nice too. No wonder the ladies adore him (look at the comments if you view the video in YouTube).

Here’s a recipe for Thai red curry for anyone who wants to make it to see what Nate loves about it:

Hah! Take that, meat mush brains!

And the evidence gets deeper!

Down below are three other videos where one or the other brother claims to be vegan or puts down meat eating. (Please vote in the poll too…this is important stuff! 😌) In the video with Nick Diaz talking to Rhonda Rousey it’s confusing where he says if you’re not going to eat enough plant foods then you may as well eat meat if you don’t want to starve. So those who don’t want them vegan take that as his saying, “You need to eat meat to be healthy.” Hah!

So just have a look and a listen and make up your own mind. I say ignore all those pundits who pretend to know 100% one way or the other. I’ll wait for the Diaz bros’ own words to see if they’re really vegan or not. I know they’re vegan-friendly at least, and that’s a huge plus. So, innocent until proven not vegan!

Why is this so important?…you might ask.

It’s because Joe Rogan and other mean, nasty poop-heads claim vegans are weak, skinny-fat wimps who cannot fight, and certain MMA meat pinheads won’t even work with them for that false “reason.” And plant-based wiry muscular Nate kicked the champion meat-head’s uppity arse in the fight on March 5 and entertained us in the bargain. That’s why… 😃

Sure, I don’t exactly enjoy seeing men beat each other to bloody pulps…but there’s no stopping them, they’ll do what they want. So all we can do is wish the vegan side well, root for them, celebrate when they kick annoying meat-lover butt, be proud when vegans are shown to be strong and effective fighters, and hope they can retire soon and enjoy life wealthy and vegan.

Here are the other videos:

*UPDATE 8/4/16 – We’re at the bottom of it now, he finally admits he occasionally eats eggs and fish but that when training he’s strictly raw vegan …

*UPDATE 3/23/16 – We’re getting closer to a definitive answer! …