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Let’s Talk Bullies

Bullying VictorianVegans are often called bullies for assertively urging others to take up the lifestyle. First, a definition:

bully 1 |ˈbo͝olē|
noun (pl. bullies)
a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

verb (bullies, bullying, bullied) [ with obj. ]
use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants: a local man was bullied into helping them.

Now, consider how vegans are concurrently said to be weak and wimpy. That bullies’ “strength and power” and “superior strength or influence to intimidate” would seem to negate that wuss charge, wouldn’t it? But never mind logic or truth…people have got abject ruthlessness to uphold. And by God, they will fight tirelessly for it!

Anyhow, somewhere there is a lie or two, or three…

maxresdefaultFirst, vegans are not weak or wimpy; if we were we’d still be lolling in the comfort of society’s aggressive (bullying) majority, still willingly partaking in the exploitation, abuse and slaughter of animals (more bullying), since that’s all the norm, for ages. And several top athletes are vegan, including MMA fighters and bodybuilders, like Frank Medrano shown at left. It also takes huge strength of character and compassion to stand up against these aggressors who act as society’s henchmen, continually, bitterly condemning veganism (as in more bullying). So we’re anything but weak or wimpy.

Second, we’re often said to be all fuss and bother for no good at all, foolishly wasting our time on soft-hearted “nonsense” which nobody cares about, nobody’s listening to. “People will always use and kill animals and there’s not a damn thing you vegtards can do about it!” they’ll rage. (Hmm, seems rather bullying to me, on their part.) They really can go on and on about how “you can’t change anything and nobody cares,” ironically.

Also quite ironic that those same types, by calling us bullies who thereby turn people off “our cause,” are by definition accusing us of using “superior strength or influence to intimidate,” doesn’t it? Especially when that’s instead what they’re doing, big-time, aggressively and hatefully using their vast majority power to try to intimidate us and stop us from speaking up, etc. The irony is so very thick. “Thick” also as in stupid. 

1024px-Victoria,Lagunajf3443_07Third, to harm or intimidate others who are weaker…as in animal farming…to force them to do what one wants, are quite opposite of what vegans are trying to accomplish. Veganism is about love for others who are not evil; bullying is all about hate and abuse of innocence, and is thereby evil. Ethical vegans only try to influence others to stop participating in the extreme bullying of animal abuse by telling the truth about animal farming, etc.. And we all realize that no one can be forced to be vegan…we certainly weren’t. Unless you think of “force” as being made aware of the simple truth by someone showing or telling us, and then our voluntarily stopping our participation in it. If that’s force, then I was forced to finally go fully vegan in 2009, by listening and looking at what people had to say. “Forced” by my conscience. Which is only a good thing.

In Conclusion

duck-019 I didn’t get into the food and nutrition arguments here; those points are equally controversial and inspiring much wrath from the loud and aggressive faction of society’s animal agriculture defenders…those who cherish the practice of growing animals as products to be used, slaughtered, eaten, worn, as if they are animate objects devoid of “real” feelings or needs. So unlike humans, they say, except when we deem them appropriate as test models for us, as in medical and psychological “research.” People so love throwing huge amounts of the public’s money into that bottomless pit of sadistic “science.” It makes people feel so special… “inferior” others must suffer or be sacrificed in the search for cures for our ills.

All the while, the most needed “cure” of all remains conspicuously elusive.

Now ask yourself, who are the actual Wikibullybullies? Who are those who use ill-gotten strength and power totally unfairly to use others who are helpless and/or innocent, to force them to do things, to intimidate, harm, kill them? And so forth, including all their vileness towards animal advocates. Who fights for humans practicing the morals and ethics of hyenas, but only when deemed “necessary evil” done against “others”?

“Nobody likes a bully,” they say, which is true, but there they refer to assertive or zealous vegans and animal advocates. But underneath it all, who are they really referring to? Self-hate mixed with extreme hubris comes to mind here. Quite the insanity-inducing conundrum. Who are they? They know who they are. And so do I.

Escape the insanity. Come be vegan with us and fight for animal liberation, which is all that can free us from our subhumanity. We can change this world.


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10 Scrumptious Vegan Sandwiches

The Smoky Maple Tofu Sandwich’s Smoky Maple Tofu Sandwich

Who doesn’t love sandwiches? So easy to eat by hand (especially if you use pita pockets instead of sliced bread), so delicious and filling, several food groups in one handy package…the perfect lunch box item. And of course, vegan sandwiches hold the extra goodness of containing zero animal products, yet all the good taste of other sandwiches and then some. Plant foods are simply awesome. Even when sandwiches are messy, a paper or other wrap can keep them together for you until happily devoured.

Most here are healthy, one is more about pigging out and maybe not so healthy, but you gotta have a little pig-out every once in awhile. I’ve made several of my own versions of all these except for the lasagna one, which looks too formidable, but oh so big and delicious. Hope you’ll make some of these and love them, or just enjoy the pics and get some basic sandwich ideas. And of course, check out all the sites for other tasty, healthy vegan food ideas.

