Prince & Mayte and the Sad Loss of Their Vegan Babies

[Above video added 2/15/17…another great one…previous video was deleted from youtube.]

As virtually everyone knows by now, Prince passed away on April 21, 2016. I liked him, enjoyed certain of his tunes a lot, and especially liked his performances. My elderly mom even liked him, loved watching him on stage on tv. He was from Minneapolis, same as her, so perhaps a bit of hometown prejudice there? 😇

Rest in Peace, Prince Rogers Nelson

On to another sad matter…

Prince’s ex-wife, Mayte Garcia, had two pregnancies with Prince in the 1990s; one was lost to miscarriage and one suffered from Pfeiffer syndrome, an inherited genetic disorder where the skull and other bones fail to grow normally and cause malformations. That baby survived only for a short time, even though Pfeiffer syndrome isn’t considered fatal.

Apparently Mayte suspected that the lack of animal products in their diet contributed to her babies’ problems and deaths. And that is very likely totally false. Even now, her only child, a daughter she is raising with much love and care, was adopted, not given birth to by her. Not everyone has an easy time reproducing. And adoption is a really good thing. I believe the couple’s problem was also with Prince and I suspect that it was genetic or in some way nothing he could help…nothing to be blamed on anyone or any diet.

Prince was another “celebrity vegan” we come to find out actually wasn’t vegan for that long, only for a period somewhere from the mid-1990s to perhaps 2005 or so (but who really knows?), even though he did support veganism and had compassion for animals.

He does seem to have been a bit preoccupied with thinness (for Mayte too) and may have been in the habit of working very hard to stay lean and not eating much, which will cause anyone problems, not just vegans.

So any health problems he developed, like damaged hips, possibly leading to his pain pill addiction and early death, most likely stem from an eating disorder, among other things like performing in severe shoes…not from his past years of eating no animal products.

Plenty of vegans are healthy, strong, have healthy pregnancies and radiant children, and live good long lives. I believe it’s a matter of eating enough, healthy lifestyle practices, and having no genetic or other predisposing problems.

There’s a rumor floating around that Prince had HIV since the 1980s, but in my view such rumors aren’t worth a damn.

Prince was epileptic as a child, which I only recently learned. He may have also had some problem involving reproduction and his sperm, since with the high level of wild sexual activity throughout his life, he only got one woman pregnant that anyone really knows of, and that’s Mayte. (He’s said to have one other “love child” who’s come out recently, after Prince’s death, but the truth of that is unknown at this time.)

So at most, Prince fathered three children, with at most two women but likely only one. That’s out of dozens or more women who surely would have been very eager to be mothers of his children. And still, only two babies that were definitely his. Said two having sadly perished, one in the womb and one a short time after birth.

Prince and Mayte

Prince and Mayte in the 1990s

Now, it seems dishonest for Mayte to hint that the vegan diet they were into at the time was to blame; or perhaps she was misinformed. If her lack of nutrition was part of the problem, it was more likely from not eating enough of any foods, not a lack of animal foods.

I’ve read recent excerpts where Mayte encourages fans to be “flexitarians” with her, so frightened she still is of eliminating animal products from her diet. And she does love and care for animals…she is quite active in dog & cat rescue: Which shows how that unwarranted fear of lack of animal foods can lead even a serious animal lover back to consuming them.

Prince was known to passionately desire children of his own, dreamed of babies all around him, so he was certainly not someone who would ever have chosen not to have kids. Beautiful women flocked to him, he could have had babies with any one of them, or any number. But he did not. Not well before he ever went vegan, and not well after he’d gone back to dairy, eggs, and whatever else he ate after he quit being vegan.

Seems he’d have most likely become a dad in the 1980s when he was at his peak of success, from about age 21 to 30, yet he never did. And no one would say his diet was responsible back then, unless they want to say an omnivorous diet was the problem. No, it was most likely that he, for some unknown reason, had a serious problem that prevented his becoming a father.

As you’ll see by reading here about Lucas and Kenya and their two awesome boys:, vegans who eat well and take care of themselves have no problems with pregnancy, birth, and raising healthy kids. There are many more than Lucas and Kenya, but I’ll not bog this down with my chosen links. You can search “vegan pregnancies and child rearing” on your own, but beware of dishonest anti-vegan sites spreading misinformation when searching. Internet is full of such “land mines.”

There are miscarriages every day all over the world, and babies born with problems who are unable to survive. Their parents are not vegans. Percentage-wise, I’d be willing to bet that vegans’ chance of pregnancy problems is the same or perhaps lower than others, because vegans typically get more folate in their diets from healthy foods like leafy greens, along with other important nutrients found only in fruits and vegetables. And generally, vegans are more health conscious and go all out to have healthy pregnancies and kids, when not opposed to reproducing that is, obviously.

I just wanted to sort of clear this up here, even if just for myself, because I’ve always wondered if Prince or Mayte ever blamed their lack of surviving babies on veganism. And today I found a quote from Mayte saying just that. How distressing. She was pretty negative and unfair there.

Any thoughts, anyone? (But of course, any hate-filled vegan bashing will not be approved.)


2 thoughts on “Prince & Mayte and the Sad Loss of Their Vegan Babies

  1. In the case of Prince’s sexuality… he was very serious about fidelity and monogamy during Marriage. I believe he took precautions (not relying on the women he had sex with, to be using birth control), so there would be any surprise Out Of Wedlock babies turning up later. Being Old School, I believe he saved the purpose of Marriage for the time of bringing forth the children he so dearly wished for. IMHO. o(+> 💜

    • Interesting, thanks. It’s also interesting how Mayte never gave birth to a child, she has a lovely adopted daughter. Like many women, she may have dreaded pregnancy and giving birth? I was back there watching when Prince was in his prime and he certainly presented the wildly promiscuous lifestyle where caution seems out of place, but he may still have been careful like you say. I just read that after he and Mayte divorced, he was married to Manuela Testolini from 2001-2006 and they never had a child either. Manuela went on to marry Eric Benet and have 3(?) lovely children…and they’re both long-time vegans and raising their family vegan, as far as I know. So it wasn’t veganism preventing Prince & Mayte having a child, it was something else. Anyhow, I personally don’t see this cruel world as a proper place to bring innocent lives into. All I know is, despite anything else, Prince is a beautiful spirit.

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