Birds’ and Squirrels’ Remarkable Thoughtfulness (Videos)

People talk of stupid people as “birdbrains,” and squirrels as pests to use as target practice. To some, it’s a real hoot to blast their lives away. But as usual, the reality of these animals shows something quite different, and that the “stupid and worthless” charge may well actually only apply to certain mean and coldhearted people. Consider all of the following…

“Distraction Display” of killdeers and red-capped plovers

You can read all about it here:

The “distraction display” so brilliantly employed by certain birds in nature is nothing short of awesome. To protect the nest…their eggs or young ones…from predators, before a predator gets too close and discovers the nest, either parent will skitter away and feign injury while leading the predator farther and farther away from the vulnerable young. Then will fly off to some distant location and circle back to the nest when the coast is clear. Several YouTube videos show this in action, and I just wanted to share some here:

Next, those ever lovable magpies

Magpies are known to be extremely clever and clownish characters, yet they have their sad and emotional sides as well, since they’re obviously highly sentient beings. Below shows one having the time of his life hitching a ride on a car (a magpie skateboarder?), and next is a group of them who’ve lost a flock member and are obviously and heartbreakingly upset over it:

And ravens, the magpies’ cousins

I believe these are crows, while the video poster calls them ravens. But either way, crows or ravens communicate constantly with each other and are obviously severely affected by the injury and death of a flock member. It seems cold for the video maker to simply film and make no attempt to help the downed bird, and perhaps it is, but the bird was obviously dying. This is just to show the birds’ emotional attachments and sentience, for people who like to excuse humans abusing and killing them as okay because animals are mere things, compared to us. They’re so obviously not “things” any more than we are:

Now to the squirrels

First is an amazing display of intelligence commonly shown by squirrels, called the “walking dead” move, where to protect themselves from rattlesnakes…since rattlers hunt by odors detected by their tongue-flicking…the squirrels have actually figured that out and devised a way to trick the snakes. There is intricate intelligence behind this. You just have to see it to believe it:

More cleverness from those adorable ones

Here a squirrel is obviously using the distraction display to lure a weasel away from the den, same as the birds do, even though the video poster doesn’t seem to realize it. This distraction thing takes brains, folks, brains and emotions. To happily blast away these lives, as our “hunters” do, is just wrong…

You’ll have to watch this one on YouTube as required by the uploader:

Respect and cherish life. Only then are you really deserving of respect as a human being. So says me anyways.

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