Picture sharing was only available for the one, so click on recipe links to see the rest. They’re listed in random order…

1) Oh She Glows’ Ultimate 4-Layer Vegan Sandwich

Fairly quick & simple – Main filling: hummus, tomato, avocado & pesto

2) Vegetarian Times Magazine’s Sweet & Sour Baked Tofu Sandwich

A bit involved & time consuming – Main filling: tofu, onions, peanuts, cabbage

3) Made Vegan’s Egg Salad Made Vegan Sandwich

Simple & quick – Main filling: tofu, celery, onions & mayo

4) I Love Vegan’s Smoky Maple Tofu Sandwich

A bit involved & time consuming – Main filling: tofu, onions, avocado, lettuce & tomato

5) Thandi Eats Vegan’s (Tumblr) Grilled Sticky Tofu Sandwich

Looks quick & simple (no actual recipe available) – Main filling: tofu, avocado, lettuce & cucumber

6) The Flaming Vegan’s Ultimate Tofu Sandwich

Simple & quick – Main filling: tofu, green pepper, spinach & onions

7) Savvy Vegetarian’s Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Simple & quick – Main filling: chickpeas, celery & mayo

8) Health Vegan Kitchen’s Cucumber Sandwich

Simple & quick – Main filling: cucumber, cream”cheese,” avocado, red pepper & sprouts

9) Namely Marly’s Veganized Lasagna Bolognese Sandwich

A bit involved & time consuming  – Main filling: lasagna, “mozzarella” spread & sweet peppers

10) Happy Herbivore’s Mock Tuna Salad Sandwich

Simple & quick – Main filling: chickpeas, celery, onions & mayo

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Herbivorous animals generally have the largest populations – Ahem, humans

A Numbers Problem

For every non-human carnivorous predator on Earth there are about 4,000 human self-styled omnivorous predators…who nonetheless want to believe they are civilized, ethical and loving. But a massive number of land predators (including omnivores like bears) simply makes zero sense and goes against nature’s very efficient system of food supply. There are no large masses of bears in nature either, their being omnivores who kill and eat meat when available. Think about it. Imagine if these were lions or bears instead of wildebeests…Wildebeest-during-Great-Migration

A herd of 10,000 breeding/reproducing meat eaters in a region would eventually devour all of their food supply and then wipe themselves out, especially when resorting to cannibalism to survive. Imagine an ocean full of billions of sharks. How long would that last before everything died off? Unless those sharks adapted to plant eating somehow. In that case they could survive indefinitely until their population got so out of control that plant growth couldn’t keep up with their needs. Until a predator showed up that could get their numbers down. Back to the old vicious cycle (predator vs. prey), which humans want no part of in their nice civilized lives, except for when they’re doing all the killing, that is.

A Sustainability and Moral Problem

Image from Animals Australia – Turkish slaughterhouse

Humans think they have the solution to the numbers problem by farming “their own” animals and slaughtering them, taking their milk and eggs, skins, their whole existences, their lives…everything they’ve got, and then some. Nightmarish in its scope. People want to overlook the fact that those animals must be fed, watered, their huge amount of waste dealt with, the illnesses associated with the confinement and filth dealt with through antibiotic abuse, and on and on. None of it honorable or showing true human intelligence. All in all, animal farming uses up far more resources than any crop farming ever could. Not to mention the moral and ethical toll it takes on us all as a “humane” species. All this also goes towards explaining humans continually preying upon each other, which again reminds me of the ocean full of sharks mentioned above.

Hunters like to say theirs is the solution, as if 7 billion+ humans feeding on every “edible” animal out there makes any more sense than farming does. But that’s another issue.

A Lifespan Problem

Omnivorous and predatory birds are one exception to the population rule because they travel vastly from place to place and are also taken as food by predators including other birds, so while their populations can be large, they never get too numerous for their own good. Birds live on average about 30 years, while predatory land animals live about 13-20 years, while much larger

Rougheye Rockfish

African elephants (vegetarians) live about 65 years. The rougheye rockfish (a carnivore) is probably the longest living species on Earth, to about age 205, but they’re largely solitary or form small groups (schools) only at mating time. A huge population of a long-living, meat-eating, relatively large in size/scope species like humans simply is not sustainable for the long term on planet Earth. As we can see by all the serious problems caused by our animal agriculture practices.

A General Problem

Humans live on average 70-75 years and by nature tend towards huge populations (compared to other animals). We’re now 7 billion plus. Other life forms may be far more in numbers (ants for instance), but have nowhere near our huge “footprint” on the planet, with all the land mass taken up by humans, all our manufacturing, buildings, massive resources used, pollution caused, exploitation and killing of other species, etc. Except for parasites, other species serve vital needs in nature, as in ants, earthworms and flies who serve as the clean-up crew, dealing with dead bodies and other unsanitary waste, with earthworms making for rich soil, vital for plant growth. While humans mostly create polluting waste and largely benefit only our own shortsighted needs.human-592734_960_720


I didn’t want to get into charts and graphs, etc., here but just to make a simple point: We humans, with the way we want to live, have really no excuse at all to continue trying to be Earth’s “apex” predators. Our bodies and our most desirable psychological makeup, and notably our large and insatiable population, are far more suited to crop farming and eating only plant foods. And most of all, we’re suited to treating the other species and thereby ourselves only with respect and care. That would prevent our exploiting, harming and killing animals and ourselves any longer.