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Nate Diaz and the vegan/not-vegan war – Let’s get to the bottom of this!

 (See updates* below)

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There’s been a lot of talk about MMA fighter Nate Diaz since his victory over arrogant meat-head McGregor, about whether the Diaz bros are actually vegan, with many supposed know-it-alls claiming they’re not, that they eat fish & eggs on occasion or even regularly. Some hipster, coolest of cool, way hotter than thou (lol) vegans are even chiming in with that.


I’ve heard several times from the Diaz bros’ own mouths that they find meat eating unhealthy and claiming to be vegan, so I choose to believe them until THEY say otherwise or somehow put down veganism. I just wanted to share here yet another statement that leans toward their being vegan as fact, see at 0:19 in this video:

And the rest of it is nice too. No wonder the ladies adore him (look at the comments if you view the video in YouTube).

Here’s a recipe for Thai red curry for anyone who wants to make it to see what Nate loves about it:

Hah! Take that, meat mush brains!

And the evidence gets deeper!

Down below are three other videos where one or the other brother claims to be vegan or puts down meat eating. (Please vote in the poll too…this is important stuff! 😌) In the video with Nick Diaz talking to Rhonda Rousey it’s confusing where he says if you’re not going to eat enough plant foods then you may as well eat meat if you don’t want to starve. So those who don’t want them vegan take that as his saying, “You need to eat meat to be healthy.” Hah!

So just have a look and a listen and make up your own mind. I say ignore all those pundits who pretend to know 100% one way or the other. I’ll wait for the Diaz bros’ own words to see if they’re really vegan or not. I know they’re vegan-friendly at least, and that’s a huge plus. So, innocent until proven not vegan!

Why is this so important?…you might ask.

It’s because Joe Rogan and other mean, nasty poop-heads claim vegans are weak, skinny-fat wimps who cannot fight, and certain MMA meat pinheads won’t even work with them for that false “reason.” And plant-based wiry muscular Nate kicked the champion meat-head’s uppity arse in the fight on March 5 and entertained us in the bargain. That’s why… 😃

Sure, I don’t exactly enjoy seeing men beat each other to bloody pulps…but there’s no stopping them, they’ll do what they want. So all we can do is wish the vegan side well, root for them, celebrate when they kick annoying meat-lover butt, be proud when vegans are shown to be strong and effective fighters, and hope they can retire soon and enjoy life wealthy and vegan.

Here are the other videos:

*UPDATE 8/4/16 – We’re at the bottom of it now, he finally admits he occasionally eats eggs and fish but that when training he’s strictly raw vegan …

*UPDATE 3/23/16 – We’re getting closer to a definitive answer! …


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